Kirtan Sohila: Importance, Power, Peaceful Sleep and Spiritual Serenity

Kirtan Sohila : Importance, Power, Peaceful Sleep and Spiritual Serenity

Kirtan Sohila is a blessed prayer recited by the Sikhs before going to sleep. Also identified as the “nighttime entreaty,” This type of bedtime prayer is a set of hymns from the Sikh Holy Scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib. It serves as an aid memoir for Sikhs of their link to God and the significance of living a life of service and attachment. The calming and lost-in-thought nature of this request is supposed to bring peace and stillness to the mind and soul. With its influential message and good-looking melodies, this kind of entreaty has become an essential part of Sikh religious practice and a dearly loved ritual passed through generations.

Kirtan Sohila is a night prayer in Sikhism. The word kirtan means singing in high regard, praising the celestial and Sohila means ‘Song of Praise’ also called ‘Song of stillness, songs that women chant to a bride in the evening. Sohila may well also be spelled phonetically as Sohela, Sohlaa, and Sohulaa. It is cool, calm, and composed of five hymns or shabads. Guru Nanak Dev (first Sikh Guru), Guru Ram Das (fourth Sikh Guru), and Guru Arjan Dev (fifth Sikh Guru). The Song of Honor is usually referred to as Kirtan Sohila. It begins on Ang 12 of Siri Guru Granth Sahib and concludes on Ang 13.

1ST PAURI Guru Nanak Dev Ji describes the religious joining together of the Soul Bride merging with the Divine Groom when the earthly life ends.

2ND PAURI Guru Nanak Dev Ji explains and evaluates the systems of belief.

3RD PAURI Guru Nanak Dev Ji contrasts the rite of worship with nature.

4TH PAURI Guru Ram Das Ji compares the fickle with the righteous. 5TH PAURI Guru Arjan Dev Ji suggests virtuous action. The word Sohila is a derivative from sowam wela or saana-na-wela meaning in the Punjabi and Pothwari language: the time for the forty winks.

Kirtan Sohila was piled up for the energetic flow of the words and their meaning. The author titles every section in addition to the musical scale (Raaga) assigned to that portion. When you have the sense of hearing the blessed rhymes recited, the vibrational rate of recurrence of Gurbani cleanses the mindset of the influences of the day, wards off the distressing individuals and off-putting energies, and refreshes the spirit for the duration of the nap.

This kind of chant is often recited at the wrapping up of evening ceremonies at the Gurdwara and as a part of Sikh interment services. This mantra is also recited before sleeping all through bedtime. It closes one’s feelings so as not to glide through the ethers of no return. It gives better protection and reprieve from the awful dreams. Also, it is great to calm babies and kids previous to sleep.

Kirtan sohila is sung for 17 days after the passing of a loved one or family member. Even this type of appeal is a calming and soothing sleep therapy.

Kirtan Sohila is not only the last prayer of the day; it has such prevailing qualities that it is also the ending entreaty of life recited to accompany the leave-taking soul into the afterlife.

To depict the benefits of Kirtan Sohali in short it presents the following:
1. Comfort – Bring the Guru’s presence to the mind

2. Peace – Eradicates the concerned and constant worry

3. Protection – Here and hereafter

4. Sound sleep – Alleviates the sleeplessness

5. Sweet Dreams – Put a stop to the nightmares 

The Nitnem (5 prayers) are to be recited in the morning (3 am to 6 am).

The Reharaas Sahib is the next prayer in the evening (6 pm), As already said, the Kiran Sohila Sahib prayer is the nighttime prayer for the Sikhs.

So, finally, the Kirtan Sohila Sahib should be completed before going to sleep. When we have ill health (Maya) which is a money-oriented world, we must have a restored to health or medicine.

Prayer, three times a day is our medication when our soul feels feeble and it helps us, to strike a chord with us of our motive of living on the earth and to provide us with our spiritual medicine.

Kirtan Sohila also recognized as Sohila Sahib, is a night prayer in Sikhism. It is a collected work of hymns from Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scripture of Sikhism. It is recited before sleeping, in general at bedtime, to thank and look for the blessings from the Divine for protection throughout the night and to express gratefulness for the day that has passed.

In addition, the above-said prayer consists of five hymns self-possessed by dissimilar Sikh Gurus: Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Ram Das Ji, Guru Arjan Dev Ji, and Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Furthermore, it is considered an imperative part of the Sikh daily prayer routine.

Reciting Kirtan Sohila is alleged to bring peace of mind and defense from nightmares. It is over and over again, accompanied by the lighting of a lamp (diya) or candle.

Lots of Sikhs also accept as true that reciting Kirtan Sohila before sleeping helps in spiritual elevation and connects them with Waheguru, the Supreme Being. The performance of reciting the above-mentioned request is extremely ingrained in the Sikh custom and is well thought-out as a means to end the day with an appreciation and give up to the Divine will.

Why it’s so important to listen and read Kirtan Sohila before sleep?

Sohila is not obligatory. It is vital to listen or read for the reason that this prayer is made available with precious preaching that reminds us that singing the praises / Kirti of the Lord prepares us for passing away which is to be expected. Every night when we fall having forty winks, we go into another world and wide awake mind rests for a few hours. The arousing of the mind has to be completed before that.

Kirtan Sohila as such is cool, calm, and collected of Guru Nanak Devji’s tiny observations of Society and widespread up-to-date live culture. In his time, marriages were very imperative functions where a young girl is geared up for going away to be in this world with strangers.

She was all set by all women folk of the household and all singing was based on showing their fondness and love. She was given an oil bath to add to her beauty. While doing that, Sohila was sung and a great number of emotions would decant out like her severance from family and friends and her going to one more house and reminding her family’s honor and how she requires adopting her new family.

It was a great legend and Guru ji has adopted this mythical form for his compositions. Guru ji says that all those houses where Sohila is sung as gone into the raptures over at some point in Maiyan ( a ceremony done to fix a date of marriage), and are the houses that can chant the praises of the Lord. The most in style part of Kirtan Sohila is Aarti which Guru Nanak had written through his travel to Bhubaneswar.

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