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Bhai Lalo and Malik Bhago Story - Guru Nanak Dev Ji Stories in English

BHAGO, MALIK, was, as per to Sikh chroniclers, the Hindu flight attendant of the Muslim chief of Saidpur, present day city of Eminabad, now in Pakistan Gujranwala district, during the days of Guru Nanak. The tradition connects that once while Guru Nanak was staying with Bhai Lalo, a poor carpenter, in the city, Malik Bhago gave a celebration meal to which Guru Nanak, along with other dignitaries and holy men, was invited. As the Guru turn down the invitation, the Malik had him summoned to his presence and asked the reasoning for his refusal.

Guru Nanak took into one hand a quantity of Malik Bhago`s richest food and in the other a chunk of Lalo`s coarse bread. He then squeezed out both. from Malik Bhago`s blood and from Lalo`s bread trickled milk, . The moral was pretty clear. The rich man`s wealth had been selfishly gathered at the cost of others and his charities were thus polluted, whereas Bhai Lalo`s simple bread earn by honest labour was quite holy. 

Bhai Lalo and Malik Bhago

After teaching everyone in Lahore to live honestly Guru ji return back to Talwandi to check out his parents. Then after a short while stay, he began with Mardana his companion on a longer journey to visit the sacred zones of pilgrimage of the Hindus. On the route, they reached Bhai Lalo’s workshop at Saidpur presently defined as Eminabad in Pakistan.

Bhai Lalo earned his living by honest working. He was born in 1452 at the Saidpur village(Pakistan). His Papa name was Bhai Jagat Ram of the ‘Ghataura’ surname pertain to the carpenter clan, now defined as Ramgarhia. Bhai Lalo was almost seventeen years old than Guru Nanak. When Lalo had seen two holy men coming towards him, he put aside his working stuff and spread a bed for them and went to get certain lunch for them.

Kitchen regarded most clean and pure

As the kitchen was supposed to be the most clean and pure place in a house, Bhai Lalo asked Guru Nanak to come there and have his own meal. Guru ji said “Bhai Lalo, every place is pure and clean for us. Please bring the meal here.” So the meal was brought out and Mardana then divided it into three chunks and they ate it all together. This meal tastes such as nectar. What have been put in it? asked Bhai Mardana.

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Guru Nanak replied that was the sweetest flavour of honesty and truthfulness that you tasted. This taste is above the tepid happening of worldly delicacies. Guru Nanak taught the message of honest hard work as a significant chunk of ones duty to Almighty. The other two significant messages taught by the Guru were the remembering and reciting of Almighty name and also the sharing of ones worldly-wise wealth with others who are less well off.

Way to sikkhism

Once Guru Nanak Dev stay up with Bhai Lalo ( a devotee) when he started his preaching missions. Bhai Lalo was a carpenter who earn up his living honestly by work hard all day. The local village official was a corrupt personality. He was signify as Malik Bhago. One day he invited every resident of the village to a feast, so he could make out a good image with the humans. Guru Nanak Dev decline to go to the feast. Special messengers were sent out to bring him. Bhago provided delicious meal to the Guru and in response to his offer, waited for good wordings from him but Guru Nanak Dev, rather than blessing Malik Bhago decline to accept any meal from him. Bhago was surprised to hear a refusal for the delicious meal and he immediately asked the reasoning for the refusal.

The Guru told him that the food that Malik Bhago considered to be sweet and tasty was, in fact, made from poor blood. Malik Bhago had been extracting cash from the humans, instead of living on his honest earnings. Bhago was very much embarrassed by the frank and bold comments of the Guru. Everyone else appreciate the truth spoken fearlessly by Guru Nanak Dev. Bhago could not refused the allegations. Good sense prevailing and Malik Bhago confessed his wrongdoing. He requested to be forgive for his past deeds and promised to live a honest and true life in the future.

Guru Nanak Dev told the gathering there that only honestly earned meal, such as that of Bhai Lalo, tastes sweet like milk. All dishonest earnings are such as the blood of the innocent. If drops of blood falenl on a cloth, it becomes pretty dirty. How can the mind of a human who lives on the blood of the helpless personality remain clean and pious?

Such was the effect of Guru Nanak’s piety and personality that everyone did visualize blood in milk in Bhai Lalo’s frugal meal and Malik Bhago’s delicious dinner.

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