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Rishi Kashyap and his family (wife and kids)

Theoretically, there was once only one continent on earth, which split apart over time to become the seven continents we see today. Humans are one of the many species that Bramha created. Rishi Kashyapa’s father, Marichi, is one of the earliest humans to be born from Bramha. How did he manage to give birth to birds, animals, and snakes is the Unsolved Mysteries in this case. So, is it possible to create a species that is either half-human or half-animal? Garuda, Lord Vishnu’s Vahan, was born to Rishi Kashyap’s wife Vinita. Aditi, Diti, Kadru, Danu, Arishta, Surasa, Surabhi, Vinata, Tamra, Krodhavasha, Ira, Vishva, and Muni are his other wives’ children. Twelve Adityas descended from Aditi. Diti also has a large number of sons.

We are commonly aware that Garuda, who is also Lord Vishnu’s Vahan, was born to one of his wives, Vinita.

Top 5 Unsolved Mysteries Of Hinduism - CuriousPort

Paras Mani

The most brilliant diamond of them all is Paras Mani. This stone is shrouded in a great deal of mystery. It is said that while possessing this Mani, one may perform any task. Speaking of Tretayuga, Ravana grabbed Chandrakanta, a jewel, from Kubera. Ashwatthama also possessed a gem at the time in Dwapara Yuga, which made him powerful. Religious writings go into great length about both of these topics. There are so many, including Neel Mani, Koustubh Mani, and Shesh Mani. Moreover!

When any iron touches Paras Mani, it changes to gold.

Top 5 Unsolved Mysteries Of Hinduism - CuriousPort

And that’s what makes this Mani strong. According to certain writings, ravens can detect Paras Mani sites for excavation, and as a result of their discoveries, Manipur is a state. And hence, Manipur was given as its name.


You’ve probably heard of Kalpavriksha, the tree that grants wishes. It goes by a variety of names, including kalpataru, kalpadruma, and kalpapdapa. We find references to the tree existing or coming from Swarg Lok, or heaven, throughout the Ved and Purana. Anyone who performs penances beneath the tree will have all of their desires granted; this occurs because of the positive aura and energy you get from the tree.

Devraj Indra received a tree from the Samudra Manthan or Churning in the ocean, and he subsequently planted it in Vana, which is now located north of the Himalayas. If a tree similar to that exists, where is it now? The age of the tree is yet unknown. Some people believe the Banyan tree to be the same and worship it as such. But the exact nature of this is still unknown.


Even Kamadhenu was born as a result of the ocean’s churning ( Samudra Manthan). It is believed that Kamadhenu, the ancestor of all cows, is a heavenly wish-fulfilling cow. The Vedas claim that the cow is the home of all Gods and Goddesses, including the Trinity. Those who worship the cow experience luck. claiming that she possesses all of the gods. How could it be in Kamadhenu if all the gods are present in heaven? Is Dev Lok represented by Kamadhenu?

Paras Rock

A whitestone known as Paras rock or “Paras Patthar” can be found on the tip of the Himalayas, much like the Paras Mani. The existence of the Paras rocks can be attributed to the abundance of valuable stones in India, which when combined with any metal produced gold. Ever wondered where the gold came from? Sonpur is a location in Bihar where millions of ounces of gold have been discovered up to this point. Could Paras rock be to blame for this? I love mysteries.

Top 5 Unsolved Mysteries Of Hinduism - CuriousPort

Atlantis of the East is Dwarka.

In India’s cultural and religious history, the ancient city of Dwaraka, which is located on the country’s far western coast, is significant.

According to the Vishnu Purana, Dwaraka formerly boasted lovely gardens, substantial moats, numerous ponds, and palaces. However, shortly after Lord Krishna vanished, it is thought to have sunk into the sea. Dwaraka continues to draw scientists in addition to archaeologists and historians due to its historical significance and connections to the Mahabharata.

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The nine unidentified men of Chakravarthi Ashoka

Ashoka, king of the Mauryan empire, was a very well-known ruler. His “nine unknown men” are one of his little-known traits, nevertheless. Nobody is yet able to identify them. Nine men made up Ashoka’s secret organization. It goes by the name “The Illuminati of India.” Many historians and researchers are interested in this society. The Illuminati may be the society with the most powerful leaders, royal families, and individuals from a wide range of influential industries. Their identity is kept a secret, though. But even before The Illuminati, Ashoka established the secret organization of nine unidentified men. As everyone is aware, King Ashoka was extremely upset and unhappy following the Kalinga War since so many troops had died.

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