The Rhythms of Community Life in Sikhism

The Rhythms of Community Life in Sikhism

I am sikh which i felt proud of. I respect everyone and see everyone with one eye to signify everyone equally. I kept a doctor box with myself and served the medicine to my staff whenever they required. I felt satisfied while doing it . This offers me happiness. I serve a similar meal to the househelp which I eat. For inner happiness and peace I do it. I felt so proud when in the news also that my community supports others. This is all due to the teaching of Guru Sahib. If you saw the life of the gurus – Guru Nanak Dev ji who spent all money on Saints and Sadhus. We are the kids of our gurus so we go as per the Gurus teaching.

Yes you are right. They are pretty generous. I mean from the amount of meals that they cooked for langar every day to their generosity when it comes to any man made or natural calamity (see Khalsa aid). As far as my experience is concerned the tale goes like this:

Geography has a lot to do with making Sikhs the manner they are. Punjab has a cheerful coldy climate and a fertile land which is constantly under threat of attack from outside.

Being mutually helping and a hard working community, they have long surpassed attain the basic needs of clothing, food, and shelter. They do what comes next, fulfilling one’s social obligations.

This resulted in a big hearted Sikh community, who is caring for virtually everyone!!

No wonder then that you discover Sikhs in the forefront of social service. They did it without fail, with a heart of gold and a lot of kindness.

Love, equality, affection, brotherhood, Compassion and philanthropy are significant pillars of the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev. These almost all teachings have been found in Islam and Hinduism also. Guru Nanak Dev emanating these all teachings from both religions and made all significant pillars of Sikhism. Indeed the Islamic chunk of tasawwuf dependent on all the above-mentioned teachings, now it has just a name while practically Sikhism followers carry out the required teachings soundly.

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I would love to answer by giving an example… our tenth guru shri Guru Gobind Singh ji was having a discussion with his followers when one of them asked why turban is so significant to be worn by ours. Guru ji replied, if you tiring a turban than you could be acknowledged from far behind also, and if someone kicking around wanted support then they can easily come to you as they understand that you won’t refuse to cover them and supporting someone means pleasing the Lord……well I strongly felt , this is the reason 🙂

Indeed, you explore that those Sikhs who have appreciated the divinity are pretty open-handed in providing all kinds of encouragement to the needy. Whether it be monetary support for the common cause, I must say this, their community always coming forward.

From free langar (food for community) for people of all creed, religion, race and cast to fight against enemies of the equal society (e.g. Aurangzeb) whether within the nation or at its borders Sikhs having been generous to put their money, time and their very lifeline on the bay.


It is said that kids follow not what their parents say but what they do. Indeed, the torchbearers of Sikhism have illustrated sacrifice for shared harmony and economic and social justice.

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The history of Sikhism is awesome with examples where the sewadars of this religion have put the common good ahead of their own.

There are abundant real life incidents that have illuminated the pathway of Sikhs of today and the future. Please kept studying this beautiful religion to understand more about it. The religion of the Righteous, Selfless, Merciful and Brave Beings.

Sikhs are respected in India because:

1. Their community are hard-working humans, very sincere and loyal and never beg for anything.

2. Sikhs are charitable humans who never hesitate to support poor and distressed humans.

3. Sikhs are pretty friendly, easier to make buds and will settle down in any chunk of the world without issue.

4. Sikhs are fearless, and would come to the coverage of anyone who is being mistreated.

They have always been surpassed in the country, sikhs contributions are huge as compared to their population size. Starting from Independence to the present scenario, Sikhs have constantly contributed to the country. So in conclusion, the contribution of Sikhs to India is huge and is praiseworthy. Like Sikhs, every community residing in India plays a significant role and is essential for the nation’s progress.

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