The Last Flicker by Gurdial Singh

The Last Flicker By Gurdial Singh

The last Flicker theme or Marhi Ka Diwa is a Punjabi novel pen up by Gurdial Singh. It was the writer’s initial time novel to be published in 1964. It was the initial Punjabi novel to be interpreted into Russian and sold many million copies in Russia. The book has been acknowledged by the Bhartiya Akademi as a Indian classic and has been interpreted into all Indian languages.

Jagseer’s issues are worsened by his addiction to opium and from the friendly manner it is taken by the people there, it seems to be a common practice. Given the disease, pain, and hardship found in the outcaste society, opium seems to be the only anesthetic offering some relief. The well-exercised and once powerful body of Jagseer becomes thin once he gets dependent to this habit. Very often we explore him taking opium little ball not only when he is discouraged but even to conquer the pangs of hunger. The only open display of love that jagseer shows is towards the two bullocks utilized to till the farm.

Jagseer’s end comes soon after his mom death. She is designated a gorgeous funeral by the lavish gift of Dharam Singh who carry off seven hundred rupees to pay out for the funeral. It is a big sum in those times and Dharam has been rejected in his own sweet house by his sonand wife. Towards the end, Dharam puzzlingly disappears, not to be traced anywhere.

Raunki, the only buddy that Jagseer has towards the end provide him few things: drinks, opium, friendship and food. When Jagseer becomes unclear in his final dementia, it is Raunki who stays and looks after his health.

The narrative of Jagseer Singh, with social situation and his spicy individual, is actually a tale that is very personal in appeal but carry out a definite political message. Lonely and at the end negligent, Jagseer’s story is refective of how economic exploitation, social hierarchy, and caste struggle do shatter the soul of a person and develop chaos in personal and social relationships. The tragedy of Jagseer, brighten up all the more by his unconnected love for his buddy Nikkas wife, Bhani and deaden by his addiction to opium, opens up the old environs of the Punjab villages before the reader a bit secret making the characters and the narrative progress upon them at a slow pace but surely.

The Last Flicker takes an unmoved pattern at the caste system of Punjab and the rural economy that is bound up with it. It discover the life of Jagseer Singh, a energetic and young man who linked to the lower castes, and his ultimate premature death brought about by broken heart and poverty.

The storyline is definitely good but when it unfolds itself everything seems to be either damaged or destroying itself which is quite unhealthy!! Except for the sad chunk the content is pretty strong. This tale is so full of pain. There is pain and sadness even in happiness. This is really beautiful story and near to soul.

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