Preserving Tradition: Siropa and its Role in Honoring Tradition

Preserving Tradition: Siropa and its Role in Honoring Tradition

The preserving tradition or good to say siropa is a cloak of distinctive grant upon a person for his devotion and enthusiasm to Sikhism or who has reached something remarkable.

There are two kind of Siropas, one is experienced Siropa and the other is religious one. The earthly Siropas are bestowed upon humans by Gurduara devotes in the Gurduaras while the spiritual ones is Divine feature bestowed upon human kind by Guru Sahibaans.  the Bhagats and The Sikh Gurus disapproved the idea of giving sophisticated Siropas to humans who served the humanity and their Gurus. One does explore Siropa word in Guru GGS which mention to a spiritual godly feature quality. However, there are forgery constructed tales that respected Gurus present to Siropas to earn Sikhs. The purpose of this blog is to discover how misreading of Gurbani becoming a tradition in Sikh.              

Presently, Siropa is think about one of the towering award in Sikhi, that a Sikh might collect in sangat. It is also think about the most precious present of Guru Granth Sahib (GGS) build up through the sangat. In other words, the knowledgeable Siropa is a sign of honour in the company of Sikhs. 

 Siropa signify head to feet, in plain terms it is a clothing which cover up a human from feet to head. It is a common faith among Sikhs sangat that the culture of Siropa (robe of honour) was began by Guru Angad, who granted upon Baba Amar Das a muffler every year. The latter treated these stoles as sacred presents and carry them tied on his leader one above the other( total 12). The narrative writer mentioned that Baba Amar Das never bother for cleanliness of his hair which led to fungus of lice. When Guru Angad make out about this, Baba ji’s head was treated and washed for lice. I will say this tale is nothing more than an offend to the integrity of Guru Amar Das ji. Therefore I am sure this is a fake tale.

Akal Takht honors Rajasthan Sikhs for their brave act of upholding Guru  Sahib's respect –

As a outcome of Baba Amar Das’s dedication to Sikh wisdom, principles, dedicated devotion and service, Guru Angad scheduled him as third Sikhs Guru. Guru Amar Das made great many contributions for Sikhs and general public at huger way. Bhatt scholars who watched Guru Amar Das’s benefaction to humanity stated: O, Guru Amar Das, your marvellous virtues are so awesome, your praises belonged only to you. However, this Siropa tale and others tagged with his name are totally immaterial to his wisdom and personality. 

What is Guru’s message?

Gurbani dislike worldly honors or Siropas (praises, recognition, awards, glory and grandeur). As these honors are to be non-permanent, false and blown up one’s ego. Where as the spiritual Siropa do serve life long anand (joy) as Guru Nanak give upon Kauda Rakshish (Kauda Bheel), Bhoomia Chor and Sajjan Thug. 

Meaning: In the absenteeism of divine consciousness, the sophisticated palaces, praises, pleasures are such as evil buds.

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Gurbani highlight to change worldly Siropa into the spiritual Siropa through implant of Divine Virtues (Wisdom, Patience, Seva, Humility, Contentment, kindness, compassion, truth etc.) in the daily lifecycle (Virtuous Living).

Meaning: One who has been precious with the specific robe (of Divine attributes), enjoying the bliss of spiritual union with a Divine (righteous Living).

Meaning: The lovely put on me in religious Siropa (Divine attributes) and mix me with himself; Nanak is divulged in taking great pleasure throughout the globe.

How does Siropa becomes a Sikhism tradition?

One think about, if no Sikh Gurus in attendance to experienced Siropa to some Sikh and it is opposed to GGS’s philosophy, then how it suits a Sikhism culture? The answer is pretty plain, it’s like numerous other illogical or ritualistic traditions based upon misinterpretation of Gurbani and faked sakhies. I will say it should be initiated by the Nirmalas,when Sikhs were having life in jungles for existence. The British administration was evenly in charge of to weaken Sikhi with the launch of “Sants” in Sikh community. The misunderstanding or misinterpretation of Gurbani having taken Sikhi back to pre- Guru Nanak time. The most likely causes are the flawed “Teekas”, literal translation of Gurbani, ignorance of leadership and preachers (Gurduara and SGPC committees). The following rituals or culture are based upon fake sakhies or literal translation/misinterpretation of Gurbani.

Nowadays, the Siropas are mainly offering to politicians and another equally imperfect individuals. At times it has becoming so common that it is an almost worthless culture. It is pretty common knowledge, that, the Siropa could be purchase now with Rs 100 donation. This is perceive as cash making plan to sold Siropas as antiquities to naive humans to have instant recognition.

It’s timeline to put stop to this useless culture, which in turn will save thousands of dollars. These funds can be applied for the improvement of the Sikh society at large. So, it’s my meek request to the members of the Sikh society to informed their Gurduara committees to halt giving Siropas. 

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