5 essential indian wedding colours for your turban

5 essential indian wedding colours for your turban

Indian weddings are known to be visually rich ceremonies and beautiful. They differ from the traditional western ideals of the bigger white wedding, the numerous types of south and Indian Asian weddings tend to have a huge variety of colour involved in the big day.

Asian weddings are pretty known for their beauty and while each nation and religion would have its own traditions in particular, there are certain colours that feature widely across them all.

If you are undecided on which turban colour to go with for the special day, read on. We have put together a list of the most essential wedding turban colours to go for along with what the colour represents and meaning.

As per the religious texts of a Sikh religion, the followers should wear a turban and not cut their hair. The style of a Sikh turban and how it is tied are pretty different from turban styles in other cultures, like Arab cultures that often leave a tail at the back. There are numerous manners to tie a Sikh turban, and you could personalize yours based on the preferences, though below you’ll explore two variations.

People from many cultures and religions wearing turbans as a chunk of everyday attire, and turbans are often connected with followers of a Sikh religion. Turbans could also be utilized to kept your head and hair protecting from the sun, or even as the fashion statement. After tye the hair into a top knot to keep it neatly tucking away and to offer the turban something to wrapping around, all you require is the righteous cloth and a tiny bit of practice and you could become the expert at tie a turban.

Black Turban for wedding

Black Turban For Wedding

Black turbans exude a sense of authority and timeless elegance. They represent determination, power, and strength. Historically, black turbans have been connected with leadership and wisdom.

Black turbans are the foremost on the list for a reason. It’s the most widely worn colour and could pair with anything. From a crisp white kurta-pyjama ensembled to a tee combo and casual jeans. A black turban would be your go-to colour turban for the outfit.

For a casual yet refined look, pairing your black turban with a navy blazer, a light-coloured dress, chinos and shirt.

Keep accessories minimal to let the black turban be the focus point of the outfit.

Experiment with various textures and colour combinations to add visual interest to the ensemble.

Opt for polished shoes that complement the overall look.

By following these styling tips, you could confidently incorporate a black turban into the smart evening-wear look, developing a fashion-forward and culturally motivating look.

Cotton Zari Red Wedding Pagri

Red Wedding Turban

Red is perhaps the most well-known colour connected with Indian weddings, though this is typically devoted entirely to the bridal outfits as red turban meaning.

Traditionally, red is the auspicious colour in the Indian weddings, with connotations of even courage, wealth, and health. It’s sometimes tough to match up the exact shade of the Turban with the bridal outfit. However, fear not, as we have a wide range of red shades accessible. Asking us about sample swatches.

There are certain shades of red that are accessible on the website as red turban meaning.

Gold Wedding Turban

Gold Wedding Turban

Gold is another propitious colour, meant to represent status and wealth.

Traditionally, there was a bigger amount of gold included in decoration dependent and wedding clothing on the cash a bride’s family had. But nowadays, there is a pretty tiny show of status and more of the tradition.

It could sometimes be a pretty element to accent the wedding outfit with a golden Turban, matching the gold elements in a dress.

There are certain colours that will perfectly accent any gold elements you are look on to match to:

Purple Turbans for Weddings

Purple Turbans for Weddings

Purple is another colour using throughout Asian weddings, though it holding closer connotations with Japanese weddings in particular.

In Japan, purple representing love, though its use throughout India is also prominent, typically as it’s within the similar colour palette as red when usinga in a darker format.

If you are look on to match the turban with the partners outfit, matching up with a tie or even look on for a contrast colour, checking out the turbans purple shades:

Pink Turban for Weddings

Pink Turban for Weddings

Pink is a colour used by the groom in particular when it comes to Sikh and Indian weddings, at least as far as tradition is concerned.

While the bride is much more likely to wear pink nowadays, this colour has connotations of fondness, happiness and more across a range of various wedding styles.

Pink is no longer linked as a feminine colour, especially when it comes to turbans. Most humans prefer a bright pink turban to match with the partner’s parameter. There are a few shades of pink turbans we offered

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