Why Did Guru Nanak Dev Ji Visit Mecca? The Miracle at Mecca Medina

Why Did Guru Nanak Dev Ji Visit Mecca? The Miracle at Mecca Medina

Kaaba, placed in the town of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, is the maximum massive religious site for followers of Islam. There is an incident in history that connects Sikhism and Islam, turning in the message that regardless of the name and shape in which we worship the Supreme Power, that energy is the same. Today, we are sharing the story of Kaaba (Mecca) whilst Guru Nanak Dev Ji arrived there and performed a miracle.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji, along with his disciple Bhai Mardana Ji, undertook five main foot trips throughout two subcontinents over approximately 28 years, referred to as Udasis. During those 28,000 kilometers lengthy trips, Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited around 60 cities. In his fourth Udasi, he traveled to Mecca. Disguised as a Haji, Guru Nanak Dev Ji reached Mecca together with his disciples.

Guru Nanak Ji had a disciple named Mardana, who was a Muslim. Mardana told Guru Nanak Dev Ji that he wished to visit Mecca, as it is believed that a Muslim is not considered a true Muslim until he visits Mecca. Guru Nanak Dev Ji heard this and prompt for Mecca with him. Upon achieving Mecca, Guru Ji changed into exhausted and lay down inside the resting location made for the Hajj pilgrims, along with his toes going through the route of Mecca.

Seeing this, the attendant of the pilgrims, Khatim Jeon, got angry and said to Guru Ji, “Can’t you see that you are lying with your feet towards Mecca Medina?”

Guru Nanak said that he was very tired and wanted to rest. He told Jeon to turn his feet in the direction where God does not reside. Jeon turned Nanak Ji’s feet in the opposite direction of Kaaba. But as soon as he placed Nanak Ji’s feet on the ground and looked up, the Kaaba was in that direction. This incident is mentioned in the sacred scripture of Sikhism, ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib.’ Then Jeon realized that God is in every direction. After this, Guru Nanak advised Jeon to do good deeds and remember God.

Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s pilgrimage to Mecca has a profound message that touches all religions. Despite the physical and cultural distance between Sikhism and Islam, his pilgrimage to the Kaaba universally symbolizes the Supreme Power, reminding us that God is beyond all names and forms on.

The act of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and his Muslim disciple Bhai Mardana marching to Mecca on foot to foot marked a turning point. When questioned about this unorthodox scenario, Guruji’s response—that God resides everywhere—challenged dogmatic beliefs and emphasized the unity of spiritual experiences. This quote, enshrined in the Sikh scripture ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib’, teaches our enduring values ​​of tolerance, respect and the common pursuit of spiritual truth across religions.

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