Follow the Path of Sikhism to Find the Way of Spirituality

Follow the Path of Sikhism to Find the Way of Spirituality

In Sikhism, Sikhs faith that they are all God’s daughters and sons. They have come into this globe after 8.4 million life format but it is so tough to still reach God. Here are certain steps to get away from the globes attractions and reaching God’s blessings.

Refresh your brain completely.

Listen to Sakhi’s (stories and teachings). This by itself destroys anxiety of the brain (quoted by Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj). You do compare what the Sakhis say to what you really do. If you are listening to Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj’s life, Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji’s life journey, and Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s life especially you might see the truth. Sikh History can teach you a lot of stuff.

Guru Nanak Dev: Gurupurab: Guru Nanak Dev's 5 teachings that will change  the way you look at life - The Economic Times

• If you don’t understand Punjabi, listen to Sikh2Inspire, BasicsOfSikh and Khalsa Foundation on youtube/SoundCloud. Saints are very compelling to listening to such as Sant Baba Mann Singh Ji Pehowa Wale- if you born to the Indian family and understanding Punjabi, Pehwa Wale Sant is very awesome to listen to as they really empowering the best message of God.

Waking up at Amrit Vela (around 3am-6am). Listen/Read to the panj baniya.

Go to the Gurdwara. By giving your head to Guru Ji, Guru Ji Maharaj automatically cover up you. This is also published in Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Meditate in Naam for the hour. This is truly power and blessing.

Ask Almighty (do an ardass or asking someone at the Gurdwara to) saving you from dukh (sorrow, pain). You do asking Almighty for anything but its how much you try/want to get it that matters. Basically, if you need something from Almighty, read sukhmani sahib or any other baniya and then doing ardass.

Commit yourself to Almighty. No one else can really truly support you except Guru Ji Maharaj. The only one who is true is Almighty. Satnaam- True is his name. Repeating the mool mantar every spare time you have.

Sikhism is the universe fifth-largest religion with more than 25 million Sikhs worldwide. The Sikh Gurus, denoted as spiritual guides or teachers, set up the religion. Guru Nanak was the first Guru and was born in the 15th century in the Punjabi zone of India. Sikhs faith in the equality of everyone and the oneness of all beings. 

The Sikh faith is the monotheistic religion, means Sikhs worship one Almighty. Guru Nanak taught that one must honor Almighty by honor others and the Earth, God’s creation. Nine more Gurus succeeded Guru Nanak, and continue spreading his teachings across the globe. Guru Gobind Singh was the last Guru; he has named the Sikh sacred text, the Guru Granth Sahib, to be the eternal Guru that could guide up the Sikhs going forward. 

The verses of the Guru Granth Sahib are pen up in poetic verse, and are intending to be sung. Singing is not a crucial component of Sikhism; Guru Nanak himself was known to sing his teachings as he travel up across South Asia on foot. The hymns of the Gurus are defined  as Gurbani, the Guru’s word. 

There are three core pillars of Sikhism, formalizing by Guru Nanak. These are:

• Vaṇḍ Chakkō: Share with others, supporting those in need, as well as participate as chunk of a community. A spirit of giving, caring and sharing for one another is centre to Sikhism.

• Kirat Karō: Earn/make a living honestly, without fraud or exploitation, and speak up the truth at all times.

• Naam Japna: Meditate on Almighty name to live a life of humility and decency. 

Sikhism Explained: What to Know About This Often-Misunderstood Religion |  HowStuffWorks

Sikhs see the temporary distractions of the material universe as an illusion, or Māyā. The five qualities of ego, anger, greed, attachment and lust are defined as Five Thieves that rob a human of their potential to realize their oneness with creation and God. Sikhs working to counteract the temptations of these qualities through the service of Sikh, equality, and seek justice for all.

Sikhs faith that one’s form on Earth is a temporary vessel for eternal soul. Thus, the death of the physical body is a natural chunk of life cycle, while the soul remaining. Sikhs faith in reincarnation, defining death is not an end, but mere the progression of the soul on its journey towards Almighty. 

A Sikh’s journey is a philosophy about life that follow up the continuous self-improvement, evolving and developing with the Guru’s grace. The time it takes becoming a Sikh does not matter as long as you keep grasping and making growth throughout your life.

Most humans do not becoming Sikhs overnight; it could be the slow procedure. Follow up the path of Sikhi is falling in love with your God and soul. Most worthy accomplishments in life journey require dedication, sacrifice, motivation, commitment and strength. However, follow the path of a pure Sikh with humility, dedication and love will result in peace, fulfilment and happiness.

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