Ground Reality of Canada 2022, Things you should know before moving to Canada as a Student or PR

Ground Reality of Canada 2022, Things you should know before moving to Canada as a Student or PR

However some of them may seem short-lived (get up, summer!), Most of the regions inhabited in Canada have four different seasons. Unlike many other places in the world, temperatures here vary widely — anywhere from 40C in winter to 40C in summer — and it is a staggering effort to make sure that you are dressed appropriately for each season. What Winter coat did you buy in India before moving to Canada? It will be in vain here. (In December 2017, Toronto’s daytime temperatures were cooler than Mars. Mars!) The only guarantee you will be able to withstand your first Canadian winter is to buy your outerwear * after * you have arrived.

Moving to Canada: Summer in Toronto

Moving to Canada: Summer in Toronto

Summer is everything With one Canadian winter under my belt, I now fully understand why everyone here floats in the yard and undresses to get to the bare essentials in the early summer. For those of us who are quite accustomed to the hot weather, it may not seem warm enough to offer shorts and sandals on the long weekend of May, but I hope — Canadians get that privilege, just for the sake of surviving another winter.

Moving to Canada: sales tax

sales tax

The sticker price is the starting point. Moving to Canada is expensive. Granted, I moved to Toronto — connected with Vancouver as the most expensive place to live in Canada. From housing to shopping to restaurants, everything is more expensive than it is in India — and the prices mentioned in the price tags are just the beginning. Indigenous Canadians are well versed in the psychological calculations involved in operating a sales tax on the stated prices of everything they buy. For newcomers, however, the extra cost may shock the system (as well as the pressure on the wallet).

Moving to Canada: Sorry enamel pin

If you do not say “sorry,” you will regret it. The Canadian stereotype of respect is as real as maple syrup is delicious. Like most things in life, however, that submission is unconditional. Learn to be comfortable with your use of “peace,” “thank you,” “I can,” “excuse me,” and “please,” and you will receive these honors in return. Unlike many other parts of the world, this beauty does not necessarily reflect a desire for friendship — it is simply a social norm, one that shows you view the other person as being equal to you. What could be Canada more than that?

Moving to Canada: Health Care

Health care is funded by the community, but not everything is “free”

If you do not say

After moving to Canada as a permanent resident with the benefits of health care, you will be able to see a doctor at no cost — but if you leave an appointment with a prescription, you may still be able to pick up a tab at the pharmacy. Similarly, dental care – usually not publicly supported – can seriously damage your savings. A third-party health insurance policy (usually provided by your employer) can help lower the prices that most Canadians pay for dental and eye care, as well as medication.

Oh, and if you think you need antibiotics for what you have, you will need to see a doctor first. Unlike in India, antibiotics are not available over the counter.

Tip: Even if you move to Canada as a permanent resident, it can take several months for your health care benefits to come. It is a good idea to get at least six months of international health insurance as a cover.

Moving to Canada: Canada as a cultural mosaic

Canada is indeed a cultural mosaic .Take the subway to Montreal and Toronto, or Sky Train to Vancouver, and you will find yourself surrounded by people from all over the world. Multiculturalism is fundamental to Canadian identity and plays an important role in national politics. What does this mean for someone moving to Canada that you will probably not feel the need to get into any cultural mold as you would in India or the United States, for example? More than 40 members of Parliament sitting in the Canadian Parliament were not born in South Africa. Provincial governments and municipal councils set the stage — both systematically and financially — to celebrate the diverse values ​​of their people. It is a world built on mutual respect — one of the many reasons it lists every year as one of the best places on earth to live.

Moving to Canada

Tips at Canadian restaurants, salons, and taxis are not only fun but it is also expected (and “Thank you,” yes – see above). This can be shocking — not to mention the extra 15 to 30% on your charge — if you come from a culture where typing is not a common practice. How deep is the depth of Canadian culture? Restaurant providers in some provinces are making less money than expected, with the expectation that sponsor tips will make a difference.

Moving to Canada – job seekers

Continuing where you left off is not easy. Restarting your professional career in your new country is probably the biggest challenge you will face when you move to Canada. No matter how many your qualifications and job experience, the recognition of your information in the Canadian marketplace will be difficult. Bring as many documents (notes, etc.) as possible, and make as many contacts in your professional network as possible before.

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