How Sikhs do Selfless Service: Inspiring Acts of Sewa

How Sikhs do Selfless Service: Inspiring Acts of Sewa

Sewa denotes selfless service. It includes acting helping and selflessly others in a variety of manners, without any personal gain or reward. It is a manner of good life for many Sikhs and is chunk of the regular routine. Sikhism taught that sewa is an awesome act of service towards Waheguru and therefore should be done regular basis in order to become nearer to Waheguru. It covers Sikhs to becoming gurmukh and showing their faith towards Waheguru.

Sikhs performinmg sewa in a variety of ways like supporting the sangat and the local community. Many Sikhs performed much of their sewa by covering at the gurdwara, including serving in the langar, cleaning, and washing dishes.

Performing sewa is significant as:

  • It demonstrates belief in the importance of all people and equality.
  • By serving others, Sikhs showing humility. This is as serving others showing that Sikhs do not faith they are good than anyone else.
  • Showing love and respect by helping others shown love for the Waheguru.
  • It supports Sikhs to become more gurmukh. This is because it supports them to develop the virtues of truthful living and truth, compassion and patience, self-control and humility, courage, love, and wisdom.
  • It stopped Sikhs from becoming manmukh, as their aim is on the requirements of others rather than themselves.
  • It supports Sikhs to moving away from the five vices of lust, pride, anger, attachment and greed to material possessions.

Types of sewa

There are three kind of sewa. These are tan, man, dhan.

gurudwara sewa

Physical aspect of sewa

To showing selfless service as this includes physical tasking and working. For example, this could be serving in the langar or cooking, clean the gurdwara or help with gardening. 

Mental aspect of sewa

This involving a Sikh utilizing their mental talents and skills. For example, this could be teaching humans how to understand or read the Guru Granth Sahib, teaching humans how to play the musical instruments utilized during worship or teaching humans about the Sikhism history.

Material aspect of sewa

By share the material wealth as this involves Sikhs selflessly supporting others. This would be donating one tenth of their income to charities or to the sangat, which is signify as daswandh. It would also involving supporting others in times of financial difficulty or giving money to the poor.


All three aspects of sewa are equally significant. Sikhs tried to fullfill all three aspects of sewa on a usual basis. However, depend on the humans circumstance, a Sikh probably be able to performed one kind of sewa more than the others.

Try to support one random human each day.

It could be small or big, as long as you making the commitment. Maybe you give money to a homeless people or Maybe you let someone in a rush go ahead of you on line, or maybe you lent a hand on a task to a stressed coworker. Every small thing you do support making the world a awesome place. It’s alright if the opportunity to support someone doesn’t coming up every day. Just making the commitment to support if the circumstance does come up.

Volunteer your time for a good cause.

This is an awesome manner to practice generosity and contributing to the world. There are probably tons of local organizations that you could do few volunteer work with. Dedicated some hours on the weekends to giving back to the community.

Supporting charities with regular donations.

Giving up on silly matters to support others is the selfless quality. If you’re able to, discover few charities that you would love to support and set up a usual donation to them. Your support would help them keep doing their great work.

Making yourself available for family and friends.

The people in the everyday life could probably utilize a helping hand! If someone asking you for certain help, do all you could to make that occur. It might be a tiny inconvenient, but it would really improving their day.

Be patient with others to practice empathy.

Expect everything at the drop of the hat is a selfish quality. If you are getting impatient, taking a step back. Understanding that in most cases, the humans around you are try their best, and you just wanted to be understanding. This keeps stuff in perspective and preventing you from loose your temper.

Listening when others vent their emotions to you.

Good, active listening is basic to understanding humans needs. If someone starting opening up to you, letting them do it without interruption. Being generous with the time like this would show others that you are the kind of human they could come to with issues.

Admit when you are wrong.

This isn’t fun and no one need to do it, but it’s an significant quality. Believing you could never be false is a selfish quality. Don’t act like you understand all the answers. Accepting that other humans may have the good answers, and if you are wrong, own it and admitted it. This would probably felt better than you were expecting it to!

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