How I Found "My Kind" Of People In Every State, Culture, And Religion

How I Found “My Kind” Of People In Every State, Culture, And Religion

Your manners towards any “culture” often dependent upon what that culture representing itself to be. The culture concept isn’t as plain as it seems.

We all celebrate the stuff that everyone belongs to different culture with different raised in different family but innere core is equal. We come from same home and same values but there is a way to found your kind of people through connecting to there inner personality.

We celebrate the every state, religion differences but we enjoy these different cultures thoroughly in its own way. Different personality bring the beauty and amazement of living in a globe such as ours to life.

I develop a feeling of oneness as which aspects of another culture I do find enjoyment yet all state zones, cutures and religions are pretty in different structure but the theorems are same. We are one thing.

There is one way

• While most see issues, I found visualizes opportunities.

• While most are just focused on the issue, I focused on finding good answers.

• While most feel full of negativity or overwhelmed, I stays trusts and positive in his potential to take on the challenge and master it.

• While most avoid issues, I am is attracted to the issue.

• While most stop considering what may go false, I am focused on what he may attain.

• While most get paralyzed by the fear of failure, I tests, learns, improves and progress, as each challenge leaves him better off than before. Would YOU celebrating that culture?

I wouldn’t look down on anything as I realize that I am no better than anyone in this wonderland. I have to be positive regarding every culture aspect. We are only different in our principles, our beliefs, morals and principles.

I have an interaction with every culture people on a positive node as we are one thing. Inner beauty is a same. My favorite interactions are the ones that help identify or establish how we’re alike and what we have in common, before looking for manners were different.

Then ask lots of questions inside you. We seek to understand every culture to found we kind of people in that pond.

I traveled to Sydney a few years ago from the India. It was a last minute trip, I booked a flight and left four days later- knowing next to nothing about the nation, Humans or even what my plans were. I had a small backpack, my ukulele and three weeks to discover and see where my travels had taken me.

My interactions on that trip varied from human to human. I talked to adults and children. Women and Men. young and Old. People from sydney and travelers from all over the nation.

By being accessible and open, I was able to hit and interact up so many conversations and hear so many tales and make so many new buddies.

To me the concept of a religion, love care is something I proceed towards the same as I do an human.

Life would be nothing but of various shades without understanding the inner length and depth of every religion and people.

None of us humans are greater in the eyes of Almighty God as whatever you think of. Every one of us received different cuture variation from Almighty hands so everything is different from his point of view. We, humans, think we are the one done it all through the history but not, it is under God’s plan, to begin with, and it is one of the secrets to understanding the truth of Almighty and the facts. We are made by Almighty and he has created us with affection and love.

The globe is a huge place of love and there are a lot of goody manners to be human being.

We all the part of universe and every human being is unique in itself.

If you don’t respect others than you have no right to be respected by someone else too. Choose wise way everything in a motion with a lot of respect and gratitude manners, yor behaviour should be pretty nice and good. 


It’s a great fun to learn about every human. I enjoy the diverse cultural practices and have buds from all over they are sharing. I find that eating bread with everyone is most rewarding, probably as you love to eat with everyone. Even within the zone, there is cultural diversity of religion, culture. You need not to fry paneer in north india only, you do all these stuff in other cultures too with an open mind. You need not to worry. I will never understand humans who travel abroad and insist on eating at Dominos rather than try out there hand in the native food.

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