Biography of  Bhai Mardana Ji

Bhai Mardana (Punjabi: ਭਾਈ ਮਰਦਾਨਾ) 6 February (1459–1534) was the first Sikh [1] [2] and a longtime friend of Guru Nanak Dev, the first of a group of Sikhism gurus. Bhai Mardana, a Muslim, accompanied Guru Nanak Dev on his journey. Bhai Mardana was born into a Muslim family [3], a couple, Badra and Lakkho, of Rai Bhoi di Talwandi, now in Nankana Sahib of Pakistan. He had excellent musical knowledge and played rabāb while Guru Nanak sang Gurbani. Bhai Mardana reportedly first contacted Guru Nanak for help as many members of his family died at a young age. Guru Nanak went to the family and saw that Mardana’s mother was crying because she heard that her son was going to die. Mardana’s mother told Guru Ji that the reason for her crying was that all her children were dying. After this, Guruji asked what his son’s name was, and he replied “MarJana” which means “He will die”. Guru Nanak kindly asked the mother if she was willing to give up her son so that he would not bear the brunt of the death of her child. The mother accepted this and gave her son to Guru Nanak Dev Ji to care for him. [4] As a result, Guru Nanak Ji has assured Mardana that from now on his family members will not die soon. Mar-Da-Na is said to mean ‘He is not dead’ in Punjabi.

Guru Nanak and Mardana grew up in the same area. Miharban Janam Sakhi says Mardana was ten years older than Guru Nanak and had been his friend since his childhood days. It also claims that Mardana sang hymns composed by Kabir, Trilochan, Ravidas, Dhanna, and Beni. According to Ratan Singh Bhangu, Prachin Panth Prakash, Guru Nanak as a young boy presented Mardana with a stringed instrument from the stalk to play while singing songs.

While Guru Nanak was in charge of the Nawab warehouses and shops in Sultanpur Lodhi, he was known for his generosity. Mardana, by then married and had two sons and a daughter, Mardana went to meet Guru Nanak as Guru Nanak’s father wanted news of his son, Mardana did not go back on his journey, and was with Guru Nanak from then on. He used to play Rabab (r-a-baab) or rebel as Guru Nanak spoke / sang his words about God.

When Guru Nanak planned to travel around the world to spread his message, he wanted Mardana to go with him, Mardana wanted to marry his daughter before doing so, Bhai Baghirath Gugu Nanak’s student helped Mardana materially to make her daughter’s marriage and allow Mardana to marry. go with Guru Nanak.

The histories of their journey use Mardana to show skepticism of the world and to convey the message of Guru Nanak Ji, in many cases Mardana is portrayed as skeptical and seeking clarification in all circumstances. Puratan Janam Sakhi tells us about these situations.

In Kartarpur, Mardana, a loyal Guru artist, old and tired of long-distance wandering and physical deprivation, fell ill. He felt that he had no hope of long life, and he devoted himself to the inescapable conclusion of man. He was originally a Muhammad, but now that he is a Sikh, the question arises as to how his body should be disposed of after death. The Guru said, ‘Brahman’s body was thrown into the water, Khatri was burned in the fire, Vaisya was thrown into the air, and Sudra was buried in the ground. Your body will be discarded at your will. ‘ Mardana replied, ‘At your command, my pride in my body is gone. In four stages the abandonment of the body is a matter of pride. I take my soul as a spectator of my body, and I don’t care about keeping it. So throw it away at your own will. ‘ Then Guru said, ‘I have made you a grave and made you famous in the world.’ Mardana replied, ‘When my soul is separated from its grave, why are you locked up in a stone tomb?’ Guru replied, ‘Since you know God and therefore you are a Brahman, we will dump your body by throwing it into the Ravi River and letting it go down the stream. So sit down next to you in a state of prayer, focus your attention on God, repeat His name in every breath and breath, and your soul will be absorbed in the light of God. ‘ So Mardana sat down by the river, and his soul parted from the fenced-in ground the next morning with the clock before sunrise. Then the Guru, with the help of his Sikhs, sent the corpse of Mardana to the river Ravi, caused Sohila to study for his eternal rest, and ended these troubles by distributing the Karah parshad (sacred food). Guru advised Mardana’s son Shahzada and his associates not to cry. There should be no mourning for the one returning to his heavenly home, so there will be no weeping for Mardana. The Guru demanded that Shahzada stays with him in the same position as his father and that he would be equally respected. Accordingly, Shahzada, a loyal Guru friend and songwriter, accompanied him until his death.

Some say Bhai Mardana died in Baghdad, but this is not true.

Granth Sahib there are three slots of Guru, dedicated to Mardana, against the use of wine. The following, which may be provided here, will suffice as an example: –

The sower is sorrowful, and the wine is lustful; the man is yellow.

A cup full of the love of the world is bitter, and it is served with pride.

The company is false and jealous, and it is ruined by alcohol.

Instead of such wine make your leaven, and make your skins strong; the name of God is your wine;

Make your cakes fit, treat your prepared butter well, and eat your meat modestly.

Such things, O Nanak, receive the grace of Guru by sharing in them sins go away.

Mardana also wrote poems. One of his songs comes from Guru Granth Sahib in Bihagadre ki Var and two others from Guru Nanak directed at Mardana. As the formation of Mardana ensures that the evil body can be cleansed from sin in the Sangat.

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