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National Mountain Climbing Day 2021: Find out why Mountaineering Day is celebrated, the story of two friends:

There are select people in the world who have always been more close to nature, they like to live. One of them is mountaineers. Yes, you must have heard the name. National Mountaineering Day is observed on 1st August every year. But behind celebrating this day is the story of 2 friends. Who created it together. Bobby Matthew and Josh Madigan from the US. The two friends had climbed the 46th peak together. Bobby and Josh are the first climbers

In The United States, the State of New York was climbing 46 high peaks of mount Ediorondac. After climbing on August 1, 2015, Adrodac formally joined the 46 club in 2016.

Both of them always said that they must climb the mountain once in a lifetime. Because when you reach that peak in life, it has a great experience.

Let us know that equipment is required to climb the mountain:

  1. Carbines – It is used for stop climbing. It is a metal.
  2. Krumpus – It is a type of shoes which are used to climb the snow mountains. This improves the grip during climbing.
  3. Axe – It is most needed while climbing a snow hill. In fact, when there is a problem with studies, an axe is also used in ice. There is a back pack during the Sai, sun glass, stains, helmets are also required.

According to the National Mountain Guide Association, climbers have to carry oxygen cylinders along with their needy belongings. According to the National Mountain Guide Association, climbers have to carry about 7 cylinders. On breathing quickly oxygen can also run out. Estimated as per guideline a cylinder, can last for about 5 hours.

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