Why Did This Boy Tell Guru Nanak Ji, ‘No One’s a Bigger Gambler than These Breaths’

Why Did This Boy Tell Guru Nanak Ji, ‘No One’s a Bigger Gambler than These Breaths’

During the journey of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, at the same time as staying in a village near Lahore, there has been a small incident for the duration of the congregation in which a younger boy might sit via Guru Nanak Ji each morning in Kartik month. One day, Guru Nanak Ji requested him, “Son, why do you come back so early to the congregation every morning within the month of Kartik?” The boy replied, “Maharaj, who knows while death will come?

” To this, Guru Nanak Ji said to the boy, “Such a younger boy, and you suspect loss of life will take you presently? Right now, you have to be studying and playing. After that, you’ll grow up, come to be old, after which death will come.” The boy spoke back, “Maharaj, these days my mother was lights the range. She placed large portions of timber inside the fireplace, however the fireplace did not catch them. Then she requested me to carry small sticks, which stuck hearth speedy and burnt out speedy. In the equal manner, demise may want to catch me at a young age too. That’s why I come to the congregation.”

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Explaining to the boy, Guru Nanak Ji said, “Child, tie a knot in your expertise. As long as our frame is wholesome, death is far from us. Therefore, as long as the body is healthful, we have to hold to perform righteous deeds. Because as soon as the frame turns to dirt, no person can do anything.”

Guru Nanak Ji continued, “Through devotion, we get hold of power that now not best relieves us from strain but also eliminates our fatigue. Service, determination, singing of hymns, and congregation are the fundamental concepts of true religion. Therefore, speedy expand love for the Supreme Being and make your existence a success.”

The teachings of Guru Nanak Ji deeply touched the boy who understood the impermanence of life and the importance of spiritual preparation. He absorbed the words of Guru Nanak Ji, and realized that even when life is fragile and uncertain, devotion and righteous deeds give strength and purpose. With this new understanding, the boy attended the Sangha, sought spiritual advancement and tried to lead a useful life under the wise guidance of Guru Nanak Ji.

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