Why Punjabis are the most fun people in the world

Why Punjabis are the most fun people in the world

Punjabi (Punjabi (Shahmukhi): پنجابی, Punjabi (Gurmukhi): ਪੰਜਾਬੀ) or Punjabi people, is an Indo-Aryan ethnolinguistic group associated with the Punjab region in South Asia, especially in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent. Pakistani Punjab and Indian Punjab. They speak Punjabi, the family language of the Indo-Aryan language. The name Punjab refers to five sources of water from Persia: panj (“five”) and āb (“water”).

The Punjab region (see the Punjab Section for important historical context) is often referred to as the food basket in India and Pakistan. The integration of various ethnic groups, structures, and citizens of the Punjab region into a standard “Punjabi” identity system dates back to the early 18th century CE Before that the concept and common sense of “Punjabi” identity and community did not exist, although most of the different communities of the Punjab region had long shared the same languages, cultures, and races.

Punjabi people

Traditionally, Punjabi is a language, place, and culture. Identity is not dependent on the origin or religion of the past and refers to those who live in the Punjab region or who associate with its people and who consider Punjabi as their mother tongue. [28] Integration and comparison are an integral part of Punjabi culture, as Punjabi identity can only be based on international communication. Almost all Punjabi people have the same cultural background.

Historically, the Punjabi people were a distinct group and were divided into several surnames called biradari (literally meaning “brotherhood”) or tribes, each bound to a family. However, Punjabi knowledge included those who were not of the ancient ethnic group. Over time, tribal structures are coming to an end and are being replaced by a cohesive and inclusive society, as community dialogue and mobilization form new pillars for Punjabi society. Nowadays, Punjabi can refer to the four most common passages; Punjabi Muslims, Punjabi Hindus, Punjabi Sikhs, and Punjabi Christians. Punjabiyan di Shaan vakhri ‘(Punjabi people have a mysterious charm and aura) If you have never heard of a famous phrase or could not accept it, you probably have a natural dislike of Punjabi society. Whatever the reason, you may or may not like it, but the truth is that there are endless reasons why they are different from the crowd. Noisy, loving, and full of life, Punjabi makes fun. Here are 11 things that make Punjabis love.

Jappian, te pappian, has a lot of love to offer

Punjabiyan di Shaan vakhri

Expect a bone-crushing kiss and a crush on the cheek (sometimes ear and hair) when you meet a Punjabi. A word of advice, do not try to escape the kiss of death of love. It is not just contempt, it is considered an insult. Yes, kitta?

No matter how small the event, Punjabi love makes a difficult party. Alcohol flows in gallons, there is enough food to feed a small country and the girls wear simple clothes. The phrase ‘burn the dance floor was probably coined at a disco in Sector 17.

Bullt (bullet), puls (police), Kanayda (Canada), Nyoda (Noida), we accept language and how!

We also like to repeat our words. Dinner-shinner, mutton-shutton, party-sharty, and fun-shun intensify in this way. And what about Grammar Nazi? We Rehendey!

Hit-and-love. There is love in all maara chand and friendship in all chapped khaani hai. If they abuse you in your way, you are probably the most loved person in the world.

We are noisy and we know it

Speaking of which, we make sure it is decibel higher than usual. Why should we make a girl happy by calling her our woofer and enjoying being her amplifier?

Maa di dal chicken with butter

You can run, you can hide but you can not escape this system in all Punjabi meetings and greetings. Chances are you are in this meeting to find only delicious food. Take at least three servings unless you want people to think you are eating. Punjabi believe that the path to the human heart passes through the stomach. Lasi o oye!

Jas, gur, har, prabh, deep, Preet, jeet, meet – 101 ways to name your child

Take a word, add one of the above prefixes or suffixes or both, and voila! She has a Punjabi name. Do not be surprised if your friend’s uncle or aunt has the same name. And don’t even start nicknames. Do you have feelings? Say to your child Happy. Do you eat a good roll? Name your child Frankie.

Saanu ki? Punjabi response to the most difficult syapa in life. Hello!

Bling is King

The diamonds filled with diamonds, gota-work chunnis, rainbow colors, and animal prints make up a Punjabi wardrobe. Top this with a Louis Vuitton or Chanel bag and the outfits are perfect. Hana Ji.

Big fat Punjabi wedding

Combine the above points to make a lifelong commitment to marriage. All the best food, alcohol, music, and relatives meet for at least a seven-day party. And just for the record, no Punjabi wedding is complete without breaking the bhangra and gidda in dhol or the Punjabi wedding songs by Gur Nalon Ishq Mitha and Ishq Tera Tadpave. Tara Rara Cake!

Punjabiyan di Shaan vakhri

Punjabiyan di Shaan vakhri

Say what you want but your Punjabi friends make you laugh a lot, know the best dhabbas in town, and are always ready for good and bad. They’re your friends at 2 am mostly because you almost hang out with them in their SUV, listening to loud music, just for fun. You don’t care about the world because, you know, point 8. And there is a reason why the Punjabi says “Saade naal rahoge te, aish karoge”. Happy!

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