Punjabis in Pakistan

A lot of answers missed out one point – Race. A lot of Punjabis in Pakistan are mixed race so far. They have their last names like siddiqui, sheikh, qureshi, ghauri, ghaznavi, khilji, lodh, mughal etc. Most of the these humans are crossed childs. Their mothers might be native punjabis but their forefathers might be Persians, afghans, and turks. Most Pakistani Punjabis share their bloodline with turks, arab, and persians.

Language : While speaking, it’s similar, but when it comes to writing, we Indian Punjabi pen up in Punjabi Language, but that side of the border, everything is pretty much written in Urdu.

Religion : Majority of the Indian side are few Christians, Sikhs and Hindus, but that side almost all are Muslims and others are just pretty much lesser in number.

Pakistani Punjab, well, is a theological entity, with a distinctive shortage of minorities, religious courts, and blasphemy laws. It is the LeT hub, one of the globe’s most destructive terror groups.

Religion is one difference. Punjabis in Pakistan has more dialects spoken which are not that widely spoken in punjab india. Other than that Pakistan Punjab has a bigger population and area than Punjabi india. They look similar as well, look at the pictures below.

• Power : Punjab in Pakistan is the Pakistan power center.

• Almost every third or second member of power, elite-top brass of business, civil services, politics, military- connected to Pakistani Punjab.

• Punjabi is the de facto Pakistani language. Lahore is seen as the Pakistan cultural capital.

• Fanatical : But, International security analysts claimed that Pakistani Punjab is the breeding ground of fringe elements.

• Drugs : Pakistani Punjab is infamous for certain alcoholism and drug abuse among its citizens.

• Minorities : Parsees, Hindus, and Christians are minorities in Pakistani Punjab.

• Well, severe economic and bad governance has turned Punjab into a powerless state.

• Punjabi is the Punjab official language. But, Jalandhar -once renowned-is no longer seen as the significant center of classical music and arts.

• Dominance : Sikhs have control over every sphere of political, life-social, and economic.

The Pakistani side of Punjab is way better than Indian Punjab. Punjab is the power centre and Pakistan economy but the Indian Punjab is just the similar as any other India state. The Pakistani Punjab is much bigger and bigger than Indian Punjab in both population and area but is it pretty better than Indian Punjab?

Google Map of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan - Nations Online Project

In Pakistan, Punjabi is pretty much spoken outside the 4 walls of a sweet home. Punjabi language is steadily dissolving in Pakistan, as the state unofficially discourages its utilization in public. In Pakistan, the ruling elites regard Punjabi as the rustic tongue, hence they ignore speaking it. No such sentiment exists in Indian Punjab.

Why is the Pakistani Punjab seeming way more connected to its roots than the Indian one?

Do you even understand what being connected to the roots signify?.In Pakistani Punjab most humans speak Urdu instead of Punjabi as Punjabi is considered a language for the illiterate and uncultured by a lot of humans in Pakistani punjab. A lot of Muslims in pakistani punjab do tended to think of themselves as middle-eastern turks or arabs and they tryinhg to imitate the lifestyle and manner of speaking,Even Though arabs looking down on them(as well as other south-asian muslims).Whereas in Hindus, indian punjab, and Sikhs don’t think of themselves as being mid-eastern and are proud of their South-Asian heritage and they also speak their language proud way.

Middle East Airlines Sales Office in Lahore, Pakistan - Airlines-Airports

What do Indian Punjabis think of their Punjabi counterparts in Pakistan?

Whatever I understand about Pakistan Punjabis is through the media. I’ve been watching a lot of Pakistani Punjabi TV series on youtube. Their Punjabi is slightly way differ from ours but it is awesome. Sometimes I felt that there is hardly any difference between the humans from both sides. Both are fun loving, have a good largehearted and sense of humor. Pakistani Punjab excels in Punjabi music. One matter that I like about it is the spirituality touch. Their sufi singers are the good one. I also love their talk shows. I am amazed that certain journalists could be so forthright. Hassan Nissar is my own favourite.

Do Punjab India state humans felt nearer to Pakistanis than Indian culturally?

I can’t comment about everyone as everyone has a differ psychology but from my personal experience, I have seen both types of Punjabi’s. One of my buddies felt close to Pakistani punjabi’s more than any other type of culture committee here. She preferred to watch Pakistani shows, listening their music. While I have a buddy who does the opposite. He felt culturally much more closer to us than Pakistani punjabi (though we are not punjabi).

So, I have concluded that it all depends on the environment that you live in, your buddy circle and family background that makes you feel closer to anyone.

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