Do You Know Amazing Facts About World Humanitarian Day?

World Humanitarian Day 2021 - How did humanity day begin to be celebrated?

Only human beings can save human beings in this world. Humanity is a word that would not be very appropriate to define in words. This is a broad term. The definition is very big. But nothing will happen to those who have understood humanity. The greatest example of humanity is before everyone today. Yes, during Covid-19, he has saved many lives irrespective of his life. This is the case when the whole world stands together. The whole world is helping each other.

The way frontline workers risked their lives during the Corona period is the real humanity. How many doctors, policemen and media persons bid farewell to their responsibilities. But no one is killed so immediately another colleague comes and takes over the responsibility. You continued to help each other. Because the colleague who left the Battle of Covid and said goodbye has once again introduced humanity. Otherwise, sometimes people hesitate to help others away from their own.

When did world humanity day begin to be celebrated?

The objective of celebrating World Humanity Day is to inculcate a sense of humanity in the minds of the people. However, around 22 people were killed in a terrorist attack on a UN headquarters in Baghdad on August 19, 2003. Among them was sargio vira de mello, a social worker. He paid homage to all the people at the time of untimely death.

On August 19, 2008, the United Nations decided to celebrate World Humanity Day. Since then, World Humanity Day is observed every year on 19th August. It may be recalled that there are many reflections of humanity in India which may not be with us today but are still remembered with pride. Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi are prominently present.

There are still many areas in the world where the helpless are looking forward to help. Millions of people are starved in many regions of Asia and Africa. Things are so bad that sometimes even the United Nations feels helpless in helping. Some people are getting support and some people are living their lives on God’s trust. Today, human society is needed in many parts of the country. Sometimes natural calamities occur indefinitely. In such a situation, the eyes just look for human society for help. Human beings can also eradicate poverty by helping each other.

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