Indian Culture from a Western Perspective

Indian Culture from a Western Perspective

One of the most debated topics in competitions and group discussions is Indian Culture from a Western Outlook. They are diametrically connected to each other. As a coin has two sides, both cultures all have some demerits and merits. Indian culture is a mix of diversities in rituals, customs, language, traditions, etc., that vary from region to region within the nation. It is one of the oldest and a blend of different cultures.

On the other side, Western culture, it is quite open and advanced. The beliefs, norms, traditions, values, practices and customs are hugely motivated by European culture. Moreover, Western Culture including British culture, Spanish culture and French culture

About Indian Culture

Indian Culture is the ancient and one of the most famous cultures in the nation. India is very well known for its rich cultural heritage which is a blend of rituals, traditions, lifestyle, languages, religion, cuisine, customs, etc. depending upon zone. Here you can see unity in diversity like individuals belongs to various religions live happily.

Indian Culture is now split into two categories which are traditional and the modern one. In traditional culture, humans serve more importance to their society. Community comes first as per to them, but this scenario is changing slowly with the influence of westernization.

India is a secular nation where the humans have the freedom to practice any sought of religion and also to convert to other religion of their choice. 

Indian culture which is one of the oldest rich culture in the nation with very language custom faith ideas tab utilize codes instructions works of artistic architecture ritual ceremony acceptor India’s cultural history of certain thousand years old and it showing subtle change and continuity with a good third of Duty epitomized in a relative power of unique display and culture of unity in diversity. Which the conquest of subsequent British rule and European power in the nation has had a profound impact on western culture on Indian society. Western culture has made its presence in different formats.

Influence of western culture on Indian Society

There were various kinds of westernization one kind to emergence of westernize sub cultural pattern through the minority section of Indians who foremost came in contacting with the western culture.

This involves the subculture of Indian intellectuals who not only adopt numerous cognitive patterns or manner of thinking like this style but also assisting its expansion.

This influence of westernization was mainly in urban zones. But certain villages are more westernized than urban zones.

Consequences of western culture on the Indian society

Affected caste, joint family, marriage and another social structures. Introducing new institutions like Christian missionaries, press, etc.

Modern values like secularism, humanism, and egalitarianism have get into Indian value systems. Our criminal law has been reforming. Evil customs like sati end up, Untouchability was abolishing.

Indian Culture vs Western Culture - Swamirara

The concept of the welfare state was introducing and thus Governmental activities on welfare measures have expand out. Far-reaching reforming in Hindu society through social reform movements such as the Brahmo samaj etc. under motivated by the Western-educated middle class in the nation.

Many cultural and political movements emerging like the movement for the eradication of caste spreading of mass education. The emergence of the educated middle class as the pioneer of the freedom movement.

Agents of Westernization

British rule – The setting up of British rule brought about deepened and far-reaching changes in the political, economic, cultural and educational spheres in the nation. It served certain new avenues of social mobility to the scheduled castes, e.g., new economic opportunities, westernization, education, conversion to politicization and Christianity. Indians employing in government offices or converting to Christianity. Those educated in modern colleges and schools. Few of them launching great movements like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Sir Syed Ahmad and Tagore etc. Those who went to England for medical and study treatment. Those who are living in port towns. The tolerant spirit of Indians was hugely responsible for the spreading of Westernization. There was no wholesale but only the selected Westernization. Old styles continue side by side. There was also the movement preserving Indian values.

Influence of western culture on Indian society

We explore that the traditional social organization exemplify by caste system has undergone certain changes yet continues existing in Indian society performing few old and certain new functions. During last few decades, as a outcome of the forces of modernization, the ideology of caste has become lesser pervasive in an individual’s day to day life journey. Castism rituals have become increasingly a personal affair, rather than public due to changing circumstances of living, urbanization and forces of industrialization. food habits and Place of residence are influencing more by an individual’s occupation and workplace than by her or his caste or religion. Industrialization and the factory systems broken down caste barriers to a huge extent. Urbanization made numerous castes live together. Transport broken down caste restrictions.

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