Difference between Punjabi & Gujarati

Difference between Punjabi & Gujarati

Punjabi vs Gujarati

Differences Between Punjabi and Gujarati

India is the home of several cultures, religions, and traditions. The Indian subcontinent covers 28 distinct provinces based on religion, dietary habits, lifestyle, and beliefs. Punjab and Gujarat are two states of India. The people of these two regions speak different languages, have different ethnic foods, and, have different religious beliefs. The geography of both provinces is very far from the other.

Difference between Punjabi and Gujarati | Punjabi vs Gujarati

Punjabi is a Punjabi-speaking person. The traditional food or food of this region is also known as Punjabi. At the time of the India-Pakistan split, Punjab was one of the provinces distributed. The region has five receding rivers and is the Inland delta. The cultural practices, traditional dance, music, etc., of this situation, are unique.

Gujarati, on the other hand, is Gujarati and speaks Gujarati. Gujarati cuisine is their traditional food, very different from Punjabi. The people of this region are often involved in the family business. The history of this province reveals that it had a few civilizations in the Indus Valley in ancient times.

When explaining the difference between Punjabi and Gujarati, the difference is good and easy to see. It’s like comparing a French dude to an English guy. First of all, they are geographically subdivided. The Punjab region is located in the western part of India while Gujarat flourishes in the northern part. The Punjab people are called Punjabi, and those who live in Gujarat are rightly called Gujarati. The common denominator between them is that both provinces have played a major role in the growth and development of the Indian economy. Both were major producers of diverse agricultural products which gave India a strong and prosperous economic presence today. The Punjab region has been a key producer of rice and wheat production, a staple food group of many Asian countries. Gujarat, on the other hand, has been a major producer of textiles and dairy products. Both may have been working in agriculture to help grow the Indian economy; however, their products are unique which gives India a strategic location for agricultural operations.

Today, Gujarati is proud to be the world’s leading pioneer of the industrial revolution. A large percentage of India’s GDP comes from Gujarat province. This is because one of the world’s most important energy sources is mined in the state of Gujarat. Oil and petroleum plants and even natural gas boosters can be found in Gujarat. Gujarati also enjoys high employment rates. Today, 90 percent of its citizens rely on electricity to run their homes, facilities, and jobs. In addition, if you go to every house in the province, you will find it connected to the internet.

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In contrast, Punjab is a world of hardworking and industrious people. They are blessed with an abundance of agricultural land. A large percentage of the population of India relies on Punjab for rice and grain produced as 80 percent are regularly farmed in their area. Punjabi are also business-minded people who take the lead in agribusiness-based businesses and even transport.

Today, both Gujarati and Punjabi are widespread. However, their choice of location is also different. Most Punjabis live in the United Kingdom and Canada. Gujarati, on the other hand, prefer to stay in the United States of America and on the Australian continent. Many Gujarati also excel in their fields of education, such as engineering and medicine. However, both were leading the business world.

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Another difference between the two can be noted in the lifestyle they lead and adhere to. Hinduism dominates the Gujarati way of life, beliefs, and traditions of mankind. Hindus adhere to vegetarianism and maintain the sanctity of living things. Punjabi are followers of the Sikh religion. The wardrobe of their people includes wearing a turban regularly. Gujarati and Punjabis languages ​​also have distinct origins.

In contrast, the Punjabi language is loud and clear and, in some cases, unintelligible and basic. Similarly, Gujarati is a language of modesty, self-control, and sadness. The basic diet between the two is also different. Because Punjabi do not eat vegetables, their most common foods are Sarson da sag and di roti, which can eat vegetables without meat.

The Punjabi are mostly vegetarians. Their most famous dish, “Sarson da sag”, is a famous curry made from mustard leaves and spicy cuisine, and “makai di roti” is a staple food for vegetarians.

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A prominent Punjabi man in history is Manmohan Singh who served as Prime Minister of India. To the Gujarati, their revered celebrity is none other than Mahatma Gandhi himself.


  • Gujarati and Punjabi live in different parts of India: Gujarati in Gujarat and Punjabi in Punjab.
  • Gujarati is proud to be the pioneer of the industrial revolution. At the time, the Punjabi was mostly agricultural.
  • Gujarati are followers of Hinduism while Punjabi tend to be Sikh.
  • Gujarati is far more difficult than Punjabi.

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