Health Miracles by Gurbani

When the Gurbani recurrence cured me of terminal cancer, I saw God.

If God is for me, who can be against me?

Even the most deadly cancer can take my life and that is the divinely inspired message of the truly miraculous story of my battle against bone marrow.

medically diagnosed cancer is multiple myloma.

It was Gurbani’s ongoing recurrence that not only cured me of bone cancer that had already destroyed most of my skeletal bones but also shattered my desire to live. The blessings of Guru Granth Sahib not only caused and accelerated the processes of complete and complete healing in my body, but Guru also helped me to feel God. This also encouraged me to pursue a course of Nam therapy to completely and permanently eradicate fatal bone cancer.

Can Shabad-Kirtan and the faithful repetition of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib save me from deadly cancer?

Is such a miracle possible?

These were images that came to my mind over and over again and dominated my dreams. At first, I rejected such ideas and, as an American researcher, did not believe in the existence of a god. I have been taught by my American scientists, teachers, and professors that our lives and the universe are governed by irrefutable and unchanging scientific laws and that God was merely a ‘concept’ or illusion created by shameful and unscientific minds. . So I never went to any place of worship and never prayed. But not anymore.

It was on the 27th of April 2002 that three different groups of cancer doctors and haematologists from Mumbai, Surat, and Ahmedabad presented a unanimous medical inquiry based on their unanimous findings, unanimously rendering their unanimous decision on my health. it will end in a few days as deadly cancer called multiple myloma destroys many of my vital bones to survive. By April 29, I had spent almost three and a half years living a miserable life as a bedridden cancer patient. Gradually, I was dying of cancer. The bones in my right ear had been damaged by bone cancer, which left me deaf in my right ear. Repeated audio graphs made by most E.N.T. The surgeons showed beyond a doubt that the decibel loss was irreversible and so severe that Drs. A.B.R. Desai in Mumbai, famous for being the last official in E.N.T. diseases, told me that something was wrong with my bones in my right year, and after trying a few treatments, Drs. Desai told me that he had no cure for my disease and that I would never be able to hear with my right ear. E.N.T. surgeon Drs. Farida Wadia of the public hospital thought that if the hearing loss in the appropriate year was not due to a hearing loss and was a sign of some undiagnosed illness then the hearing would return after what had not been diagnosed. the disease is cured. Are you blessed with the 6th, 7th, and 8th sense? I think I say that because that is exactly how events went.

Drs. Farida Wadia also used her imagination as a telescope in time and predicted future events. Later, it was Drs. Kiran Shah, a well-known oncologist in Surat examined the bone marrow and gave me the shocking news that I was suffering from not only multiple myloma but also lifelong cancer. bones. As his advice, blood electrophoresis and MRI – [magnetic resonance magnetic] – for brain and skull and Citi Scan were also performed at Mahavir General Hospital which proved beyond doubt that I was slowly dying of bone cancer. I lost my appetite and began to lose my appetite. [anorexia nervosa] in the middle, I also had a tumor on the right side of my head which caused me a headache and constipation. I lost my balance and fell after walking for 30 seconds. As soon as I was diagnosed with cancer, I was immediately admitted to a public hospital and six chemotherapy sessions were conducted – one every 28 days. This also eroded my appetite, and all the hair on my head and body was gone. I experienced this pain for over three and a half years when on April 27th, 2002, three teams of doctors and oncologists advised me to prepare my will as I had just a few days left.

Now, this was the stage when the divine miracle began to take place. It was Sardar Kesar Singh, owner of the famous “Kwality Group of Hotels and Restaurants” in Surat and his son Sardar Manjeet Singh, who suggested that I take a trip to the Holy Gold Temple in Amritsar and I gave Akhand Paath and Ardaas. with complete faith and complete devotion and I pray before Sri Guru Granth Sahib to cure my cancer and bless me with a healthy and long life so that I can remain in his service. At first, I took this proposal lightly and argued that I did not understand Punjabi or Gurmukhi and therefore, I would not follow any Sri Guru Granth Sahib name or any brief information on Sikhism and the Sri Guru Granth Sahib I found in April 1999, when I wrote six researched articles about 300 years of Khalsa festivals published in Indian newspapers. However, Sardar Kesar Singh, who is also the president of Gurdwara in Udhana-Surat, assured me that the blessings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib were not limited to those who spoke or understood Punjabi or Gurmukhi. It is faith and devotion to God that qualify him for his blessings.

I found Sardar Kesar Singh’s advice very encouraging. In addition, my sister-in-law Miss Kunti, a staunch minister of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and a faithful follower of Sikh values ​​from her childhood, was equally instrumental in encouraging me to take this pilgrimage.

One time my son, who was about two years old at the time, was very sick. We took him to a military hospital where we were told he had to be admitted immediately. However, we were allowed to return to our place of residence as it was time for my 5-year-old daughter to return home from school and no one was home, which would give us time to pack up any supplies needed for the hospital. stay. We were told to report at 1700 hrs.

“We arrived home at 1500 hrs, and I immediately set out to pack up and make arrangements with the neighbors. I was called by my wife who had our son in the room. There was something in his voice that bothered me. I hurried to the bedroom and found her crying on the floor, with her son’s body lying on the bed. He could only say, ‘Look at our son…’ I lifted my son off the bed, felt his heartbeat – nothing … no breathing. Neighbors also came in, and my husband, my section manager, called the MI Room ambulance. I also told my wife that I had better take her to the hospital right away. My wife said, ‘OK, let’s pray while we wait for the ambulance to arrive.’ We all started praying, I was like a child begging for something from his father, I said, ‘Dear God, let my son live. She is only two years old, she needs us, she needs her parents, and we need her. You know we are so far away from home, you know I can’t comfort my wife alone. Why did you do this now? Lord give us time to go home, and take me but not my son. He is too young to walk alone, and he has not done anything wrong… ‘I do not know how long I prayed. Then I heard my wife exclaim, ‘O God, look at this!’ I opened my eyes, and to my surprise, my son was moving. She opened her eyes, sat up, and said in a weak voice, ‘Mommy, I want water.’

“You know, whatever you or anyone else says about God and your prayers, nothing will ever change what I experienced that day. There was nothing but our prayers, which were heard and answered by God, that saved my son’s life. ”

My cousin had a 50-year-old child! for around 8 years she could not have a baby she and her husband traveled all over Canada, America, India for a gd 8 years they tried all sorts but to no avail. Her husband was healthy, it was her body that would not allow her to have a baby and the doctors finally told her there was nothing she could do. My mother used to do Ardaas for her every day for years, and she automatically found out she had a baby! He used to read Japji Sahib daily several times a day.

He was miserable, he was Indian and he married one of these UK drug addicts back in the 80s, he was abusive and had a girlfriend on the side, his mother-in-law did nothing. or. She wasted 10 years of her life with that man. when she finally married a beautiful song man she found out she would never have a baby! but now you finally have a baby and a real gd husband, you are the perfect gentleman! you never know when Waheguru Ji will transform your life and make it perfect. Just keep trusting and your life will change for the better.

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