SikhSangat Chronicles: Stories of Unity and Belonging

SikhSangat Chronicles: Stories of Unity and Belonging

Sikhs faith that Waheguru developed the universe, the world from within it. Sikhs faith that before the universe formed, there was Waheguru, and it was because of ‘the will of Almighty or Hukam that the universe was developed. They faith in the oneness of creation – that Waheguru developed the world and is part of this formation. Therefore, Sikhs faith that they have a duty to protect and respect the world.

There are no creation tales in Sikhism, unlike in other religions like Christianity. Because the Guru Granth Sahib discovered the nature of Waheguru’s creation rather than the universe’s origins, numerous Sikhs accept scientific theories about the world’s creation. For example, as per the Big Bang theory, the universe was generated approx.. 15 billion years ago.

Sikh faith about Waheguru and creation

Almighty as separate from the universe

Sikhs faith that Waheguru is genderless and Nirgun (transcendent). He is also ineffable, which signifies he cannot be put into any sought of words. Sikhs faith that Waheguru is outside space and time and therefore uncreated (ie he exists despite never having been generated). He is not changed or affected by anything.

Waheguru is beyond any sought of explanation, but Sikhs utilize different names to try to get an understanding of Waheguru’s nature.

God as part of the universe

Sikhs also believe that Waheguru is Sargun (immanent) and so everything in this universe has Waheguru’s real presence in it. This signifies that Waheguru cares for the creation (the universe) and everything in it. Everything that happens and changes in the world is as of Waheguru’s Hukam.

This signifies to Sikhs that Waheguru loved his creation and it enabled him to reveal himself to human beings. Sikhs faith that Waheguru is a chunk of them in the format of the divine spark.

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How was the world created?

As per Sikhism, God existed all alone in His abstract form – Nirgun – before He generated the Universe. This might be called the state of procreation. Almighty was the state of contemplation of the void, in the state of primal void or sunn samadhi = state of pre-creation.

As per Guru Nanak, chaos for millions of years and there was darkness. There was only Almighty and nothing else – no vapours, no clouds, no mists, nothing. None existed except the Almighty. Guru Nanak said:

“There was darkness for countless years.

There was neither sky nor earth; there was only His Will.

There was neither night nor day, neither moon nor sun.

He (God) was in deepened meditation.

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Guru Amar Das, the third Nanak further clarifies this conceptual in the follow up lines found in the Guru Granth Sahib:

He generated Himself – at that time.

what He did came to pass and He consulted Himself for advice.

At that time, there were no Akaashic Ethers, no three worlds , nor regions.

At that time, only the Formless Almighty Himself existed – there was no such creation.

Then Almighty willed the universe creation. He had become manifest: Sargun. He diffuses Himself in nature. Guru Nanak says a god has created the universe to joy the performance, the reality which is the sunshine of their own reality.

When was the world created?

The holy Granth told us clearly that the creation time of the Universe is beyond personal knowledge and that this was not significant to the Vedas scholars, nor the Qazi who have studied the Koran; in fact this moment could not be known by mankind. Only the Almighty Himself knows about this creation instant.

What was that moment and What was that time? What was that date and What was that day?

What was that seasoning, and when the Universe was created and what was that month?

The Pandits, the religious scholars, could not explore that time, even if it is opened up in the Puranas.

That timeline is not known to the Qazis, who studied the Koran.

The date and the day are not known to the Yogis, nor the season nor is the month.

The Creator who developed this creation-only He Himself understands.”

Attributes of this Creation

The Parkriti of 3 attributes (Satav, Rajas, and Tamas) was created by the Almighty. Maya, illusion and attachment are His creation: Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Master writes:

He developed the Shakti (power) of three attributes (Gunas)

The awesome Maya (world illusion) is His shadow.

The Universe is not an illusion. It is reality, not permanent and final but a reality on account of the presence of Almighty in it.

This world is the abode of God and yet He transcended it.

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