What’s the difference between Pakistani Punjabis and Indian Punjabis?

What’s the difference between Pakistani Punjabis and Indian Punjabis?

There is a lot of difference between Punjab, Pakistan, and Punjab, India. In 1947 Pakistan and India got separated. Punjab was a bigger stage before separation. Punjab was divided between Pakistan and India after the separation. 5 rivers flow down through Punjab. The Punjab zone of Pakistan does have all the rivers due to its geographical location. This makes the land of Punjab pretty fertile and it has maximum supply in the GDP of Pakistan. Indian Punjab does have 3 rivers Ravi, Sutluj, and Beas.

The Punjab region is located in Northwestern India, Iran, and Afghanistan, West Pakistan. It has an Indo-Aryan inheritance and has been subject to conquering from various people resulting in the disclosure of respective ethnic groups that contain its inhabitants.

Throughout its long and rich history, it has been occupied by individuals of different religions and nationalities. This has resulted in the growth of one of the earliest familiar cultures of the world. Mughals, Afghans, Arabs, British, Persians, and the Greeks have all been impactful in the development and formation of the region. People in the zones are Jains, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus, and Christians among others.

In 1947 the place was partitioned between two states which were set up after the Indian independence from the British which developed the nations of Pakistan and India, namely; Pakistan Punjab and Indian Punjab.

Pakistan Punjab is one of the territories of Pakistan, and it has the hugest population of all the provinces. Islamabad, the Pakistan capital, is situated in the province and occupies a large chunk of the area. Pakistan Punjab is mostly occupied by Muslims who progressed to the region after partition. There are some other minor religions such as Hinduism and Christianity in the region too, but the majority of the individuals are Muslims.

Punjabi is spoken by the larger part of the people in Pakistan Punjab, and it is the most broadly spoken language in all of Pakistan. The Persian Arabic script is also utilized in the region whose vocab is steadily affected by Urdu.

Pakistan Punjab is regarded as a Muslim state as most of its residents practice Islam like most of the individuals of Pakistan. It is very different from Indian Punjab which is pretty secular and is open to all religious faiths.

Indian Punjab is mainly populated by Hindus and Sikhs who moved to the zone after the partition. Although there are residents of diverse backgrounds and beliefs in the region, a vast number of these are Hindus and Sikhs with the rest framed as Muslims, Christians, and others. The zone is divided into the states of Delhi, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab. Punjabi is spoken by a tiny number of its inhabitants which is heavily affected by Hindi, the language that most of the individuals speak and utilize among several other languages.


  • Indian Punjab is the chunk of the Punjab region which is located in Northwestern India while Pakistan Punjab is the chunk of the Punjab region which is located in West Pakistan.
  • Although both zones are inhabited by individuals of different religions, Sikhs and Hindus contain the majority of the individuals in Indian Punjab while Pakistan Punjab is principally Muslim.
  •  Pakistan Punjabi is affected by Urdu whereas Indian Punjabi is affected by Hindi.
  • Pakistan Punjab is a Muslim state whereas Indian Punjab is more open to individuals of different religions.
  • Pakistan Punjab is one of the territories of Pakistan while Indian Punjab is divided into the following states: Chandigarh, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana.

Pakistani Punjabis and Indian Punjabis

Indian Punjabi

Indian Punjabi has been written in Gurmukhi Script. Gurmukhi denotes the words from the mouth of the Guru. It has been written left to right like any other Indian language. Sri Guru Grant Sahib has also written in Gurmukhi Script. Gurumukhi script has a lot of impact on Indian languages. This is the reason why North Indians do easy way understand the Punjabi language.

Pakistani Punjabi

Pakistani Punjabi is different from Indian Punjabi in writing things. It is written right to left. The script of this is Arabic. Pakistani Punjabi has a lot of impact on local Islamic religion and Islam nations. Pakistani Punjabi has a fair amount of dialects like other languages of the World and India.

These dialects do found even in the languages of Amritsar and Ludhiana. In the cities, individuals utilize a very sweet Punjabi accent. It often even sounds like Hindi, but, it is not Hindi nor Punjabi. Pure Punjabi is a very tough language to speak and to understand too. Normally, individuals from villages can speak who have not unremembered the touch of pure Punjabi.


Indian Punjab has a diversification of religion. Punjabi has a broadly spoken language in Punjab. Almost every individual does speak Punjabi and recognized it. Mostly all humans communicate in Punjabi. Christians and Muslims do live in Punjab and they astonishingly speak Punjabi as others. Gurdaspur, Firozpur, Bhatinda, Pathankot are the Muslim larger part places in the Indian Punjab.

Pakistani Punjab is different from Indian Punjab in the diversification of religion. In Pakistani Punjab Muslims are crucial, Sikhs and Hindus are also present. It is not easier for other than Muslims to live in Pakistan as it is a Muslim nation, but it does not have the hugest number of Muslims in its nation, Indonesia has the hugest Muslim population in the universe.

People and Culture

Punjabis are very vibrant. Punjabi values their culture and does not love to be attacked on their beliefs, religion, and our nation. This applies to both zones of Punjab. The Punjab they display out in Bollywood Movies is nothing like real-time Punjab. The Indian Punjabi movie industry is progressing very fast. Punjabi songs are loved all over the globe and have a good fan following.

People in Punjab are pretty Rich and hard working. It has its loss and Benefits. You can easy way discover a good Punjabi with great moral value and concentrate on the work. Arrogant Young who is spoiled by the dollars also not difficult to explore. Punjabis are well dispersed in every corner of the city are living a fair life.

Punjabi has a lot of food choices and traditions when it comes to honoring. Their Gidda and Bhangra Folk dances are famous in the world. Lassi, Sarson da Saag, and Makki Di Roti have been the emblem of Punjabi for years. These food are not restricted to Punjab they are broadly eating up all over India. Connectivity is not a problem in Indian Punjab. Each village is linked to the conventional road and there is no problem like small and big cities. If you see the framework there is not much difference between urban and rural Punjab.

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