Nanakshahi Calendar Samat 555

14 March 2023 to 13 March 2024

The calendar’s name is derived from Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of the Sikh religion. It is Based on Gurbani – Month Names are taken from Guru Granth Sahib. Contains 5 Months of 31 days followed by 7 Months of 30 days.

Leap year in every 4 Years in which the last month (Phagun) has an extra day Approved by Akal Takht in 2003

Year 1 is the Year of Guru Nanak’s Birth (1469 CE). As an example, 2 January 2024 CE is Nanakshahi 555

It is based on the “Barah Maha” (Twelve Months), a composition composed by the Sikh gurus reflecting the changes in nature conveyed in the twelve-month cycle of the year.

The Nanakshahi Calendar is a Punjabi calendar that was introduced in 1999 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Khalsa, the Sikh community. It follows the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism, and is widely used by Sikhs around the world. This article will delve into the Nanakshahi Calendar for the year 2024, offering a comprehensive overview of its significant dates and festivals. Additionally, we will explore the importance of the Punjabi calendar and jantri, shedding light on the cultural and religious observances connected to these calendars.

The Nanakshahi Punjabi calendar is a solar calendar specifically employed by Sikhs. Originating in 2003, it was formulated by Pal Singh Purewal, a Canadian Sikh. While it draws inspiration from the Bikrami calendar, notable modifications have been introduced to enhance accuracy and user-friendliness.

Nanakshahi Calendar 2024 Details

In the year 2024, the Punjabi Calendar encompasses a variety of festivals and events, including Gurpurabs, Bandi Chhor Divas, Hola Mohalla, and Baisakhi. Each of these festivals carries its distinct significance, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of Sikh culture and traditions.

The Nanakshahi calendar serves as a valuable tool for Sikhs, aiding them in keeping track of crucial dates in their religion. Additionally, it proves to be a valuable resource for individuals interested in delving deeper into Sikh culture and history, offering insights into the diverse and meaningful celebrations that mark the Sikh calendar throughout the year.

Nanakshahi Punjabi Calendar 2024 PDF File Download

Nanakshahi Calendar PDF Download Link

The Nanakshahi Calendar 2024 helps the Sikh community and the broader Punjabi culture. These calendars serve to accurately determine dates for religious and cultural observances, fostering a sense of unity and helping preserve the rich traditions ingrained in Sikh and Punjabi heritage. Embracing these calendars becomes a source of solace for Sikhs and Punjabis, providing a shared foundation for their cultural identity. As they follow these calendars, individuals embark on a meaningful journey marked by spirituality, celebration, and a deep sense of cultural pride.

2024 Nanakshah Calendar with Festivals List – Months Wise

The Nanakshahi Calendar 2024, often known by as the Punjabi Jantri, carries profound significance for the Sikh community and enthusiasts of Punjabi culture.

The Nanakshahi Calendar represents a distinctive fusion of solar and lunar calendars, introduced by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism, back in 1469 CE. Its design follows the tropical solar year, providing greater precision in tracking seasons and festivals. This guide aims to unravel the layers of this calendar, shedding light on its cultural, historical, and religious dimensions.

Nanakshah Calendar 2024 January

Punjabi Festivals 2024 January List

Calendar Date and DayNanakshahi Event and Festivals
11-Jan-2024 (Thursday)Masya (27 Poh 555)
११-०१-२०२४ (गुरुवार)अमावास्या (२७ पोह ५५५)
14-Jan-2024 (Sunday)Sangrand (Magh), Foundation day Sachkhand Sri Harimandir Sahib (Amritsar), Jor Mela Sri Muktsar Sahib (Maghi) (01 Magh 555)
१४-०१-२०२४ (रविवार)संक्रांति (माघ), स्थापना दिवस सचखंड श्री हरिमंदिर साहिब (अमृतसर), जोड़ मेला श्री मुक्तसर साहिब (माघी) (०१ माघ ५५५)
16-Jan-2024 (Tuesday)Panchami (03 Magh 555)
१६-०१-२०२४ (मंगलवार)पंचमी (०३ माघ ५५५)
17-Jan-2024 (Wednesday)Prakash Gurpurab Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji (04 Magh 555)
१७-०१-२०२४ (बुधवार)प्रकाश गुरुपुरब श्री गुरु गोबिंद सिंह जी (०४ माघ ५५५)
20-Jan-2024 (Saturday)Chabiyan Da Morcha (Amritsar) (07 Magh 555)
२०-०१-२०२४ (शनिवार)चाबीआं का मोर्चा (अमृसतर) (०७ माघ ५५५)
21-Jan-2024 (Sunday)Dashmi (08 Magh 555)
२१-०१-२०२४ (रविवार)दशमी (०८ माघ ५५५)
25-Jan-2024 (Thursday)Puranmashi (12 Magh 555)
२५-०१-२०२४ (गुरुवार)पूर्णिमा (१२ माघ ५५५)
27-Jan-2024 (Saturday)Janamdin Baba Deep Singh ji (14 Magh 555)
२७-०१-२०२४ (शनिवार)जन्मदिन बाबा दीप सिंह जी (१४ माघ ५५५)

Nanakshah Calendar 2024 February

Punjabi Festivals 2024 February List

Calendar Date and DayNanakshahi Event and Festivals
12-Feb-2024 (Monday)Janamdin Sahibzada Ajit Singh ji (30 Magh 555)
१२-०२-२०२४ (सोमवार)जन्मदिन साहिबज़ादा अजीत सिंह जी (३० माघ ५५५)
13-Feb-2024 (Tuesday)Sangrand (Phagun) (01 Phagun 555)
१३-०२-२०२४ (मंगलवार)संक्रांति (फग्गन) (०१ फग्गन ५५५)
14-Feb-2024 (Wednesday)Panchami, Basant Panchami, Marriage Day : Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji (Guru ka Lahore) (02 Phagun 555)
१४-०२-२०२४ (बुधवार)पंचमी, बसंत पंचमी, विवाह दिवस : श्री गुरु गोबिंद सिंह जी (गुरु का लाहौर) (०२ फग्गन ५५५)
19-Feb-2024 (Monday)Dashmi (07 Phagun 555)
१९-०२-२०२४ (सोमवार)दशमी (०७ फग्गन ५५५)
21-Feb-2024 (Wednesday)Saka Sri Nankana Sahib (Pakistan), Jaitu Da Morcha (Faridkot) (09 Phagun 555)
२१-०२-२०२४ (बुधवार)साका श्री ननकाना साहिब (पाकिस्तान), जैतो का मोर्चा (फरीदकोट) (०९ फग्गन ५५५)
22-Feb-2024 (Thursday)Prakash Gurpurab Sri Guru Harirai Sahib ji (10 Phagun 555)
२२-०२-२०२४ (गुरुवार)प्रकाश गुरुपुरब श्री गुरु हरिराय साहिब जी (१० फग्गन ५५५)
24-Feb-2024 (Saturday)Puranmashi, Janamdin Bhagat Ravidas ji (12 Phagun 555)
२४-०२-२०२४ (शनिवार)पूर्णिमा, जन्मदिन भगत रविदास जी (१२ फग्गन ५५५)

Nanakshah Calendar 2024 March

Punjabi Festivals 2024 March List

Calendar Date and DayNanakshahi Event and Festivals
14-Mar-2024 (Thursday)Sangrand (Chet), Nanakshahi Punjabi New Year 556 (01 Chet 556)
१४-०३-२०२४ (गुरुवार)संक्रांति (चेत), नानकशाही पंजाबी नया साल ५५६ (०१ चेत ५५६)
15-Mar-2024 (Friday)Panchami (02 Chet 556)
१५-०३-२०२४ (शुक्रवार)पंचमी (०२ चेत ५५६)
20-Mar-2024 (Wednesday)Dashmi (07 Chet 556)
२०-०३-२०२४ (बुधवार)दशमी (०७ चेत ५५६)

Regional Importance

Apart from the Nanakshahi Calendar, Punjabi culture also follows its traditional calendar system, commonly known as the Punjabi calendar or jantri. This calendar holds regional significance and is widely used in Punjab to determine the dates of various cultural and religious events.

Cultural Festivals
The Punjabi calendar encompasses a wide range of cultural festivals that are celebrated with immense zeal and fervor. Events like Lohri, Teeyan, and Basant Panchami are marked on the jantri and hold deep cultural significance in the lives of Punjabi people.

Harvest Celebrations
The Punjabi calendar also includes important dates related to the agricultural cycle and harvest celebrations. Festivals such as Maghi and Kheer Bhawani are observed to express gratitude for a prosperous harvest and seek blessings for future abundance.

Significance of the Nanakshahi Punjabi Calendar

Religious Significance
The Nanakshahi Calendar plays a crucial role in Sikh religious observances, as it provides accurate dates for important events and festivals. It allows the Sikh community to come together, engage in spiritual practices, and honor the teachings of the Gurus. The calendar serves as a guiding light, ensuring the seamless celebration of Sikh traditions.

Social and Cultural Importance
Beyond its religious significance, the Nanakshahi Calendar holds immense social and cultural importance. It strengthens the sense of unity among Sikhs and helps preserve and promote Sikh heritage and values. The calendar serves as a cultural compass, guiding the Sikh community in upholding its customs and traditions.

Nanakshahi Calendar FAQs

How to Download Nanakshahi Calendar for year 2024?

Here you can easily download the Nanakshahi Calendar for the year 2024 with festival list.

Where I can download Punjab Calendar and Jantri 2024?

This is the right place for all your need, stay connected on regular basis to find all types of calendar with pdf download option.

Is the Nanakshahi Calendar used only by Sikhs?

Yes, the Nanakshahi Calendar is primarily used by the Sikh community worldwide.

Are the dates in the Nanakshahi Calendar fixed?

Yes, the Nanakshahi Calendar follows a fixed starting point on March 14th each year and maintains a consistent structure.

How is the Punjabi calendar different from the Nanakshahi Calendar?

The Punjabi calendar or jantri holds regional importance and includes cultural events specific to Punjab, while the Nanakshahi Calendar focuses on Sikh religious observances.

Are the festivals mentioned in the article celebrated globally?

Yes, Sikh festivals like Gurpurab and Baisakhi are celebrated by Sikhs around the world, while some cultural festivals on the Punjabi calendar have a regional focus.
Year & Months in Nanakshahi Calendar

No.Month NameMonth Start datePunjabiTotal Days in month
1.Chet14 Marchਚੇਤ31
2.Vaisakhi14 Aprilਵੈਸਾਖ31
3.Jeth15 Mayਜੇਠ31
4.Harh15 Juneਹਾੜ31
5.Sawan16 Julyਸਾਵਣ31
6.Bhadon16 Augustਭਾਦੋਂ30
7.Assu15 Septemberਅੱਸੂ30
8.Katak15 Octoberਕੱਤਕ30
9.Maghar14 Novemberਮੱਘਰ30
10.Poh14 Decemberਪੋਹ30
11.Magh13 Januaryਮਾਘ30
12.Phagun12 Februaryਫੱਗਣ30 (31 in leap years)

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