Guru Nanak Dev Ji And Kauda Rakshas

Guru Nanak Dev Ji And Kauda Rakshas

Kauda was a member of the Bheel tribe, which had been pushed from the fruitful territory into forests and desolate areas, where they were known to devour human meat to satisfy their appetites. They used to murder aryans if they saw them approaching. Dravirh is the name given to the area stretching from Orrisa to Rameshwaram, and Bheel is the Dravidian word for BOW.

Kauda, like other members of his tribe, hid in the Kudapa trees and abducted travelers passing through their territory, robbing them and eventually eating them, as many of them had turned Cannibal. They were commonly known as Shudras and classed as Dravidic. The Vindhya, Satpura, and Satmala Hills are home to them. They now live in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Rajasthan, among other places.

Painters describe Kauda Bheel as a Hindu Demon with large teeth, horns on his head, and a scruffy appearance. He appeared to be a regular person like us. As a result, their feeding practices in the forests altered as well. To fill their growing bellies, they began to consume both animals and people. So Kauda was a Cannibal as well. Several historians believe he was indeed the leader of the Bheel tribe in that area.

Villagers in the area seek Guru Nanak’s assistance

Guru Nanak was resting at the borders of a small village when he overheard anything distressing and terrible. The locals who had assembled to hear to the Kirtan in the evening informed Guru Ji that there was a clan of man-eaters living in the jungle. Anyone who wandered into the jungle was captured by the tribe. This tribe of cannibals kept the villagers in continual fear. Several kids and adults who went into the woods to fetch firewood never came back and were presumed dead. The residents told Guru Ji that the cannibals had slaughtered their friends and relatives who hadn’t reappeared from the forest.

When the Guru heard this, he got depressed and lost in meditation. He made decided to act right now. Guru Ji resolved to confront the man-eaters and persuade them to abandon their horrible lifestyle. He determined that he had to put an end to the inhabitants of the town’s sorrow and liberate them from the continual terror of becoming cannibals’ prey.

He gathered his belongings and prepared to leave. His two companions enthusiastically agreed to accompany him. People, on the other hand, urged, “Sir, please don’t leave Guru Ji. They will assassinate you and consume your body.” In response, the Guru said, “No, I have to fulfill my obligations. I need to persuade them to abandon their terrible lifestyle. I want to teach them how to be good, God-fearing citizens. I’m not afraid. God is constantly by my side. He’ll assist me with this project. It is His creation. He’ll be the one to get me through the man-eaters. Do not be alarmed. Say a prayer for my victory to God. Your folks will rejoice as a result of my victory. They must be taught new and improved ways of life, as well as demonstrated what they are doing incorrectly.”

As a result, the Guru and his two colleagues set off into the bush. Guru Ji had heard that the man-eaters’ leader was named Kauda. He’d also discovered the location of the major man-eater. He decided to confront Kauda and attempt to reform him. Guru Ji understood that if he was successful, Kauda would reform the rest of his tribe. The Guru set off for Kauda’s hut with this goal in mind. He and his two companions were quickly approaching it.

Guru’s and Kauda’s encounter

Kauda noticed three men approaching. He was ecstatic and wore a wide grin on his face. He used to travel great distances to catch folks for food. Three of them came to him on their own volition that day. That was extremely fortunate. He and his family would have had enough meat to last several days.

He possessed an oil cauldron that was enormous and deep. He kindled a fire under it to get the oil to boil. The three men had approached each other extremely closely. He could feel the grease on his skin. It was just as cool as it had been previously. The oil was no longer heated by the fire. He was baffled as to what had occurred to the fire.

He chose to roast one of the three over an open fire. He’d keep the other two restrained. He planned to eat them later. Guru Ji was on his way to Kauda’s hut at the time. The Guru and his entourage were only a short distance away at the time. The Guru was in the lead. Guru Ji was trapped in Kauda’s arms.

“Sat Kartar, Sat Kartar,” Guru Nanak remarked with a smile. Kauda was both perplexed and perplexed. He’d caught and devoured a lot of men in the past. None of them had ever acted like this before. Guru Ji was thrown into the flames by him. He hoped the flames would consume Guru Ji and burn him. Guru Ji, on the other hand, rose in the mt of the fire. He gave Kauda a friendly smile. He gave Kauda a friendly smile. “Sat Kartar, Sat Kartar,” Guru Ji’s associates chanted aloud. Kauda started to shake. Guru Ji took a step back from the flames.

At Guru Nanak’s Feet, Kauda

Kauda was flabbergasted. He was taken aback by the fact that the flames could not harm the Guru. Guru Ji was not pushed back into the fire by him. Kauda became completely befuddled and appeared to have lost his wits; his body simply froze and he was unable to move.

Guru Ji sat close to the fire on the floor. Gurbani was recited by him. Kauda took a seat and listened. His brows were bowed. He sat with his hands clasped in front of him. The Guru eventually ceased chanting the Gurbani. With a warm smile, he stared at Kauda.

Kauda threw herself at his feet. ‘Rise, brother Kauda!’ replied the Guru. “Kauda!” Guru Ji remarked, tenderly and kindly looking at him. You are blind to what you are doing. You’ve lost your sight.

Kauda, whose morality had died as a result of his horrific deeds, suddenly realized had done and was overcome with repentance. “Give away your cruel way of life,” Guru Ji said. Make a promise to yourself that you will not injure anyone. Be merciful and caring. “Aid and service to others.”

Kauda realized after seeing the Divine Master in his most gracious and holy form, and he knelt at the Master’s feet and pleaded for pardon or once mone. Naam was bestowed upon him by the kind Master.

Kauda committed to following the Guru’s advice and living his life accordingly. He went from being a man’s killer and eater to being a man’s servant and instructor. He was a completely different person after that, and he spent the rest of his life as a fervent follower of the Guru and an entirely honest follower of God.

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