Sikhism’s Origins in Punjab: Tracing the Life and Teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Sikhism’s Origins in Punjab: Tracing the Life and Teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji


Nanak was born in 1469 A.D. in the Lahore Talwandi village, in a kshatriya family. His father’s name was Kalachand and Kalu Bedi. He was scheduled as a village accountant. Since his childhood Nanak was not keen interested in learning but was more disposed towards the religious discussions. He was particular way unrealistic of the company of sadhus and saints. Seeing this detachment sense to worldly affairs, Nanak’s father was pretty much worried. Once while going out to get grocery for sweet home, Nanak spent twenty rupees to feed saints instead to buy the goods. This he said was a ‘real time marketing’.

Teachings of Guru Nanak

Nanak’s ideals were pretty simple. He had taken lessons from his own real timeline experiences and spread the gospel them as his doctrines. His preaching’s were purely based on reality and truth and therefore humans were attracted towards the ideals. Finally, his popularity led him to become the Sikhism founder. His preaching’s were pretty much simple.

Universe and God

In Adi Granth, Nanak has discussing about the universe creation. Nanak declared that the universe is Almighty kingdom. The entire method of creation is adjusted by him and this universe is informed by his light. This creation is comforted by his will and could be damaged by him. Hence Almighty is all-powerful and is creations basic.

God the Powerful Creation

As per to Nanak, Almighty is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. He has developed the world. He is also the creator of Siva, Brahma, and Vishnu.

“Adekh s Sabai

Soul Liberation

Nanak believed in the soul existence and his soul views were plain. He stated that human connected to the rotation of birth and death cause of his evil and sins deeds. Evil deeds increased up the sin burden. Bearing this burden the soul do not rise to high planes sine darkness flooded it on all sides.

Only the name of Almighty do penetrated this darkness with the divine light and do support the soul in the upward journey. Hence good deeds performance brings one near to Almighty and support in the soul liberation. By this the soul does not returning back to the human being gross, but is merging for ever and ever in the cosmic soul and supreme.

Complete Surrender or Submission

While Kabir highlighted on Bhakti to attain Godhood. Nanak laid pressure on total submission before Almighty. As per to him Almighty alone was the ‘all emperor powerful and the complete living globe was his subordinated employee. Amongst them the Muslim and Hindu saints were his Diwan (Ministers), heavenly messengers were the Fotedars (Accountants), the Pirs were his Sikdars (Justices) and the Izrail working as his cope force who incarcerated the guilty. Hence only by surrendering before Almighty, man could attain liberation and peace.

Purification of development and heart of character

For the Godhood Nanak triumph laid stress on the heart purification and the character development. He said if the heart was pretty much pure and the brain was clear and the good character, one could easy way come near to Almighty. For this, one should have the qualities of honesty, morality, mercy and truthfulness which were pretty much essential. These qualities support in the development of a man with good moral character.

Opposed Caste System

Nanak was the caste system bitter critic. He highlighted on the men equality and said no one was born higher or no one was born lower. He said he did not be a member to any caste. He advised Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims to live as brothers. Nanak further stressed on the mankind love and advising his followers to given up hatred for the fellow beings.

Essay On Guru Nanak Dev Ji - 100, 200, 500 Words

Opposed Evil Practices

Nanak in opposition all evil practices and rituals which were being keep going alive in the religion name. Nanak was contemptuous of the Koran, Veda, the Maulavi and the Brahmin. Once, while in Mecca, he was sleep up with his feet point towards Kaaba (place of Muslims pilgrimage), a fakir came there and rebuked him saying that learning man like him must not have committed such an crime. Hence the fakir asking Nanak to turn up his legs to other direction.


Nanak sermonized monotheism. As per to him Almighty was one and inseparable. Though humans of various religions addressed him in various names. He was one and pretty much powerful. Hence it was of no usage to keep going differences among religions. On the contrary, one must given up all inner differences and worshipped Almighty by complete surrendering before him.

Nanak’s preaching open up the Bhakti movement new avenue. His preaching’s were established on reality and this greatly affected the humans. His preaching’s helped in the Bhakti Movement progress. Motivated by his teachings many humans hugged Sikhism. In later times Sikhs emerging as a crucial religious community.

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