Why Prime Ministers and VVIPs bodyguard wear black goggles, Know here

Why Prime Ministers and VVIPs bodyguard wear black goggles, Know here

The majority of you may have observed that PM Narendra Modi’s security guards and other VIPs always wear black sunglasses, but have you ever wondered why?

If you pay attention, you’ll see that any VIP’s bodyguards or security personnel always wear sunglasses.

They do this for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of the explanations:

They don’t want others to know what they are looking at, which is reason number one. As a result, they are able to monitor everyone covertly.

Why Prime Minister's Bodyguard wear black goggles

It’s normal for eyes to temporarily close during unfavorable events like bomb blasts or gunfire, but security personnel cannot afford to do so in these life-or-death circumstances as they need to keep their eyes open and sunglasses will help them in keeping their eyes open every time.

These security officers have received training in reading body language so they can react appropriately. The other individual can’t tell that the security guard is watching him because he is wearing these black sunglasses.

In addition, these sunglasses shield a bodyguard’s eyes from wind, rain, and dust. They are able to carry out their duties more effectively by wearing these spectacles. When they are with VIPs, these sunglasses enable them to keep their eyes open always in these vital moments.

In their black sunglasses, these security guards appear to be standing still as they stand straight behind the Minister or dignitary they are protecting. They are continuously on the lookout for any threats. Constantly scanning the area are their eyes. The glasses have an advantage over rogue elements. They cannot evade their field of vision because they are unsure of where they are looking.

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Security personnel is responsible for defending the relevant PM, VIP, etc. from any attack. For instance, an assassin has been hired to kill Obama during his upcoming speech outside. Now, the security personnel will always presume that there are a few assassins there who could launch an attack at any time. They must therefore be vigilant at all times. Because of this, they have to “LOOK AROUND” constantly in an effort to spot the assassin among the people or somewhere else nearby.

Now picture yourself as the assassin wandering around in the crowd choosing where to launch your strike when you suddenly realize that a guard has spotted you! As a result, you’ll undoubtedly change what you were planning to accomplish. Maybe you’ll leave, take someone hostage to get out, or do something even worse. Such circumstances ought to be avoided at all costs.

The ESSENTIAL IDEA behind the dark glasses worn by the guards is that they don’t want anyone to be able to see what they’re looking at or what they’re concentrating on by observing their eyes. They hardly move their heads at all, as you would observe. They would always maintain a stiff posture, and even if they looked to the left or right, just their eyes would budge. Because they don’t want you to know that they are watching you.

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The sort of glass they are wearing, together with its features and standards, and whether it is intended to block out flashes or not will be decided later.

Given my extensive experience in the field, I can explain why black glasses are preferred to transparent ones.

1. The enemy cannot tell where the security personnel is focused since eye movements are masked. serves as a dissuader.

2. Light. Security personnel will need to look into bright focus lights, sunlight, etc. since they must be able to see everything around them. Black lessens the effect, making it simpler.

3. Glare. You will be shooting at a target who is holding a gun at the moment. The scopes on guns produce a highly powerful and bright reflection that can temporarily blind the security guard and change the course of events. You can see the glare of a weapon with black glasses while being unaffected by reflection off of glass or metal.

4. Only colors that are conveniently accessible through photochromatic glasses. simple to black making it the greatest option for those who use glasses.

5. The color of secrecy IS black. With orange sunglasses, a security guard would undoubtedly resemble a clown. Additionally, imagery has a potent deterrent effect.

6. Attire.

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Your soul is visible to the enemy through your eyes. Even though it’s not an exact science, many of us can infer the thoughts of others by observing their eyes. When you’re looking at the suspect, you don’t want him to figure out what you’re thinking. Even better, you don’t want him to know what you’re viewing. Like a racehorse’s blinders, it also serves to block out background sounds. The only organ with two diagonally opposed functions is the eye. Observe and communicate. Both must be concealed and guarded by a bodyguard at all times.

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