5 Things I Learned from Gurbani

Guru Nanak Jayanti, also denoted as ‘Gurupurab’, ‘Guru Nanak Aagman Divas or Guru Nanak Dev Prakash Purab, has just comes up. It is considered one of the most significant festivals in Sikhism.

The day marking the birth of Sri Guru Nanak Dev, who laid the Sikhism foundation. Born in 1469 in Talwandi, Pakistan, Sri Guru Nanak Dev spreaded the message of ‘Ik Onkar’, denotes One Almighty who dwelling in each one of his creations and constituting the eternal truth.

‘Ik Onkar’ is the foremost wording of the mool mantra and is considered the most significant component in Sikhism. The mool mantra is also significant as it is the open text of holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib, which carries the composition and bani of all ten Sikh Gurus.

Here we have listed of his many teachings that will alter your outlook towards life:

Vand Shhakō – Share and Consume

Vand Shhakō which translating to Share and Consume is another Sikhism pillar. Guru Nanak Dev Ji believed that those who are capabling have the responsibility taking care of needy. This teaches us a lesson on the significance of sharing and how the globe could only be made into a better place if we engaging in activities meant for the upliftment of our community and society as a whole. 

Vaand Chhako: Sharing whatever Almighty has given you with others and supporting those who are in requirement is what Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji preached all his life journey. This is one of the Sikhism principles. 

Kirat Karo: Denotes, making a living honestly. One nust not exploit others enjoying self-happiness. Earn without fraud and work diligently is what he preaching.

Naam Japo: Chanting the name of True Almighty. Sri Guru Nanak Dev emphasise meditating on Almighty name to gaining control over five evils- kama, krodh, lobh, moh, ahankar denotes lust, greed, anger, ego and attachment.

He said that despite religion, gender and caste, everyone must seek well for others and only then one do have that goodness back in return. At the end of daily Ardaas prayer, it is denoted, Nanak Naam Chardi Kala Tere Bhane Sarbat da bhala, which denotes Nanak with your name and blessings, may everyone in the globe prospering and be in peace.

Prince George Sikh Youth: Studying Gurbani

With this prayer, one requesting the Lord for the welfare of the entire humanity and not just of our society or our family alone.

Speaking the faith without any fear

Sri Guru Nanak Dev said to always speaking the faith without any fear. He said, getting victory by suppressing falsehood is temporary and stand firmly by truth is permanent. Stick to the truth is also one of the hukums (orders) of Guru.

Sri Guru Nanak Dev also laid good emphasis on having the significance of Guru in one’s lifejourney. He said without a true Guru, one can never explore Almighty.

As per to him, salvation happens from the heart, soul and spirit and not from pilgrimage. Guru according to him is the voice of Almighty, the true source of salvation and knowledge, who without any discrimination shows the path of enlightenment and truth.

Guru Nanak never faith in a ‘Trinity of Gods’, or the belief that Almighty can be born ..

His words are been enshrined in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the Holy Scripture.

Many of Sri Guru Nanak’s shabads (hymns), which forming a chunk of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, reflecting clearly how the sight of Almighty and his love itself is supreme.

Sewa – Selfless Service

The idea of Sewa formed the crux of Sikhism. Guru Nanak Dev Ji faith and practising the virtue of selfless service. He firmly faith that true contentment and spiritual satisfaction can be attained only through engaging in acts which are complete way selfless in nature. This is the plan behind the langar which is served in Gurdwaras across the nation even today. So, keep aside your greed and be selfless while leading your life journey. 


Guru Nanak Dev Ji was a firm faith in the plan that God developed everyone as equal and therefore everyone must be treated as an equal irrespective of their caste, gender and religion. If everyone incorporates just this one lesson into their lives the globe will be a better place and most of the issues that the globe is facing today will be resolved on their own. 

Respect Women

Even nowadays, Women fight up for religious scriptures and basic rights are often utilized to justify the treatment that women are subjected to but even centuries backing Guru Nanak Dev Ji stood for the women rights. In one of his verses, he demanded an equal position for women in the society by saying why to disrespect the one who offers birth to the majestic kings of the nation. 

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