Guru Nanak Dev Ji

40 Guru Nanak Dev Ji Quotes to Inspire Happiness in Your Soul and Life

  1. The Globe is a drama, staged out in a dream.
  2. Only foolish humans argue whether to eat meat or not. They don’t identify the truth, nor do they meditate on it. Who can signify what is plant and what is meat? Who understands where the sin lies, being a non-vegetarian or vegetarian?
  3. Even emperors and Kings with heaps of wealth and vast supremacy cannot compare with a beetle filled with the love of Almighty.

The power of the Lord is the highest one. Non-permanent wealth and lust are nowhere in front of love. This quote is inspirational as well as motivational. It tells us whether it’s ant or king, it’s the purity of soul and love that matters.

  1. He who has no belief in himself can never have belief in Lord.

This inspirational quote reminds us that one requires to have self-confidence even in the rough times. We already know that if Almighty lies within us, if we can’t faith ourselves we can never have faith in Almighty.

  1. Through superficial intellect, the brain becomes shallow, and one eats the fly, along with the dessert.
  2. What must the yogi have to fright? Trees, plants, and all that is outside and inside Himself.
  3. Death would not be called False, O Human, if one identifies how to truly die.
  4. Riches cannot be collected without evil and sin mean.
  5. Let no human on the Planet live in misapprehension. Without a Guru, none can cross over to the other seaside.
  6. I bow at His Feet continually, and pray to Him, the True Guru, who has shown me the right route.
  7. Those who regard all humans as equals are pretty religious.
  8. There are planets and more globes below them, and there are a hundred thousand skies over them. No one has been able to search the limits and boundaries of Almighty. If there be any account of Almighty, then alone the fatal can write the same; but Lord account does not end up, and the perishable himself dies while still writing.

A lot of explanation can be from this motivational quote, but the message somewhere stays similar. The creation of the Almighty is a splendid mystery and a human can go on exploring that till the end of his life cycle but will remain incomplete.

  1. In this Universe when you ask for joy, pain steps forward.
  2. I’m not born; how can there be either death or birth for me?
  3. Your grace is my social status.

Almighty blessing is denoted as mercy and is it true that through this mercy a human gains social position or status and success in life. This quote is motivational and enlightening as it fills our brains with happiness.

  1. Let’s Almighty grace be the mosque; and faithfulness the prayer mat, let the Quran be the nice conduct.
  2. Thou has a million eyes and yet not one eye; Thou host a million forms and yet not one form.
  3. Speak only that which will bring you glory.
  4. From its brightness, everything is lit up.

Just like water reflects the sun’s rays and makes it glitter like a diamond, Almighty grace in human life makes him a diamond and completes his life with all values. This quote undoubtedly motivates us to treat the life chain with all values.

  1. Owing to the incomprehension of rope the rope looks like to be a snake; owing to the innocence of the self; the temporary state arises of the phenomenal, individualized, limited aspect of the self.
  2. That the plant must be seed and another be produced cannot occur; whatever seed motivational is sown, a plan of that type even comes forth.

Good reaps great and evil reap evil, it is what inner side of us that is created. This quotation motivates us to peep deeper into our life chain with aesthetics as it’s what we do that comes around. Guru Nanak’sanak quotes offer us a nice outlook on life.

  1. The production of the Kid, the care for of those born, and the regular life of men, of these matters woman, is applause.
  2. Those who have loved are those that have discovered Almighty toy.
  3. The realization of truthfulness is bigger than all else. Bigger still is truthful living.

There’s nothing beyond Honesty, truth is the eventual reality of human life. The self-realization of honesty makes our life cycle worthy. We all have read this motivational quotation in our moral science stuff during our school days time.

  1. Wherever the protector of all keeps me, there is a paradise.
  2. Alone let him continually meditate in isolation on that which is good for his soul, for he who meditates in loneliness attains supreme pleasure.

Where is Almighty? Lord is in every cell and person. It is the peace of solitude that considers his presence. This quote prays us with all gratitude and grace that is motivational as well as inspirational.

  1. I am neither a Kid, a young human nor an ancient; nor am I of any social class.
  2. Sing the songs of enjoyment to the Almighty, serve the name of God, and become the domestic help of these servants.
  3. Burn out worldly love, rub all the ashes and prepare ink of it, create the heart the pen, the brains the writer, pen up that which has no limit or end.
  4. There is but One Almighty, His name is the Truthfulness, He is the developer, He fears none, he is without loathing, He never dies, He is beyond the cycle of death and births, He is bright, He is realized by the kindliness of the True Guru. He was True in the initial time, He was True when the ages start and have ever been Yes, He is also True now.
  5. Nanak, the whole globe is in decluttering, who faith in the Name, becomes successful.
  6. Before becoming a Hindu, a Christian, a Sikh, or a Muslim, let’s become a person first.

This is a popular motivational quotation of self-realization. Humanity is the hugest religion of all. Before dividing yourself into the various class of man-made religions, it is very significant to treat every person being equally.

  1. Karma is a tree, the Gods Name the branches, Dharmic belief the flowers, and spiritual sagacity is the fruit.
  2. By Karma of previous actions, the robe of the physical body is acquired. By his elegance, the gate of salvation is found.

With karma, we greet the grace the God. Dependent on our past actions, our after-death lifecycle is definite. The soul is released and finally occurs in heaven. This is an inspirational spiritual quotation and yet motivates us in every aspect.

  1. Without the Karma of Fair deeds, they are only damaging themselves.
  2. As refection is within the reflector, So does your God follow within you, Why search for him without?

We often seek routes to search god. This inspirational quote surprises us with this striking truth that almighty heap on within us, just like our reflection lies within the glass.

  1. Conquer your brain and conquer the planet.
  2. With your hands create autorun fortune.
  3. But she alone is accepted, who dies, while yet still alive, she is living for the sake of the Love of her beloved.
  4. The Almighty can never be created nor established; the formless one is limitlessly complete into Himself.

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