Exploring the Family of Guru Gobind Singh

Exploring the Family of Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Guru Gobind Singh Ji (Punjabi pronunciation: [gʊɾuː goːbɪn̪d̪ᵊ sɪ́ŋgᵊ]; born Gobind Day 22 December 1666 – 7 October 1708) was the last human and tenth Sikh Guru. He was a philosopher, warrior, and poet. In 1675, at the age of nine he formally installed as the leader of the Sikhs after its Papa Guru Tegh Bahadur had been executed by Emperor Aurangzeb. His papa was the ninth Sikh Guru. His four biological sons died during its lifetime – two executed and two in battle by an Mughal governor Wazir Khan as per sikh family name.

Guru Gobind Singh had three wives

At age 10, he had married Jito on 21 June 1677 at 10 km north of Anandpur, Basantgaṛh. The couple had 3 sons: Fateh Singh (b. 1699), Jujhar Singh (b. 1691), Zorawar Singh (b. 1696).

At age 17, he married Sundari on 4 April 1684 at Anandpur. The couple had Ajit Singh (b. 1687),one son.

At age 33, at Anandpur, he married Sahib Devan on 15 April 1700. They had no kids, but in Sikhism, she had an influential role. Guru Gobind Singh proclaimed her as the Mother of the Khalsa. The Guru initially rejected her marriage proposal as he was already married and had 4 sons. The Guru’s family and Sangat agreed to the marriage. However, Gobind Singh has made it clear that his relationship with Sahib Diwan would be spiritual as per sikh family name

The life leadership example of Gobind Singh has been of historical importance to Sikhs. He institutionalized the Khalsa (literally, Pure Ones), who had played the key role to protect the Sikhs long after his death like during the nine invasions of Punjab and the attacks by Ahmad Shah Abdali from Afghanistan between 1769 and 1747.

Many times we hear humans connecting the philosophy revolving around Sikhism with the humans belonging from Punjab. This might happen as a misconception, as the teachings of the religion are applicable to every human being on the globe. The term “Sikh” in itself is proof of this, as it referred to a “Learner”. The youngest of numerous religions, Sikhism came into existence with the emergence of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and continued to propagate and expand for centuries ahead. Up until Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the religion was covered by the presence of the ten Gurus. But with the death of Guru Gobind Singh, the command has been handed over to Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The philosophy and teachings of the ten Guru continued to motivate and taught the society in the format of verses present in the holy text. 

Guru Gobind Singh was the only son of the ninth Sikh guru son, Guru Tegh Bahadur. His mom’s name was Mata Gujri. He was born on December 22, 1666, in Bihar, Patna India. His primary name was Gobind Rai. Guru Gobind Singh was a port, the spiritual leader, thinker, and a great warrior, and was the tenth and the last Sikh Guru.

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On the non-muslim humans, he had also imposed an additional jizya tax. One factor that threatened the integrity and belief of the humans was its forceful conversion to Islam as per sikh family name. 

Personal Details:

• Guru Gobind Singh Original Name: Gobind Rāi

• Guru Gobind Singh Date of Birth: January 5, 1666

• Death Date: October 7, 1708

• Place of Death: Hazur Sahib, Nanded, India

• Age(at the Time of Death): 42

About Guru Gobind Singh

Guru Gobind Singh was born on January 5, 1666, in Bihar, Patna Sahib, India. He was born in the familyline of Sodhi Khatri and his Papa was Guru Tegh Bahadur, his mother’s name and the ninth Sikh guru was Mata Gujri.

Personal Life of Guru Gobind Singh. Guru Gobind Singh has 3 wives. At Basantgarh, he married Mata Jito on June 21, 1677. Together they had 3 sons, namely Zorawar Singh, Fateh Singh, and Jujhar Singh. On April 4, 1684, he married his 2nd wife, Mata Sundari with whom he had a son denoted as Ajit Singh. On April 15, 1700, he married his Mata Sahib Devan, 3rd wife. She had played an important role to promote Sikhism and was proclaimed as the Mother of the Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh.

Guru Gobind Singh and the Five K’s

Guru Gobind Singh has commanded the Sikh to wear out 5 stuff all the time which involves Kesh, Kara, Kangha, Kirpan and Kachera. The Khalsa warriors had to follow a code of discipline that was introduced by Guru Gobind Singh. The oath towards the five Ks symbolizes the humans complete and undivided devotion and dedication to the Supreme.

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He forbade them from doing adultery, fornication, the consumption of halal meat and eating tobacco.

Each of these 5 k’s has a proper function particular to themselves. For instance, The kanga is used to comb the longest hair, the most usual identifiable Sikh trait. Another such example is that of the kirpan, utilized by the Sikhs to protect the oppressed. 

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