The Differences Between ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY

The Differences Between ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY

Contrary to popular belief, Christianity and Islam share more similarities than one might think. Both are monotheistic Abrahamic religions, and they both place a high value on the person of Jesus Christ.

Christians are those who practice Christianity. They hold to the doctrines of the Holy Trinity and the incarnation of God as Christ, the son of God, walked the earth (“the Father”). The majority of Christians also think that when the world ends, Christ will return. Muslims (believers in Islam) view Jesus Christ as a prophet, a representative of God, and the promised Messiah. They do, however, hold that Muhammad was the final prophet and that he faithfully preserved the words of God in the Quran.

Location of origin- 

Christianity: Judea was a province of Rome. 

Islam: Arabian Peninsula, Mount Hira, Mecca.

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A house of prayer-

Christianity: Church, Chapel, Cathedral, basilica, bible study at home, and private residences.

Islam: Any location that adheres to Islamic norms of cleanliness is a mosque or masjid.

Sculptures and artwork:-

Christianity: Is used in Catholic and Orthodox churches.

Islam: Prophetic images of God are prohibited. Architecture, calligraphy, and other forms of art are examples. Muslims set themselves apart from other communities by refraining from creating lifelike human figures that can be considered idolatry.

Faith in God-:

Christianity:-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit comprise one God. The Trinity. 

Islam: A single God (monotheism). The only True Creator is God. No one has ever existed before God, and he will always exist. He is beyond both life and death. He cannot be compared to anything in His creation because he cannot be seen but sees all.

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Christianity: Christ Jesus, the Lord. 

Islam: Muhammad, the prophet. In accordance with Islamic scripture, all those who submit to God’s given counsel and the messengers sent with it are Muslims (ie. Adam, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, etc.).


Christianity: Bishops, priests, ministers, nuns, and monks.

Islam: In a mosque, the imam conducts communal prayer. Sheikh, Maulana, Mullah, and Mufti practice prayer, some forms of the sacraments, church worship, reading the Bible, charitable deeds, and communion.

Literal Meaning: 

Christianity: A Christ Follower. 

Islam: Islam derives from the Arabic root “Salema,” which means harmony, chastity, submission, and submission. Islam refers to a religious philosophy that emphasizes surrender to God’s will and adherence to His rules. One who adheres to Islam is a Muslim.

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After death existence

Christianity: Eternal life in either Heaven or Hell, or occasionally, transitory Purgatory.

Islam: On the Day of Judgment, every rational being will answer to God Almighty. They will receive rewards for all good deeds and will either be pardoned or punished for bad deeds.


Christianity: Holy Bible 

Islam: The Holy Last Messenger Muhammad’s traditions, known as the “Sunnah,” are recorded in narrations or “hadiths” by the persons in his immediate vicinity.


Christianity: Christians (followers of christ)

Islam: Muslims

Person Nature

Christianity: Adam left “original sin” for man to inherit. Because of this, man is fundamentally bad and requires sin forgiveness. Christians make their decisions about what to do by recognizing right from wrong. The human race is a fallen, broken one that needs God’s salvation and restoration. 

Islam: Humans are born innocent and pure. Once you enter puberty, you are in charge of your actions and must decide what is good and wrong. Islam emphasizes the link between belief and deeds.

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Religion’s purpose

Christianity: To have a relationship with Jesus Christ, love God, and follow God’s commandments to share the gospel and save others.

Islam: Fulfill the gift and responsibility of this life by adhering to the Holy Quran’s and Hadith’s teachings and making an effort to assist humanity through compassion, trustworthiness, and love for every god’s creation.

Looking at the Buddha: 

Christianity: N/A. 

Islam: N/A. Gautam Buddha is not mentioned or discussed in Islamic scripture.

Distribution and dominance by region

Christianity: Christianity is the most widely practiced religion in the world and has followers everywhere. Christians predominate as a percentage of the local population in Europe, North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Islam: A total of 1.6 billion. According to the proportion of a region’s total population who identify as Muslims, the Middle East and North Africa account for 91.2%, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa for 29.6%, Europe for about 6.0%, and the Americas for 0.6%.

Sins confession:

Christianity: Protestants confess directly to God, Catholics to a priest, and Protestants confess venial sins directly to God (Orthodox have similar practice) Priest confession is optional for Anglicans, nevertheless. In Jesus, God always pardons sins. 

Islam: God is the only one who can grant forgiveness; there is no other source. Since everything of God’s creation has rights that cannot be violated, forgiveness must first be sought from the offended party before turning to God.

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Christianity: A holy sacrament

Islam: Islam is adamantly opposed to celibacy and monasticism. Marriage is greatly advised and is a Sunnah act in Islam. Men can only wed members of Abrahamic religions, sometimes known as “people of the book.” Women are only permitted to wed Muslim men.

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