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Best 10 Help Tips for attending Nagar Kirtan in Sikh Community

A neighborhood, town, or city is referred to as a Nagar. Gurbani chanting is referred to as kirtan. Gurpurbs are celebrated with Nagar Kirtans, which bring the Guru Granth among the society. Food could well be offered for free. The ritual ends with Ardas at the Gurudwara.

Kirtan is a ceremony reciting sacred melodies that takes place throughout society. While it can be done at any time, it is most common during the month of Vaisakhi in April. The saffron-robed Panj Pyare, or the Guru’s five beloveds, lead the parade, which is accompanied by the Guru Granth Sahib, the sacred Sikh text, that is carried on afloat.

Nagar Kirtans bring people all together, create happy times, and increase public awareness of Sikhs in the region. It provides individuals taking part a nice sensation, particularly when a non-Sikhs photograph or video the parade. The individuals have a sense of accomplishment.

If you are also going to attend Nagar kirtan anytime soon or planning to organize one there are certain things you must take care of. Here in this article we are sharing ing best tips that would help you while attending Nagar Kirtan in Sikh Community.

Best 10 tips for attending Nagar Kirtan in Sikh Community:

Locate the map

Use a map to find the beginning and endpoints of the Nagar Kirtan procession. Whenever the Nagar Kirtan concludes after the day, the organizing gurdwara is frequently the beginning location and also the ending destination. In rare instances, Guru Granth Sahib might well be brought by vehicle to a community park where the Nagar Kirtan is conducted, at which march will begin and end. When the parade is held at a gurdwara, it starts with the Guru Granth Sahib being ritually transported from the gurdwara and mounted on a chariot or float that will precede the parade. This is how you won’t get lost in the middle of anywhere.

Find the Parking

When joining a Nagar Kirtan procession, free parking is normally available; nevertheless, space near the gurdwara or organizing site, particularly near food stalls and market stalls, may be limited. Show up early, or plan on parking further off and walking to the base point. It could be feasible to pay for private or municipal parking that is closer.  To escape the congestion of vehicles leaving the parade venue at the conclusion after your departure path ahead of schedule.

Attire check

Wear a decent dress fit for the event of a Nagar Kirtan celebration to show respect for Sikhism, Sikhs, and the Guru Granth Sahib. It is recommended that you wear turbans, dupatta, scarves, or other head covering. Native garb, Punjabi suits of any design, and modest, practical contemporaneous garb are all appropriate. Shoes are not required for wearing on the sidewalk, walking in the procession, or assisting in street cleaning.

Refrain from alcohol/smoking

The religious event Nagar Kirtan is celebrated honor the sacred texts, Guru Granth Sahib. Ensure adherence to the principles of Sikhism, which forbids the use of tobacco, narcotics, and other addictive substances. If the Guru Granth Sahib or the Sikh audience are there, try and refrain from smoking cigarettes alcoholic drinks while witnessing any Sikh procession. Anybody can enjoy a variety of complimentary non-alcoholic beverages.

Before the procession begins you should go to the toilet.

There are public toilets located throughout the Nagar Kirtan route, however, they are generally in poor condition as the event progresses. So, if you’re concerned about cleanliness, go to the bathroom first. Some other individuals offer to allow others to use their facilities, which you can use as well.

Pack light and keep it safe.

Apart from basic things like bottles of water, don’t pack a lot. As the procession progresses, bearing a hefty weight would become more difficult, therefore carrying a light is the ideal alternative.

Make sure you pack light and only bring what you’ll need for the occasion. Credit cards, car keys, and other valuables should be kept in front pouches or other secure locations.

Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly.

Carefully watch the weather forecast before heading out to an event. There’s nothing quite like being soaked while strolling, having your lunch ruined by the rain, or forced to move an occasion earlier than planned due to bad weather.

Eat and drink as much as you want for free (Langar)

Langar has a lengthy history in Sikhism. All Nagar Kirtan participants, either participating believers or interested bystanders, receive free meals. All along the Sikh main thoroughfare, at the gurdwara langar venue, and in the parking garage, wayside food stalls, tents, benches, and trucks tempt passersby with a delectable selection of conventional langar and renowned snacks. It is suggested to have drinks and meals in between the procession so you could feel full and energized enough to walk along with the parade with full enthusiasm.

Assist with food preparation and cleanup.

Extra hands are always appreciated. Assist with the upkeep of the Nagar Kirtan procession path. Assist with float construction, decoration, or disassembly. Assist with gurdwara setup, upkeep, and clean-up, as well as langar preparedness, serving, and clean-up.

Take a stroll along the water’s edge or take a float ride.

Others have amplifiers playing recordings. On the float, there are no restrictions on who would ride. Everyone is free to get onboard and join in the fun as long as there is room to ride. Anyone courageous enough to clamber up the side of a gently moving float is welcome to join us. The number of floats in a Nagar Kirtan parade changes from one parade to the next. A palanquin carrying the Guru Granth Sahib is carried on the shoulders of worshippers at the very least.

If you can locate a place to sit on the float, do so; otherwise, walk beside it and stop in between if you grow fatigued.

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