Top 10 Best Indian hockey players

Top 10 Best Indian hockey players


Top 10 Best Indian hockey players

It is exceptionally difficult to pick and name the best hockey major players in India in light of the fact that each player has his solidarity and shortcomings. So we can’t pass judgment on them like Dhyanchand is superior to Roop Singh, however we can separate them on their accomplishments.

We have made this rundown of the best 10 best hockey major parts in India dependent on their accomplishments. Every one of these players has an immense fan following and they are among the well known hockey players of India.


1. Major Dhyanchand

Major Dhyanchand is in the first situation in our rundown of best hockey major parts in India. He was brought into the world in 1905 in Prayagraj. Dhyanchand is prevalently known as the wizard of hockey. He was an entertainer of hockey. Extraordinary individuals like Hitler likewise got spellbound by his craft of playing.

He won 3 consistent gold decorations for India. Dhyanchand is the player who enlightens the name of India to the worldwide stage. He was likewise offered acceptable cash to play for Germany however he denied it. He played for India and just for India.

Major Dhyanchand is an Indian well known hockey player. Because of his incredible practice, numerous individuals additionally accepted that he utilizes a magnet in his stick. Be that as it may, it was anything but a magnet, It was his training. In the Olympics of 1938, he had scored 11 objectives against Germany.

2. Roop Singh


Roop Singh is the second best hockey major part in India. He was brought into the world in Jabalpur in 1908. He is probably the best part throughout the entire existence of hockey. Because of his astounding exhibition, one street is named by his name in Germany. Individuals of Germany deal with him like the divine force of hockey.

He came into the spotlight after his 3 objectives against japan and 10 objectives against the USA in the Olympics of 1932. He had won gold decorations multiple times in 1932 and 1936. With his remarkable abilities, he had Impressed the entire world in the 1936 Olympics.

3. Balbir Singh


Balbir Singh acquires the third situation in our rundown of best hockey players. He was brought into the world in 1923 in Punjab. Last year in 2020 he passed on at 96 years old in Mohali. Numerous different parts in the Indian group are named Balbir Singh so individuals call him Balbir Singh senior.

He is Popularly known as cutting edge Dhyanchand. Since Dhyanchand had played before autonomy and Balbir played after freedom. He was a 3-time gold award champ in London, Helsinki, and Melbourne. Because of his remarkable abilities, individuals consider him the extraordinary hockey players of India.

4. Mohammed Shahid


Mohammed Shahid is a standout amongst other hockey major parts in India. He was mainstream for his spilling abilities. India won the gold decoration in the 1980 Olympics during the participation of Mohammed Shahid.

Shahid began his profession by playing in the lesser group of India. later he had likewise found the opportunity to play in the senior group due to his quick running capacity and ball spilling. Shahid was likewise regarded with the Arjuna grant, Padma Shri, and a lot more public and global honors.

5. Udham Singh


Udham Singh is the fifth best hockey major part in India. In the underlying days, he had played through the Punjab police group. Yet, later on in 1949, he made his worldwide presentation against Afghanistan. Singh is among the top Indian hockey players.

In the Olympics of 1952, 1956, 1960, and 1964, India won 3 gold and 1 silver decoration in the enrollment of Udham Singh. He had likewise filled in as a mentor in the Indian hockey group. After he resigned from worldwide hockey, he chose to prepare youthful players.

6. Dhanraj Pillay


Dhanraj is extraordinary compared to other Indian hockey players. Previous skipper of the Indian public hockey group, Dhanraj played hockey expertly for a very long time. He had scored in excess of 170 objectives in his profession.

Dhanraj is a motivation for each Indian who needs to be a hockey player. He was additionally respected with Padma Shri and numerous different honors. These days, he is functioning as a mentor in a hockey foundation in Gujrat.

7. Leslie Claudius

Leslie Claudius
Claudius is the seventh best hockey major part in India. He was brought into the world in Bilaspur, a city in Chattisgarh. In the underlying days, he was keen on football yet because of the exhortation of his senior players, he had joined hockey. Claudius is the solitary part on the planet who had won 100 covers.
Likewise, he is the solitary Indian player who won 4 Olympic awards. He won the gold award in 1948, 1952, and 1956. also, silver decoration in 1960 by playing as a skipper of the Indian group. Subsequent to winning 4 Olympic decorations, he was likewise named in the Guinness book of world record.

Claudius is quite possibly the most popular player of hockey in India. He has been resigned in 1965 from a wide range of global hockey matches. what’s more, ultimately, he was kicked the bucket on 20 December 2012 because of some liver sicknesses.

8. Ajit Pal Singh


Ajit Pal Singh is the tenth best hockey major part in India. He was brought into the world in 1947 in Sansarpur, a little town in Punjab. He was the previous chief of the India group. Ajit was a middle half part in a wide range of hockey matches. India won the world cup in 1975 in the enrollment of Ajit buddy Singh.

He made his global introduction in 1960 in a competition played in Mumbai. Because of his gigantic presentation in matches, he got one of the main 10 hockey major parts in India. He was additionally respected with the Arjuna grant in 1970 and Padma Shri in 1992.

9. P.R. Sreejesh

P.R. Sreejesh

P.R. Sreejesh is the ninth best hockey major part in India. He was a previous skipper of the Indian hockey group. Sreejesh was brought into the world in an exceptionally little town of Kerela in a group of ranchers. He began playing at a youthful age for school competitions. Be that as it may, he didn’t turn into an expert player until he was brought by his mentor Jayakumar.

He made his senior worldwide introduction in 2006. He was granted as the best goalkeeper of the competition in 2008. In 2014, he was granted as the second best goalkeeper of the competition for a senior group Match. Seeejesh was additionally probably the fittest man in the Indian group. In the event that you additionally need to be fit like him, read our fitness tips for men.

10. K.D. Singh


K.D. Singh is prevalently known as “Babu”. He was a standout amongst other hockey players brought into the world in India. Numerous individuals contrast his abilities with major Dhyan Chand’s playing abilities. Singh was the best dribbler ever. No individual on the planet has the spilling capacity like Singh.

Begun at 15 years old Many individuals say that he was superior to Dhyan Chand. The facts really confirm that he had scored a larger number of objectives than Dhyan Chand in some global matches.

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