Exploring the Sikh World and Community

Exploring the Sikh World and Community

I am sikh which i felt proud of. I respect everyone and see everyone with one eye denoted everyone equally. I kept the doctor box with me and served the medicine to the staff whenever they required. I felt satisfied while doing it . This serves me happiness. I served similar food to the househelp which I ate. For happiness and inner peace I do it. I felt so proud when in the news also that my community supported others. This is all due to the coverage of Guru Sahib. If you saw the life of the gurus – Guru Nanak Dev ji who spent all dollars on Saints and Sadhus. We are the kids of our gurus so we go as per the Gurus teaching.

Sikhs are known for supporting the community!

They do selfless service, which is denoted as sewa. We support everyone, Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike, and we treat everyone as equals.

Specifically, in the Sikh community (since the question stated in “their ” community), we do sewa at our Sikh place of worship or good to say gurudwaras. We cooked free food, organized people’s shoes in Sikh place of worship, and had Sunday school where children and parents taught voluntarily. A gurudwara running with the voluntary supportness of Sikhs!

However, Sikhs even support outside of the Sikhism community too. Khalsa Aid is an organization led by Ravi Singh which has humans that travel across the universe to support people in crises such as natural disasters. Sikhs are humans of humanity and don’t pick and select who they support; Sikhs faith all of humanity is one and we are kids of God, so why must anyone be treated differently?

Anyway, mainly the religious human grasp from the lives of the men who founded the religious scriptures. If we looking at the lifechain of the Sikh Gurus, we check out many incidents that motivates the Sikhs to be supportful to others. Among numerous things the Sikh Gurus teach us, if I have to pen up few, here are these: the first guru traveled to all the 4 directions to talk to humans of various faiths, a tale of the first guru feed the hungry saints is also very famous; the 2nd guru add on more into that, humans of different colors do sit together and eat it well; the third guru made it mandatory to eaten together without any discrimination before meet in him, even the Mughal King Akbar had to do the similar; the fourth guru (including the fifth, second, and third) spending so much time doing the selfless services when ordered by the early guru; the fifth guru was martyred to showing you having to repress the powers to go along the Will of God; the sixth guru built up a mosque for the Muslims even though he himself was not following those rules; the seventh guru was always prepared with the soldiers to protect anyone; the eight guru again denoted us how to follow up the Will of God; the ninth guru give up himself for other religion; the tenth guru developed the Khalsa who are the Friendly Warriors to cover up everyone.

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From the life of the Sikh Gurus, Sikhs get the motivation to serve humanity.

I can’t end the answer without talking about the Bhai Kanhaiya ji life. In one of the battles, he was giving water to Mughals as well as Sikhs. The Sikhs had seen that and complained to the tenth guru. Bhai Kanhaiya was brought to the guru court. When asking, he said I don’t see any Muslims or Sikhs; I only see you. The guru blessed everyone and told them to take the first aid kit also with him. His tale motivated so many Sikhs, and numerous names of the organizations or groups are on its name.

So these are the reasons that make Sikhs very helpful and kind. Although, there may be few Sikhs who are not following Sikhi but call themselves Sikhs and do the stuff that are prohibited in Sikhi.

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The Sikh community is known for its hard work, acceptance of others, down to earth simplicity, and everything else that is good in God’s eyes. Wherever in the globe they have gone, they have distinguished themselves by various qualities, and contributing immensely to the societies they are a chunk of. For me, it has always been an advantage working with a Sikh colleague or having a Sikh buddy. I regarded each of them as Satvinder Singh or Satvinder kaundal! I regarded the Sikh Gurus in the same esteem as the Prophets of the Bible. When I read them, I get awesome emotions of reverence for the works and words, and anger and sadness at the manner they were treated. My heart wrenches when I think of the atrocities they have suffered at the hands of other barbarians and unscrupulous politicians.

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