The Revered Legacy of Baba Harbhajan Singh: The “Hero of Nathula”

The Revered Legacy of Baba Harbhajan Singh: The “Hero of Nathula”

Serving up from 30 June 1965 to 4 Oct 1968 Captain Baba Harbhajan Singh was the serviceman of the Indian Army. He is said to serving the Indian Army even after the death by comes up in dreams of soldiers and told them the plans of the enemies. There is a temple devoted to him in East Sikkim.

Harbhajan Singh was born into the Sikhism family in the Sadrana space (at present in Pakistan). He completed his introductory education at the village school, and in March 1965, then matriculated from DAV High School in Patti, Punjab. He joined up as the soldier in Amritsar and joining the Punjab Regiment (India).

Singh was put to death in 1968 in eastern Sikkim near the Nathu La (pass), India. A board besides his shrine described that he was burn at the stake after fall down into a nullah while escorting a mule column from Tuku La to Dongchui La.

At the age of 22, the Singh’s earlier death is the topic of legend and religious veneration that has become well liked among Indian Army regulars (jawans), the human of his village and seemingly soldiers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army across the border guard up the Indo-Chinese border between Tibet and Sikkim.

He has coming to be signify as Saint Baba. Each year on 11 September, a jeep departing with his distinctive belongings to the close by railway station, New Jalpaiguri, from where in the Kapurthala district of the Indian state of Punjab as it was then sent by train to the village of Kuka. While free berths on any train of the Indian Railways are every time allocating to some waitlisted passenger or on the the coach attendants first-come-first-served basis, a good reservation for the Baba is built up. Each year a seat is left empty for the journey to his homecity and 3 soldiers accompained the Baba to his sweet home. A tiny amount of money is given by the soldiers posted in Nathula to be sent to his mom every month and his village still remembering him as burn at the stake and undertook the initiative to support his family.

Hero of Nathula

Divya Dutta and Bhuvan Bam coming together for the short-film, Plus-minus(2018), which was loose way based on Singh’s legacy and life. The movie was directed by Jyoti Kapur Das. It won the Bestest Shortest Film at the 64th Filmfare Awards.

Baba Harbhajan Singh shrine built up in memory of who pass away close to Nathu La in 1968. It is faith that his spirit protecting Indian Army personnel posted in closeby area so many individuals coming to pray here. Awesome spot to visit.

On the pathway there was a huge Shiva statue as well as a tiny stream which is also bright.

The tale of Sardar Harbhajan Singh, is a famous legend within the Indian Army. It is faith that he continues to cover up the soldiers in the region and that his spirit still roaming the space.

While the tale of Sardar Harbhajan Singh is widely faith and revered by many in the Indian Army, it is significant to note that it is considered a folklore or myth rather than the historical fact. There is no solid evidence to helping the claims of his continued presence or soldiers protection. Also,his shrine has become a pilgrimage place for numerous in the Indian Army.

sardar harbajan

While the tale of Sardar Harbhajan Singh might not having a basis in historical fact, it holds significant emotional and cultural value for numerous serve in the Indian Army. It serves as a symbol of protection, bravery, and sacrifice, and is a reminder of the hardships facing by soldiers in the harshing Himalayas terrain.

The Sepoy Harbhajan Singh, who was burn up in Nathula, along the border of China is faith to be safeguard the post even after death decades.

There are tales, where he slapping a sepoy sleeping in the duty. He was been given promotions late way, and is now the officer. He gets paid leave of two months, the duration for which the post remaining higher on alert.

We also having shrine, a temple burnt up to commemorate him. Being an Atheist, I don’t check out anything substantial to faith that a dead man, safeguard a post from the enemy.

However, I don’t need this myth to burst. There are a very tiny things that keeping soldiers inspired along the borders. If this version of tale support the soldier remained motivated, I could not seen anything false in it.

You did not require to be a paranormal expert to debunking the mystery of Harbhajan Singh episode, anyone with the basic science awareness understand that there is not anything supernatural.

You will hear similar such tales across different platoon of army, regiments, and Batallion. Harbhajan singh of valour, sacrifice, and leadership kept the soldiers inspired.

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