Where in Canada Punjabi people go?

Punjabi people have settled in various parts of Canada, and their diaspora is spread across different provinces and cities. Here are some key areas where Punjabi communities are particularly prominent:

  1. Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario:

    • Brampton: Known for having a significant Punjabi population, Brampton is one of the suburbs in the Greater Toronto Area with a vibrant South Asian community.
    • Mississauga: Another city in the GTA, Mississauga, is home to a diverse population, including a significant Punjabi community.
  2. Vancouver, British Columbia:

    • Surrey: Located in the Greater Vancouver area, Surrey has a large South Asian population, including many Punjabi residents.
    • Abbotsford: This city in the Fraser Valley is known for its agricultural community and has a sizable Punjabi presence.
  3. Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta:

    • Both Calgary and Edmonton have growing Punjabi communities. These cities in Alberta attract immigrants due to economic opportunities, including jobs in the oil and gas industry.
  4. Winnipeg, Manitoba:

    • Winnipeg has a diverse population, and Punjabi immigrants have contributed to the cultural mosaic of the city.
  5. Montreal, Quebec:

    • Montreal has a growing South Asian community, including Punjabi residents, who contribute to the city’s cultural diversity.
  6. Halifax, Nova Scotia:

    • While smaller in comparison to some other cities, Halifax has seen an increase in Punjabi immigration in recent years.

It’s important to note that Punjabi immigrants have been drawn to various parts of Canada, not only for economic opportunities but also for a better quality of life, education, and a welcoming multicultural environment. The choice of settlement often depends on individual circumstances, job prospects, family ties, and personal preferences.

Some of the experiences of Punjabi immigrants in specific regions of Canada


  1. Jaspreet’s Journey in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA):

    • Jaspreet, a skilled professional, immigrated to Brampton, Ontario, seeking job opportunities. Despite facing initial challenges, she found a supportive community in the local gurdwara. Over time, Jaspreet became an active member, contributing to cultural events and creating strong ties within the community.
  2. Raj and Kiran’s Farming Dream in Abbotsford, British Columbia:

    • Raj and Kiran, a young couple, chose Abbotsford for its agricultural opportunities. Drawing on their Punjabi farming background, they started their own farm, growing crops familiar from their homeland. Despite the hard work, they found fulfillment in connecting with their roots and contributing to the local food market.
  3. Harjit’s Oil and Gas Career in Calgary, Alberta:

    • Harjit, an engineer, moved to Calgary to pursue a career in the thriving oil and gas industry. While adjusting to the colder climate was a challenge, Harjit’s determination paid off. He now enjoys a successful career, and his family actively participates in cultural events, connecting with other Punjabi families in the city.
  4. Gurpreet’s Academic Pursuits in Halifax, Nova Scotia:

    • Gurpreet, a young student, chose Halifax for its renowned universities. Initially, language barriers were a hurdle, but Gurpreet persevered and became an advocate for cultural exchange on campus. Through involvement in student groups, Gurpreet fostered understanding between different communities.
  5. Navjot’s Entrepreneurial Spirit in Vancouver, British Columbia:

    • Navjot, an entrepreneur, established a successful business in Surrey, catering to the diverse South Asian community. He embraced Vancouver’s multicultural environment, promoting cultural inclusivity through events and collaborations with other businesses.
  6. Amarjit’s Multilingual Journey in Montreal, Quebec:

    • Amarjit, a language enthusiast, faced language challenges upon arriving in Montreal. Despite this, Amarjit seized opportunities to learn French and contribute to language exchange programs. Today, Amarjit celebrates the unique linguistic diversity of Montreal.

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