Travel Tips for November in India: 10 Scenic Locations

Travel Tips for November in India: 10 Scenic Locations

West Bengal’s Sundarbans

Sunderban National Park & Tiger Reserve India | Tourism Guide

The Sundarbans, the pride of Bengal and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are on nearly everyone’s travel wish list. One of the top national parks in India, this lush mangrove forest is home to one of the largest Bengal Tiger reserves. The Sundarbans, which means “beautiful forests,” are home to a variety of wildlife, including the jungle cat, fox, wild boar, and spotted deer. It is among the top wildlife destinations in India to visit in November.

In Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi

Varanasi | History, Map, Population, River, Pilgrimage, & Facts | Britannica

Banaras or Varanasi, one of the oldest and holiest Hindu cities in the world, observes Ganga Mahotsav every November. The five-day event serves as a treasure trove for those who appreciate Indian culture and craftsmanship and takes place on the banks of the Ganges. Here is where you can maximize your November vacation time. According to folklore, during the holiday season, gods travel to Earth and take a bath in the Ganges. Popular performers perform cultural acts to mark this day. Eminent performers like Zakir Hussain and Ustad Bismillah Khan have previously been the event’s main draw.


Bihar: The Buddhist Heart of Bodh Gaya - Outlook Traveller

A crucial Buddhist pilgrimage site and a UNESCO World Heritage Site is where Lord Buddha obtained enlightenment. This is the ideal location for you if you’re looking for calm that penetrates your soul. Here, monks from all around the world hum sacred texts while dressed in crimson. Mahabodhi Temple Complex, the holiest place in town, is a sight for sore eyes. The optimum time to visit Bodhgaya is thought to be between November and March. The weather remains comfortable, and Dharamshala-based Tibetan pilgrims also come during this period.

Shantiniketan, Bengal, West

Santiniketan - Wikipedia

Shantiniketan, a charming tiny village in the Birbhum area, is where the remains of the legendary Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore can be found. The Visva Bharati University, which was founded by the poet’s father and altered the way people thought about education, is another notable feature of the area. One of the top tourist destinations in India for a trip loaded with tradition and education is this cultural location.

In Nagaland, Kohima

Kohima - Wikipedia

This is the lovely hilltop capital of Nagaland, which is also one of India’s seven sister states. The place was originally called Kewhira, which is derived from the Kewhi flowers that bloom in the area, and the name Kohima is an anglicized name that was given by the British.

Arunachal Pradesh’s Ziro

Ziro - Wikipedia

The region has a distinct tribal population and a lovely climate all year round. The majority of visitors to the Ziro Valley are looking for a tranquil haven. Additionally, the ApaTani Tribe calls this lovely historic town, which is encircled by pine hills and rice fields, home.

Kalimpong, Bengal, India

Kalimpong Tourism (2022): Best of Kalimpong, India - Tripadvisor

This undeveloped hill town in West Bengal is well known for both its stunning valley views and its magnificent-looking Buddhist monasteries. Kalimpong is located at a height of 1250 m directly across from the Teesta Valley, just 50 minute journey to the east of Darjeeling. It is thought that the monasteries and Bhutanese Kings previously controlled the region.

Goa, Old Goa

Places To Visit Around Old Goa | Old Goa Travel Guide | Times of India  Travel

This little Indian state is well-known for having some of the trendiest beaches in the country, but Old Goa’s old Portuguese-style churches and convents also have a hypnotic effect. The designation of UNESCO World Heritage Site for this region of Goa is merited.

Annual celebrations of St. Francis Xavier, the patron saint of Goa, take place in November and December (3rd December being the main day). The saint’s mortals are stored in the silver chest for devotion. To participate in this festival, more than 2 lakh devotees travel to Goa from all over the world. This is without a doubt among the top destinations in India to visit in November.

Maharashtra’s Ganpatipule

Ganpatipule temple history, Ganpati temple in ratnagiri, Ganpatipule temple  history in marathi

Ganpatipule transforms into that paradisiacal tropical escape as soon as the monsoon begins to move in from the exit door, which is why we include it on our list of places to visit in India in November. Ganpatipule, a town in Maharashtra’s adored Konkan area, is well-known for its gold-sand beaches, spiritual stories, and culture. According to Hindu tradition, Lord Ganpati relocated here from his former adobe, Gule. At the foot of a hillside is a 400-year-old Ganpati idol that attracts pilgrims from all over the world.

Maharashtra Tarkarli

Tarkarli Beach in Maharashtra | Tarkarli Beach Tourism

Tarkarli is a small seaside town located about 550 kilometers from Mumbai and 8 kilometers south of Malvan. In November, Tarkarli, a rapidly expanding tourist area, draws thousands of domestic and foreign visitors due to its exceptionally pleasant weather. Blessed with calm beaches, lovely backwaters, and crystal-clear waters.

November is the ideal month to pack your bags for a fun weekend with pals if you can’t wait to dive into the cool, salty waters of the Arabian Sea. Additionally, houseboats can be used to sail on Karli Beach’s emerald-green waters.

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