SikhiSambandh: Ties That Bind in the Sikh Community

SikhiSambandh: Ties That Bind in the Sikh Community

As chunk of the religious injunctions they are obliged to wear the symbols signify the five Ks, taken from the words kirpan (sword), kesh (uncut hair), kangha (comb), kaccha (breeches)and kara (steel bangle). Sikh men are most easily identifiable through the wearing of a turban.

In addition, Sikhs lead moral lives, earning their living through honesty and hardwork and to sharing with others through charitable work and contributions.

Understand what it means to be a Sikh. Sikhs have an obligation to share with those in need, pray daily, and work hard.

Understand the definition. The word Sikh means student or disciple. Sikhs are the students of their ten teachers (or Gurus) who compile up their teachings into the unique collection of divine scriptures, designated as the Guru Granth Sahib.

Learnings of religion. Six Gurus open up the Guru Granth Sahib, but it contains the writings of one of the religious teachers and of the Gurus. The Guru Granth Sahib is considered a Living Guru.

Unite the present and past beliefs. There are, however, pens by followers of Sikhism from past and present that are worthwhile reading.

Go to a temple. If you live in India, it would be easier for you to attend a Sikh temple or Gurudwara. However outside India, attending a Gurudwara might be tougher, unless you live in a huge city. If you live closeby a Gurudwara, visit the local Granthi who could serve more knowledge on the pathway.

Do not eat ritually killed meat. Some Sikhs are vegetarian as they have a good respect for the animals. However, Sikhs are not bound to be veg as per to the Sikh Code of Conduct. The Sikh Code of Conduct stated that ritually slaughtered meat is forbidden.

• When Sikhs attend a Gurudwara, only vegetarian meals are served. Whether a Sikh is vegetarian or not can also dependent upon what region or traditions he or she is from.

Acknowledge the pervade spirit. Observe that there is only one all-pervade spirit (signified as Ek Onkaar or Akal) that is timeless and formless. It is also quite tough to understand but not impossible. Akal is realizing through self-knowledge, Sikhs then placing emphasis on yoga meditation to understand the Akal.

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• Sikhs aim to become good with Akal in order to end the cycle, while not withdrawn from the community.

Meditate. Sikhs do meditate for the purpose of realization of truth, as truth is Akal and Akal (timeless spirit) is truth. Sikhs understand Akal through meditation, so they understand truth through meditation. Guru Nanak said truth is only attained through self-realization.

• Self-realization thus leads to enlightenment and ends the recycling of birth, rebirth and death.

Understand the 5 distractions. These are ego, greed, anger, attachment and lust. Sikhs faith these 5 distractions block one from attaining union with Almighty, which is the ultimate aim. If you are to lead a great life free from suffering, you should ignore the 5 distractions.

Learn the Guru Nanak teachings. He taught that one could only attain union through Akal devotion. Guru Nanak quoted that rites, asceticism and pilgrimages and fasting are pretty meaningless; devotion must come inwardly. Sikhs therefore must try to balance worship, work, and charity. Sikhs have a spirit of chardi kala, an optimistic view of life.

• Sikhs also believe that they must protect and defend the rights of others. They must never endorse a class system, racism, sexism, or other stereotypes that support inequality.

Embrace charity. Charity is pretty significant to Sikhs who balanced charity along with worship and work. Charity is a chunk of the Sikh belief in defending others and that can also define to defend others from poverty.

Partaking in ritual recitations. Sikhs often recite chunks of the Guru Granth Sahib regular way and after/before some activities. The chunk of the Guru Granth Sahib depends on the activity and is supposed to strengthen faith.

Celebrate the faith. Sikhs have a number of festivals. As a Sikh you attended these festivals to strengthen faith and sign of faith. Here are few Sikh festivals taken from blog, though there are more-

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• Gurpurab are commemorations or celebrations based on the lives of the Sikh Gurus. They tend to be either celebrations of Sikhism martyrdom. All ten Gurus have Gurpurabs on the Nanakshahi calendar, but it is Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Gobind Singh who have a gurpurab that is a huge manner celebrated in Gurudwaras and Sikh homes. The martyrdoms are also signified as a shaheedi Gurpurab, which marks the martyrdom anniversary of Guru Tegh Bahadur and Guru Arjan Dev.

Pray. Sikhs pray once in the early sunshine, sometimes done in the sweet home and sometimes done at Gurudwara. Names of the evening and morning prayers are below.

• Eve prayer: Rehras Sahib

• Bedtiming prayer: Sohila Sahib

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