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How to prepare independence day speech, how to speak on stage, what to do, what not to do:

15th August is our Independence Day. We should all be proud to be Indians that we were born in the land of independent India. From 1857 to 1947, history has seen the sacrifices of our great leaders and freedom fighters.

For example, on many special occasions, events are held in most places. There is also a need to go on stage and give a speech. If you are also going to deliver a speech somewhere on Independence Day, let us help you a little and tell you how you can prepare your speech:

  1. First of all, remember what is the purpose of your speech? In most cases it is good to boost the morale of the audience and make a good encouraging start to the programme.
  2. Now when it comes to dress, keep it according to the event. This will increase the chances that the audience will feel connected to you before they hear you and listen carefully to what you say.
  3. Take care of the time limit given on the stage during your speech. Don’t let your scheduled speech delay the number of other speakers and spoil the atmosphere of the event.
  4. Speak with all the time in which you have a presentation, the time with in which the program is to be finished, and prepare your speech accordingly.
  5. More important than a long speech is that your speech is effective, it is going to leave a mark on everyone, and by the time you leave the stage, people have the desire to listen to you more, not bored.
  6. Let your speech be such that when you get off your stage, the audience is filled with smiles, enthusiasm and patriotism, and applause with their hands.
  7. If you are a school-college student, wear the same if you have given a dress code from there. If an event is held elsewhere, it is better for boys to wear kurta-pyjamas, Nehru jackets and salwar-kameez, kurtis or sarees for girls.
  8. The main thing is that whatever you are saying, accept it yourself first, believe it, feel it only then tell it to others, only then will your speech be effective.
  9. Your speech should be encouraging and creating an atmosphere for further programs and not ones that cool the atmosphere of the program.
  10. Speech may be small but purposeful. The facts related to Independence Day will remain the same, but your speech should be enthusiastic.

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