Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Life and Teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Below are the popular teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, which I have been brought up with. As any of the family traditions, older narrative tell significant lessons of life. My granny, and father have shared many tales of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Now, I am sharing a few with you people and hope to see the same spark in your eyes listening to all these mesmerizing stuff.

One Supreme Reality

Ek Onkar literally denotes, ‘God is One’. Guru Nanak Dev is familiar for his ideological, spiritual, and social beliefs. At a very younger age, he began challenging societal rules and laws. When nanakji formed Sikhism, he emphasized on One God. The significance of the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji is to faith in your ONE higher power and good karma.

No Discrimination

He faith in brotherhood and equality. Guruji considered everyone is equal, regardless of their religion, caste, race, color, rank, gender and status. His two pupils, Bhai Mardana and Bhai Bala were addressed as ‘Bhai’, as his brothers and not by their castes or race. Guruji also emphasized in equal rights for every women. History of Sikhism has numerous stories, where women and men were shown as equals.

GuruJi did not sermonize out of the world spirituality, instead nanakji emphasized on humanly possible and connected life lessons.

Reject Five Sins ‘Panj Vikar’

Nanak ji do bring up five evils residing in human body and mind. Guru ji taught us to reject/avoid these five evils or thieves as they debilitate us and broken down us from our duties.

“Within this body cells reside the five thieves: egotism, emotional attachment, greed, anger and sexual desire.” Ahankar (Ego), Moh (attachment), Lobh (greed), Krodh (Anger) , and Kam (Lust).

Sarbat Daa Bhala

Nanak asks for name, which blesses all with happiness, good health, prosperity and all well matters.

This line comes in the finishing end of ‘ardaas’ (sikh prayer) as raining blessings for all. Regardless of their race, gender, creed, color and caste.

Submission to the Will of God

Accept the will of supreme almighty and good to say God. The lesson of life time by Guru Ji, says everything occurs by the grace of Almighty. Leave stress and worry, faith in God’s work and live without second thoughts and  any doubts.

I remember Mother used to say, ‘why fear when nanak dev ji is with you’. Have faith and trust everything will be all right. Once you have a optimistic perspective, everything will be good.

Vand Chako. Kirat Karo. Naam Japo

Guru ji gave us three principals – Naam Japo, Vand Chako, and Kirat Karo.

Vand Chako – ‘Vand’ means share with others. Share with those who are in requirement. Sikhs are devotees of Guru Ji, and go after the principals of sharing with everyone. Share food, wealth, offer shelter or any other means you can help a needy. As community members, Sikhs are expected to share a tiny chunk of their wealth with needy.

Kirat Karo –Do earn up your livelihood with divine honesty. Guruji emphasized on honesty and truth. Be a Almighty man, hard labor and a follower of honesty. Create a refined life for self and family only with dedication and hard work. Good Karma.

Naam Japo – Remember his name. Also denoted as ‘Naam Simran’, this principal says us to remember Almighty name in all the times. Almighty is supreme power, keeping him in head support us fighting doubts and fears.

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