Sikhi Sahara: Providing Shelter, Building Unity in Sikhism

Sikhi Sahara: Providing Shelter, Building Unity in Sikhism

The Sikh faith is a religion originate from the space of northwest Pakistan and India. It was founded by the foremost Guru, Guru Nanak. The Sikh faith is the 5th hugest religion in the globe with around 26 million adherents around the world. The centre belief for Sikhs is sum up through the Sikh prayer which states, “that there is one all spirit, and it is denoted truth. It existing in all creation; it do not fear; it do not hate; it is universal and timeless and self-existent. You would coming to understand it through seek out learning and knowledge. As Sikhi Sahara: Providing Shelter, Building Unity in Sikhism. 

In addition, Sikhs lead to moral lifecycle, earning their lifestyle through hard working and honest means, and to sharing with others through good work.

A Sikh is to leaded a family life, and looking for Almighty through the deeds rather than removing out himself from the community.


Sewa denotes ‘selfless service’. It includes helping others and acting selflessly in a ways variety, without any personal gain or reward. It is a manner of life for numerous Sikhs and is chunk of the daily routine. Sikhism taught that sewa is an act of service towards Waheguru and therefore should be done regular way in order to become close to Waheguru. It support Sikhs to becoming gurmukh and show the faith towarding Waheguru.

Sikhs performing sewa in a ways variety, such as helping the local community and sangat. Numerous Sikhs performing much of their sewa by supporting at the gurudwara, involving serving, cleaning, or washing dishes in langar.

Performing sewa is important because:

1) It demonstrating faith in equality and the significance of all humans.

2) By offering others, Sikhs showing humility. This is as serving others showing that Sikhs does not faith they are good than anyone else.

3) Showing respect and love by supporting others showing love for the Waheguru.

4) It supports Sikhs to becoming more gurmukh. This is as it supports them to create the virtues of truthful and truth living, patience and compassion, contentment, self-control and humility, love, and courage and wisdom.

5) It deletes Sikhs from flattering manmukh, as their aim is on the requirement of others rather than themselves.

6) It support Sikhs to moving away from the five vices of lust, irk, pleasure, attachment and greed to material possessions.

Tan Physical aspect of sewa This includes physical work and tasking to showing selfless service. For example, this can be serving or cooking in the langar, clean the gurudwara or help with the gardening.

Man sewa Mental aspect This includes a Sikh utilizing the mental talents and skills. For example, this can be teaching humans how to read or understanding the Guru Granth Sahib, teaching humans how to played the musical instruments utilizing during worshipping humans about the Sikhism history.

Dhan. Material sewa aspect.This includes Sikhs selflessly supporting others by share the material wealth. This can be donate one tenth of the income to charities, which is signify as daswandh. It can also include supporting others in times of giving money to the poor or financial difficulty. As Sikhi Sahara: Providing Shelter, Building Unity in Sikhism.

All three aspects of sewa are equally significant. Sikhs tring to complete all 3 aspects of sewa on a usual basis. However, depended on an humans circumstance, a Sikh might be follow up to performing one kind of sewa more than others.

Know what it signify to be a Sikh. Sikhs have an duty to pray daily, working tough, and sharing with those in requirement.

Understand the definition. The word Sikh signify student or disciple. Sikhs are the students of the ten Gurus who assembled their teachings into unique collection of divine scriptures, denoted as the Guru Granth Sahib.

Learn of the religion. Six Gurus penned up the Guru Granth Sahib, but it carrying the penning up of other religious teachers and the Gurus. The Guru Granth Sahib is considerably a Living Guru.

Unite the present and past beliefs. There are, however, pen up by followers of Sikh from present and past that are worthwhile read on.

Go to the temple. If you living in India, it would be easier for you to attended a Sikh temple or Gurudwara. However outside our country, attend a Gurudwara might be much more tough, unless you live in a huger city. If you live close near the Gurudwara, hitting the local Granth/Sikh custodian who could serving more info on the pathway of Sikhism.

Do not eaten up ritually killing meat. Certain Sikhs are vegetarian as they have a good respect for animals. However, Sikhs are not bound to be vegetarian as per to the Sikhism Code of Conduct. The Sikh Code of Conduct stating that ritually slaughtered meat or Halal/Kosher is forbidden. As Sikhi Sahara: Providing Shelter, Building Unity in Sikhism. 

• When Sikhs attended a Gurudwara, only vegetarian food is serving. Whether a Sikh is vegetarian or not could also dependent upon what region or traditions he or she is from.

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