Top 5 reasons why should people wear mask to defeat virus.

Mask has become an integral part of people’s life since the spread of COVID-19 in 2020. Nobody saw this coming but people adapted accordingly and started wearing a mask in the hope to control the situation. Though some people considered wearing a mask a restriction or gave an excuse like wearing mask can’t be enough or how can mask provide us safety but the fact is wearing a mask is a part of prevention same as social distancing, sanitization, all these when done together can save us from the virus. So let’s discuss five reasons why we should wear masks.

What is the role of mask?

Mask is essential which acts as a barrier between us and viruses although even after wearing a mask you should keep social distancing as mask alone can’t fight with virus.

Who should wear mask?

Everyone should wear a mask be it a child or an older person because the virus can attack anyone but not the children below the age of 2 or people suffering from any kind of breathing issue they should just avoid going outside.

Frontline works are the most prominent to the virus so it is must for them to wear good quality masks or double masks and because from the beginning they are working for you it’s your responsibility to show that you appreciate their efforts just by wearing masks.

World Health Organization (WHO) have said that masks are an important tool for preventing transmission and saving lives.

Type of Masks:

N95 Surgical Masks:

The type worn by medical staff who are in primary contact with COVID19 patients. It filters 95% of airborne particles. You are not required to wear them as they are primarily for frontline workers as their availability is quite low so primarily be provided for the ones who are in primary contact with patients.

Surgical masks:

These masks are approved by FDA. Usually worn by surgeons. They are disposable masks so if you use them kindly dispose of them properly. 

Fabric Masks:

If you are unable to get masks then you can make your own by using thick fabric and the best part is you can reuse them after washing just wash them properly.

There are many other types of masks are available you can choose any just wear them to protect yourself and others as well.

Five reasons to wear masks:

1. To protect yourself:

When you wear a mask it’s an extra step in limiting the spread of virus-carrying droplets. The more people that use face coverings to prevent the virus from spreading, the less virus is circulating in the population. This lowers the danger of infection for everyone. Consider it as a collective benefit as if everyone starts wearing masks eventually we will win this battle against Pandemic.

Layering masks are also recommended for improved protection. As a result, wearing one cotton mask and one disposable mask while ensuring proper breathing is a good idea.

Wearing a face mask can assist you to prevent a virus from spreading and can also aid with minor elements of virus infection.”

Face masks, according to the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, might save up to 34,000 lives in the coming months.

2. You can contagious unintentionally:

Over 50% of persons with coronavirus infections were asymptomatic of COVID-19, according to research, including one published recently in the journal Nature. According to Waldman, this makes detecting who is a possible virus affecter pr carrier incredibly tough.

At first, only individuals who tested positive were required to wear masks, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). But later on, things change as asymptomatic cases were found.

As a responsible being, you should wear a mask not just to save yourself but also if by any chance you are contagious you can lower the rate of transmission.

3. For Health Workers:

Even if you never interact with a hospital employee, your mask demonstrates that you care. By limiting the transmission of illness in your community, you are essentially keeping them safe.

We all know how tough it has been for Doctors, Nurses, Health workers to deal with the pandemic as they have got no relaxation since the day COVID19 has started and on top of that they need to wear PPE Kits while treating patients and it is not easy especially in summers and that too for the whole day but they have no option but we have an option of either staying home and go outside only if necessary that too by wearing a mask.

So be Empathetic towards them as they are being loyal to society and providing their services so the least we could do is to make them feel that we care for them and act as a responsible person.

4. To avoid touching your face:

It is natural to touch your face quite too often but it is not a good practice especially in a pandemic because you never know what you have touched before it might lead you to get sick or get attacked by the virus.

So here mask plays its role by reminding you to maintain social distancing and avoid touching your face as it can be harmful to you.

Though sometimes we cannot maintain social distancing in such cases masks help us by being a barrier.

But wear a mask properly never lower your mask down to talk it’s not a good practice also always wear it above your nose as if you don’t cover your nose properly there’s no use in

wearing the mask.

Just know that if you want to overcome this situation wear mask and that too properly as it should be.

5. To help economy:

When the situation went out of control Government imposed a lockdown it was necessary to control the COVID19 spread but because of the lockdown, not just the healthy but the economy faced a major fall lots of people lost their jobs. Daily wage works had nothing in their hand.

So by wearing masks and following the rules we might overcome this situation and live a normal life which slowly can fix the economy otherwise people will keep on losing jobs and the economy will keep falling.

By coming together we can get over it and have good health as well as health even education has faced a major disaster so to get it all back as it used to be we have to act as a responsible being and help the community.

Also, it suggested whenever available get your vaccination done it can help you to protect yourself from COVID attack.


Most important reason to wear the mask is your health. And if you want back to normal days as before so consider wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing. It’s us who can make it happen.

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