Why Do Punjabis Choose Canada Over Other Nations?

Why Do Punjabis Choose Canada Over Other Nations?

Talk about Punjabi’s dislikes and likes, it won’t be false to say that these people have had a good likes for Canada. Canada is the foremost nation crush of any Punjabi’s life journey. However, humans still wondering as to why here people selected Canada over any other nation, Well if you think you are majorly one of them, then here is the fast forward and good response for you:-

A land of dreams

For a loads of Punjabis, their ultimate dream destination is Canada. That’s because the tales which they get to hear about Canada from their relatives and friends, making them felt that Canada is the second wonderland. Therefore, Canada becomes the solution to every issue. In a nutshell, lots of possibilities, hope, and dream is a synonym of Canada for a Punjabi.

I want a dollar, a dollar is what I want

This letter DOLLAR word is another stuff that glitters in the youngsters this zone eyes, whenever he thought about abroad place Canada. Since the Canada sound economy offering more job options to them and that too at a good pay scale as comparison to India or any other nation, Punjabis tend to prefered Canada over any other nation.

From Punjab to ‘Mini Punjab

Canada sometimes is also signify to as ‘Mini one due to the good gathering of Punjabi population in many of its cities. Therefore, even if someone from Punjab goes all the pathway to Canada, he would never feel like being in some alien zone as the Canada Punjabi vibes will keep on making him felt like being at sweet home all the time.

Because Canada cops Don’t Beat You Up Like Punjabi Police

Adhering to strict regulations and rules, Canadian enforcement does take all safeguard to keep a human, even though a criminal, safer on humanitarian wise. Unlike Punjab Cops, Canadian Cops are not seen doing danda parade of the humans on streets. Thus, Punjabis felt more securing on that land! 

Peer Pressure

Emotional torture by Punjabi family people on the grounds ‘ohde munde ne PR leli’, etc is a usual practice especially for the youngsters in the age slab of 25-30 years. Moreoften, there’s a lot of social influence of settling to other land on these sweet kido Punjabis who already have family buds and siblings de bache post up good fancy images from Canada on internet as after all, even if you think no one is watching them, be certain that your family are. 

For Kudi/ Kaneda wala Munda

In Punjabi people, being that too ‘Kaneda Wala NRI,and an NRI’ in itself is an great achievement. Since in this globe, the Canada-wali Kudi/ NRI Munda always gets great behaviour over other humans and that too not just in his own family structure but also in their complete village (pind). At times, dating gore and goriyan is also a fixation some punjabis have. 

Clean Country

Those who are tired of a potholes on roads and variety of rough smells promise to themselves that one day, I will be leaving all this behind and go to other country canada where the roads are properly leveled, the environment is more friendly and the streets are clean. At least you won’t be scary for your life.

Full Freedom

Not exactly as it sounds but bigger yes within the law limits. Punjabi families have this inclination of defeat the desires and wants of young brains just as this munda main manners nahin. So, humans do desire to pull out of that orthodox thought procedure and move to Canada to live a lifecycle where humans don’t judge them by their relationships, their clothes, their cars and luxuries. Unless off course, you selected to live in a major Punjabi chunk of the nation jithe the ‘Hae’ culture is as widespread as it was in your neighborhood back in your own country india. 


The social structure in Canada is based on equality regardless of skin, race, class and color. You are not single out based on the religion. And it is rare to see promoting dera culture there and fanatics preaching openly. 

Some other reasons that make this place a favourite amongst Punjabis are old age pension for everyone, free medical care, and employment for anyone who want to work and there is a minimum wage which you will make and most significantly, the MPs are selected, not cast.


Canada is manytimes called ‘mini India’ and why must not it be? It is well known that a huge number of Indians have been residing in Canada for years and they have actually created a good sense of community in the nation. In 2015, Prime Minister Treadeau remarked that he had more Sikhs in his cabinet than Indian PM Modi. He has also been seen celebrating Indian festivals, doing the Bhangra, and preparing meals in gurdwaras.

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