25 Places To Visit In West Bengal

Kolkata, the Joy City

The capital of West Bengal and the second-largest city in India is Kolkata. It is a celebration of human existence that never ends. West Bengal’s capital is this vibrant 350-year-old metropolis on India’s eastern coast. It thrives as India’s cultural, intellectual, and social hub. Kolkata, also referred to as the “City of Joy,” is brimming with energy. The low cost of goods, the hand-pulled rickshaws, the winding streets, and the enormous variety of desserts are all expected to charm visitors.

Himalayan Jewel: Darjeeling

Go to Darjeeling if you wish to see the spectacular snow-capped peaks of Kanchenjunga, wonderful tea plantations, fragrant orchids, lush pine forests, and the cute Himalayan toy train winding its way through the majestic slopes. This hill town is a jewel noted for its fusion of modernism and old-world charm. This city is among the top tourist destinations in West Bengal for a much-needed respite from the oppressively hot and humid summers of India.

The Sundarbans, a Mangrove Land

The world’s largest mangrove eco-arrangement is located at this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Royal Bengal Tiger, one of India’s most infamous untamed animals, calls this region home. It is also the largest estuarine woodland in the world, tangled in a web of tidal conduits, streams, and tiny mangrove islands. The Sundarbans are one of the most alluring and lovely places on earth because of their connectivity.

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The Developing One: Mandarmani

At the northern tip of the Bay of Bengal is East Medinipur’s seaside community of Mandarmani. About 180 kilometers from Kolkata, it is one of West Bengal’s largest and fastest-growing resort communities. It is disputed as India’s longest drive-in beach. At this magnificent seashore, visitors may unwind, swim, and enjoy every second of their stay. One can cool off with green coconut water the moment one starts to feel exhausted. The finest aspect of this beach is how little traffic there is there. Sunbathing while taking in the surf and birdlife is an option.

Temples of Bankura

A Family’s Escape In the Eastern Chota Nagpur Plateau, the town of Bankura is surrounded by ancient temples, babbling brooks, and brown hills. There are many temples in the town, including the Madan Mohan, Shyam Roy, and Sarada Devi temples. Bankura is an excellent location for a picnic because it provides options for hiking and exploring as well. When you travel to this lovely temple city in West Bengal, you should also be sure to visit the Biharinath Hill, the Susunia Hill, and Koko Hill.

A Blend Of Cultures: Kalimpong

Three hours away from Darjeeling lies this cultural mash-up of Indian, British, Nepalese, and Tibetan influences. It is a well-known tourist destination because of its floral gardens, Buddhist monasteries, medieval cathedrals, and sacred temples. This hill station is located at an elevation of 4100 feet and offers sweeping views of the Himalayan range. Don’t forget to partake in the many activities offered here, like the fantastic hill hikes, bird watching, and shopping at the Kalimpong Market Square.

Gaur-Pandua, a capital from the Middle Ages

The stunning ruins of the Muslim Sultans’ era architecture may be found in Gaur-Pandua, one of West Bengal’s historic cities. Mosques and tombs including the Baro Sona Masjid, the Tomb of Fateh Khan, the Adina Masjid, and the Eklakhi Mausoleum make up the majority of the remains. The area of Malda, often known as the Mango City, contains these twin settlements. Don’t forget to stop here and purchase some delectable mangoes and Murshidabad silk.

Barrackpore: Remains of the British Empire

About 35 kilometers north of Kolkata, on the Hooghly River, is Barrackpore. In 1772, the area was given the name Barrackpore since this is where the majority of the military personnel were stationed. Visit this tourist destination if you’re interested in history to view some remnants of the British Raj. The area is home to several attractions, including the Kali Temple, Memorial Hall, Gandhi Museum, Bartholomew Cathedral, and Mangal Pandey Park.

Shantiniketan – Peace at Their Finest

A town in West Bengal’s Birbhum district, Shantiniketan is around 212 kilometers from Kolkata. Rabindranath Tagore, a Nobel Prize winner, lived there and is credited with putting it on the map. The location, which is now a university, now gets a lot of tourists every year. Be sure to check out the area’s various attractions, including Tagore’s Ashrama, Poush Mela, Amar Kutir, and Rabindra Bhaban Museum, where you can see a variety of artists’ sculptures and paintings.

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History And Legacy Of Hooghly

Only 47 kilometers separate Hooghly from Kolkata, a region rich in heritage and history. The town provides evidence of the control of foreigners at several settlements, including the British, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Germans, and Austrians. The Hooghly, a Ganges River tributary, rules this region’s whole topography.

Man-made Marvels in Cooch Behar

The wonderful climate, freshness, and magnificence of Cooch Behar are well renowned. The Pala-Senas ruled Cooch Behar in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. The royal home of Koch ruler Maharaja Nripendra Narayan is Cooch Behar’s main draw. The Maharaja constructed this impressive castle in 1887 intending to make it mimic the classic European style of the Italian Renaissance. A visit to Cooch Behar is a must if you enjoy history.

Mayapur, the city of religion

This religious hub, which is a city with beautiful scenery and numerous sanctuaries, is situated at the confluence of the Ganga and Jalangi rivers. The Vaishnavite saint Vinod Thakur founded the popular tourist destination Mayapur. Chandrodaya Temple, Shree Chaitanyamath, and Goswami Maharaj Temple of Dashavatar are famous landmarks in Mayapur.

Siliguri – The North East’s Gateway

Siliguri, a charming city in Jalpaiguri, is known as the entry point to the country’s North East. Siliguri, one of the most stunning tourist destinations in West Bengal, has an international airport and is frequently used as a stopover before visitors travel to other cities to explore. However, Siliguri has a lot more to offer.

Fairytale Land: Mirik

Mirik is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in West Bengal, adding to the state’s natural beauty. This valley, which is perched on the edge of a hill, offers stunning panoramic views of mountains and river bodies that seem to have sprung right out of a fairy tale. If Mirik is absent, the trip to West Bengal will fall short. Mirik is a place that has a lot to offer visitors, from stunning orchid lands and a romantic boating experience to temples with wonderful architecture.

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Digha, a pristine beach town

Digha can be one of the West Bengal locations to visit for you if you have a thing for beaches and are looking for the ideal summer getaway. Digha is a town on the magnificent Bay of Bengal’s coast that boasts an undeveloped and unspoiled beach. This town’s picturesque surroundings and serene beaches are ideal for people looking to get away from the busy world. This town is renowned for more than just its beaches—it also has an incredible experience to offer. There are many tourist attractions in this town, including beaches, museums, and temples.

Murshidabad – Old World Charm

Murshidabad is one of those West Bengal sites to visit that has been a part of all the main historical events, making it a spot that soothes the souls of historians. Murshidabad has seen a lot and hence exudes old-world elegance, whether it was the Nawabs who ruled the area before a colonial authority or the English Lords who claimed it as their own. Murshidabad boasts a wealth of temples, monuments, and cathedrals, which transport visitors back to the city’s illustrious past. This town’s splendor is unmatched in all ways.

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Kurseong – The White Orchid Land

One of West Bengal’s most breathtaking tourist destinations, Kurseong, is just a few kilometers from Darjeeling. The hamlet of Kurseong, popularly known as the “Land of White Orchids,” is the location of gorgeous waterfalls, sacred temples, and breathtaking Buddhist gompas. This is a small, peaceful hill station with excellent weather virtually all year long. This town looks incredibly gorgeous during the monsoons since all the vegetation is fresher than before. The hillsides in Kurseong are covered with a profusion of white orchids that sit erectly there. This area transforms into a naturalist’s dream thanks to the tea plantations, snow-capped mountain peaks, and cool jungles.

Durgapur, the steel capital, 18.

Durgapur, a city in West Bengal that is also referred to as the “Steel Capital of East India,” is located on the banks of the Damodar River. One of the wonderful tourist destinations in West Bengal that should not be missed is Durgapur, which offers the best fusion of small-town ambiance with big-city excitement. Old-fashioned marketplaces, glittering temples, and sizable parks can all be found in this town for children to enjoy their free time. This town, located in the heart of West Bengal, has a lot more to offer. If you visit Durgapur, make sure to sample the local cuisine.

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Most Culturally Attuned: Haldia

Haldia is the place to go if you’re looking for West Bengal tourist attractions that accurately represent the region’s history and culture. Although this town serves as the state’s river port, it has much more to offer than just a place for trade. Haldi is home to a wide variety of temples, historic sites, and tiny traditional marketplaces, which have gradually helped this town become well-known.

Bakkhali – Not Your Average Beach Town

Another place in West Bengal that is well-known for its serene beaches is Bakkhali. Despite its diminutive size, this village is a world unto itself. Bakkhali, which is located on West Bengal’s shore, offers a chance to get up and personal with nature’s wonders. Not your normal beach location, this one. There’s a lot more going on here than just loud music nights and drunken evenings.

Bishnupur, The Terracotta Temple Capital

It is impossible to adequately describe the beauty of terracotta temple architecture. One of the West Bengal tourist destinations famous for its reddish temples that are a visual and spiritual treat is Bishnupur. This community is awash with culture, as evidenced by the music, architecture, and of course, the handmade goods. This town’s strong cultural heritage is evident from the classical music played in every home, the availability of saris for purchase, and the outstanding local artists’ paintings. Jorbangla Temple, Shyamrai Temple, and Rasmancha Temple are a few of the well-known temples in this region.

Bardhaman, A Complete Town

Bardhaman is a town that provides tourists with a comprehensive experience, making it a must-see on any trip to West Bengal. This is the town that has everything, from the spiritual aura and man-made architectural wonders to the old-world charm and natural wonders. One keeps going back for more because of the grandeur that this town exudes. Many people are drawn to Bardhaman because it has a certain aura and is distinct and delightful in its way.

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Dooars – The Entrance To Bhutan

If you want to spend your vacation just chilling and unwinding, Dooars is one of the best spots to go in West Bengal. It is renowned for its powerful range of mountains, dense woods, rich flora and wildlife, and tea gardens. It is one of the top tourist sites in West Bengal. These floodplains extend from the Teesta River to the Sankoshi River. Since these floodplains are the “doorways” of Bhutan, the name “Dooars” is derived from the word “doors.”

Navadvipa – Land Of Temples

The Nabadwip – Mayapur islands, a group of nine islands on the banks of the Ganges, are located amid the chaos and splendor of West Bengal. One of West Bengal’s holiest sites is this location. As a result of the nearly 200 temples that are located across the rural landscape of Navadvipa, this region is known as God’s Land. The home of Lord Chaitanya, who is Lord Krishna’s reincarnation, is another name for it. Unreplaceable calm is offered by the strewn woodlands, twisting roads, and stunning orchids.

Raichak – Gorgeous Riverside

Raichak is a riverside community 50 kilometers outside of Kolkata. The town is undiscovered and a breath of fresh air. The town is one of the most picturesque places to visit in West Bengal since it is free from all types of urban and commercial settings and has not been affected by the passage of time. There are numerous forts in the town, which adds to its old-world beauty. The Hooghly river flows beside the town, creating a rather lovely scene.

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