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13th August Left Handers Day : How Are Those Working With The Opposite Hand?

August 13 is ‘Left Handers Day’ i.e. the day of all those who do everything with their left hand. A child who works with the left hand is generally considered abnormal. If a righty parent’s child is lefty, they are unable to accept it easily and deliberately force their child to work with the right hand. While there are scientific reasons behind overuse of left hands. It is not a demerit but a common thing. This is the reason that 13th August has been marked as World Left Handers Day. The facts show that 7 per cent of the world’s population is lefty.

Working with the left hand, while making them unique in many things, on the other hand, being lefty sometimes leads to difficulties. Like all over the world, there are many left-handers’ days in the city that are giving each other the greetings of this day. There are a majority of right-hand men in the world. That is why everyday life things are made according to right-handed users. Nevertheless, its left-handed men look for their convenience.

Left Handers Day was started by the Left Handers Club in 1976 with the objective of awakening and collecting left-handers for their speciality. This was followed by the formation of many more clubs and associations which are constantly working for the lefties.

Celebrities of left-handers in the world-

For example, Queen Victoria, Napoleon Bornapart, Alexander the Great, Leonardo the Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama, Charlie Chaplin, Amitabh Bachchan, Tom Cruise, Julia Robert, Sourav Ganguly along with many others related to literature, art, politics, sports and science, who are famous for their personality and work,¬† But another feature in all this is that these famous people are ‘lefty’.

Talented left-handers naturally have a lot of quality. Many researches have been done on left-handers. These researches have revealed many interesting facts that further enhance the characteristics of lefties such as:

  1. Lefties use their imagination more in the field of music and art.
  2. They are rich in versatility.
  3. Believe in getting to the bottom of something and have creative ideas.
  4. Their achievements are high.
  5. They have skills in sports.
  6. Lefties are good fighters.
  7. They are fast in studies.
  8. One of the twins is more likely to be lefty.
  9. You are able to use your hand directly to work well.
  10. The writing of the lefties is very good.

The misconceptions about left-handers are:

– Lefty children have difficulty learning alphabets.

– It’s inauspicious to be lefty.

– Lefties are less age. A lot of research is going on this.

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