Why Are Punjabis So Fond Of Drinking?

Punjabi’s and alcohol go hand in hand this is what most of the people think like but saying so is as same as stating that girl’s are so fond of makeup. Whilst it isn’t like that not every girl loves to do makeup likewise not every Punjabi is into drinking. It is just social media sites, movies which shows that Punjabi’s can’t live without liquor. There’s massive community of Punjabi’s and as obvious not each one of them drinks let that sink in. It is just a myth and reasons are quite too much. This liking towards alcohol varies massively.

There’s no such norm of any community to follow up everyone lives as per there comfort and way nobody follows what others doing especially in today’s generation. In Punjabi community you could find few families who doesn’t even consume non vegetarian food and that’s completely okay that doesn’t make them any way different from other Punjabi’s it’s just the way they want to live like and nobody could stop them. But from here one must understand that making statements on any community as a whole is not right. It might hurt their sentiments and beliefs.

Also the main reason behind such thinking is movies and songs which shows Punjabi’s like this and not just that they also promotes drinking in some way or other by showing alcohol lavish and something which brave people consume as it might lead to the misguidance among youth. Songs or movies like such must keep a control on the things which can harm someone be it an individual or a complete community. They need to be bit sensible and work accordingly to bring a peace not feud or bad habits. Because be it intentional or not they are the major reason behind such false myths.

Then there is also an idea that alcohol “breaks the ice,” not so much with strangers; whether there’s stress, everyone becomes at about the same level after a few shots, and alcohol occasionally helps resolve disputes by providing you “Dutch courage,” which explains why there are so many fights at weddings. Punjabis have already had to get along well with all kinds of strange peoples throughout their history, and booze usually does the trick. Farmers might fermenting in their vineyards, which, although illegal, is something they could do. They then hide their containers in the ground and pull them up for selling or using them in general.

In Punjab, there was also the concept of the “dhaba,” or wayside food; however there are some vaishnav/vegetarian dhabas, the most serve chicken and desi sharaab (sugarcane whiskey). In certain ways, moghal mujras (moghul courtesans) have been substituted by dhabas, where people can gather and have a good time while inebriated. We believe there must be some reality to the hookah/moghul inhaling apparatus being intentionally substituted with alcohol, but this really is cultural rather than religious, as intoxicating substances are prohibited in Sikhism.

Punjabis in the present two generations consume far less alcohol and use far fewer drinks than earlier generations. As they now know that consequences of drinking and not everyone is okay with the drawbacks now. Because alcohol has the potential to significantly harm one’s mind and body. People don’t take alcohol seriously and think it’s a game to see who can drink the most and brag about it.

Its long-term repercussions on a person’s psychological condition are also a source of concern. When an individual consumes, he tends to forget about his family, let alone the physical and hormonal changes that occur, leading to a negative person who is unfit to manage.

So one must understand that it doesn’t matter how much industries or social networking sites glorify drinking alcohol they need to stay away from all such things. Especially if you really have no control on oneself. Because once you lose your self- control the drawbacks are quite hard to handle. There’s no such thing that Punjabi’s are fond of drinking. It is just a myth and it should change by now because such things can definitely mislead people and not just that certain people or a whole community might get offended by such remarks.

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