10 Hacks will make your mustaches GROW FAST & LONGER

10 Hacks will make your mustaches GROW FAST & LONGER

Facial hair has undergone various styles over the past century. Just as there are fashion trends, there are facial hair styles. Until the 1930s, having a mustache was a major source of anger. It was considered a de-facto part of a person’s wardrobe. Some countries take mustaches seriously; it was part of the military uniform. Growing a mustache was compulsory.

Over time, men try different types of facial hair. After World War II, the situation did not allow for the convenience of keeping a mustache. Growing a full beard began to take precedence over the mustache.

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The 1980s reintroduced ‘stache or nose curtains’. They returned to the men’s favor, and their popularity grew to another level. The entry of the mustache into all walks of life is also what led to its fall again.

Recently, along with other fashion trends, beards have become popular. It seems to be inspired by some celebrities who have started showcasing different types of facial hair.

One can decide to grow a mustache for a variety of reasons. It can be a trend or a fashion statement. It can also be an imitation of your father. The way your face looks can completely change by growing a mustache. Some people play with mustaches to give a mature look to their faces. They believe that this would motivate others to take them seriously. Sometimes, a partner’s preferences determine the amount of facial hair a sports person has.

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How to grow a mustache quickly at home?

Many ‘mustache’ steps are the same for most people. However, other things can help to grow a mustache faster. The basis of hair growth in the body is genetics. But genes alone cannot help it if proper nutrition and care are not available.

Try these tips if you are wondering how to grow a mustache faster.

Trim mustache regularly

Trim your mustache regularly. Find a camp that fits your growth spurt. Regular combing promotes hair growth and keeps the mustache clean.

Maintain good hygiene

Use a herbal-based face wash that is less harmful. Uncleanness can cause pores, weak hair growth, and lice.

Use a good quality haircut

Using a clipper or a haircut is not productive. Always use a high quality haircut.

Vitamin C

Studies suggest that up to 1000 mg of vitamin C daily can help with long hair growth. Oranges, strawberries, and Indian cumin are good sources of vitamin C.

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Having the right protein supplement in your diet is essential for healthy hair growth. Protein provides keratin in proper hair growth. Dairy products, pulses, cereals, and eggs are good sources of protein.

Hair Products

Using the right hair products for your facial hair can make a difference. Beard oil and mustache both have their role to play in growing a thick mustache.

Five Important Mustache Styles

Real Stache

It is a full mustache covering the whole area from the upper lip to the lower part of the nose. The tap is facing the edges. These mustaches do not extend beyond the corner of your lips.


Taking the first stache one step forward. Like a military chevron, it pulls a distance beyond the lips.

The pencil is small

As the name implies, this is a thin mustache. It usually has a break in the middle. It stays slightly on the upper lip and does not stretch at the top.

Horseshoe mustache

It goes straight to the sides of the lips and goes down to the chin. This follows the skin and is not shaped like Fu Manchu.


Similar to the original stache, this is a full-body version. Determination is made in length and not in depth. Fluffy can be challenging to take care of.

In short … How To Grow A Mustache

Following simple habits such as combing, maintaining good hygiene habits, and using a good conditioner will go a long way in helping you grow your mustache faster. In addition, you can always seek extra help by adding Vitamin C to your diet, buying hair products that suit you, and eating protein-rich foods!

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How To Grow A Mustache Fast For Teens?

Teenagers, need to clean their faces and exfoliate regularly. Maintaining a balanced diet of protein and vitamins is essential. Using Eucalyptus moisturizing cream as one of the ingredients is a great way to keep your facial skin hydrated.

How to grow a mustache at 14?

Massage of your face leads to improved blood circulation that activates the hair follicles on your face, helping to grow a beard. If you need more help, getting a good hair growth oil for your face is a good idea. Please make sure you do not get sick of any of the ingredients before using them.

How to Grow a Full Mustache?

Make sure you do not cut your mustache regularly – that is where it will grow. The suggestion that shaving will help the rapid growth of the mustache is false. In addition, brushing and combing your mustache daily will ensure that they are full and dense over time.

How Can You Grow A Mustache Fast At Home Naturally?

Be sure to use good toothpaste, brush, and trim your mustache. When washing your face, use a simple and natural herbal face wash on your skin. A face wash that contains harmful chemicals may prevent the growth of natural whiskers.

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