The Unique Story Behind Sikhs and 12 O’Clock

We have heard them, we have laughed at them and we have even cracked them on many occasion. Sikhs jokes having longer been a comedy staple in the country. Baarah baje funny story, in fact, forming a great chunk of those.

But how numerous of us have ever wondering about the origin of these baarah baje jokes? Because I bet if you know where the 12 o’clock storyline meeting the Sikh tradition, you wouldn’t making another such joke for the days rest of your life.

Story Behind Sikhs and 12 O’Clock

Coming from Nadir Shah’s invasion of India, the real time reasoning covering the Sardars 12 o’clock connection. In the 1700s, his soldiers passed through Punjab after plunder Delhi and massacre thousands of Muslims and Hindus and taken women captive along the pathway.

Well, the real history occurs to be connected to few things- invasion, sacking of a city, an attempt to selling women in a subsequent daredevil rescue and slave markets.


Back in the days when Mughal empire was at just before it’s lower point of history, a man denoted Nadir Shah of Persia decided to conducting a territorial expansion.

Mughal empire

The territorial expansion was extension at the Pashtuns and Afghans.

It was this time he had sent a message to a certain, almost unknown person in today’s globe denoted Muhammad Shah, the emperor from Mughals, to close the frontiers of Kabul so that the Afghans don’t getting a placing to hide.

Muhammad Shah agreed, however such was the scenario in royal courts that ordering from top hard way reaching the bottom rungs. Nothing happened

Meanwhile, Mughal empire was like a patient low with the higher fever, suffer from regions break off, and at similar time dirty rich. For the Nadir Shah, Dirty rich, that was more a license. Muhammad Shah not close down Kabul was the excuse.


No surprises here. Nadir Shah big bang into India, and in 1739, Muhammad Shah officially hand over Delhi to him.

The invasion later on led from one incident to another, with a rumour being spread that the female bodyguard kill Nadir Shah. This emboldened the humans of Delhi and they coming in groups to attacking his troops.

This manner what that later led to Nadir Shah order a massacre to be done in the city, something that today we read as Sack of Delhi. Innocent women kidnapped to be later sold as slaves in places like Baghdad and other chunks of West Asia Men killed and kids butchered.

The unexpected saviours:

Somewhere in their returning path, Nadir Shah’s men supposed to passes through Punjab, where the Sikhs comes to understand of what exactly were being taking back to Persia.

They also know that attacking Nadir Shah head-on could be full foolishness, owing to him have a far huger army. They wanted another plan.

The Shah’s soldiers were caught by surprise, and in the ensure commotion, Sikhs goes on to save a huger number of women from a camps, mostly of them being Hindus. This is the tale behind sardars and clock stuff.

While that’s how the circumstance goes, however midnight surprising attack on enemy camps were not something that limited itself to Nadir Shah’s camp alone. There have been a tons of times when Sikhs goes on to attack enemies at such hours, as by numbers they are never huger than enemies, but what they definitely had, was a guts and plan. This led to a phenomenon that Sikhs, or rather in another tone the Sardars, understand to fight at 12 o’ clock the best.

Till this much, all is fine.

Much later on, Few humans goes on to take jibes, claime that Sikhs remaining in senses only at midnight hours, and developed a series of distasteful humors.

Therefore, the 12 o’ clock jokes are the classic example of what occurs when one decided to twist real and often painful incidents into the rude humour, which might sound fun to few but for anyone who understands history, it would be irreligious.

In the 17th century, the true reality behind 12 o’ clock jokes dates back when Afghan tribes taken away the hindu women so that they could sold them in the afghan marketing . At that time hindu mens were not courageous and brave enough to save thier mother and sisters from getting into prostitution. At that time the sikh soldiers living in the woods utilized to attacking the afghan troops at 12’0 clock midnight to saving the hindu daughters from them and taken them safe way to the sweet houses .

Today some people making fun of the sacrifice and courage valourof the sikhs .

But sikhs must not feel angry or ashamed rather than they must feel inspired when humans tease them baraah baj gaye etc

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