6 World’s most expensive birds

6 World’s most expensive birds

Beautiful creatures, birds are. Birds sing for all of humanity. The majority of them fly, and even those that don’t can be interesting. They are beautiful and graceful, and they are great housemates. There is undoubtedly a sizable collection to pick from.

One of those library volumes contains birds that might be much above most people’s means of purchase. These exotic birds’ prices will appear incredibly excessive. However, choosing a partner is a personal decision, so why not do it if you can afford one of the most expensive birds in the world? Expensive birds expect a premium, and the enthusiast is happy to pay. Thanks to charitable donors, several sanctuaries and zoos are fortunate enough to host exotic birds.

$850 Mountain Bluebird

Mountain bluebird - Wikipedia

The Mountain Bluebird’s near-iridescent has a certain quality that attracts the eye and keeps it there. It makes sense why these tiny blue stunners are so expensive. Mountain Bluebirds don’t require as much attention as some of the other items on this list, and they do quite fine with a nest box. It’s possible to attract a family of these jewels without spending over $1,000 if you construct effectively and reside in the correct place.

$1000 for a flamingo


It makes sense that so many people purchase the plastic version for their lawns because maintaining the live version is, shall we say, prohibitively expensive at a cool thousand dollars a bird. However, flamingos are happier in wild flocks, therefore it’s all fine. Their diet of shrimp gives them their distinctive pink color, and as you might think, they are excellent swimmers. A flamingo can also fly at speeds of up to 35 mph. That’s amazing for a species with long legs that don’t exactly look aerodynamic.

$2500 Ayam Cemani Chicken

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Sometimes, color is everything. The chicken from Ayam Cemani is black. not just having black feathers, but being entirely black. It has entirely black eyes, flesh, skin, and even bones. Its blood is the only thing that isn’t black, but if a breeder could figure out a way to match that as well, we’re sure they would. These hens have been dubbed the “Lamborghini,” and their price tag confirms it.

$7,000 to $40,000 for a Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw (Birds)

While the cost may change, indigo beauty never changes. The blue feathers and yellow cheeks of the Hyacinth Macaw are well-known characteristics. According to the IUCN, they are the most sought-after and endangered parrots in the world. These long-lived birds are also renowned for their intelligence and demeanor, which is obvious with just one glance. They are inexpensive to house and feed, but simple to train. Additionally, bear in mind that this unusual pet isn’t the safest companion to have because it can split a coconut with its beak.

Arctic Cardinal

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The Northern Cardinal, according to Native Americans, once carried messages to long-dead ancestors. Surely, such a vivid, red avian might cross any celestial gate. The men are those. Females often have pale brown wings with reddish accents. The cardinal is characterized by a pronounced crest, a long tail, a short, thick bill, and a constant need to sing. The cost of a fully raised Northern Cardinal is around $800.Strangely enough, despite their exotic appearance, Northern Cardinals can be found in backyards, parks, and the edges of shrubby woodlands. They build their nests among bushes and vines.

White Peacock

500+ White Peacock Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

The mysterious white peacock, with its heavenly plumage, is very well-liked at Australian weddings. The sight is breath-taking when its tail is spread wide. These birds require wide space for the maximum comfort because they cannot live indoors. As a result, strong roosting and fence are also necessary because there are numerous predators. The peacock is associated with a legacy of luxury, aristocracy, and prosperity. The pure white colour of the white peacock, which is the product of a rare silver pied peafowl breeding, is a prestige symbol. Fans readily paid $1,000 to buy only one of these unusual birds, so it’s understandable why they would do so.

The price of white peacocks with alabaster plumage might be up to seven times higher than that of their sapphire-colored relatives, or even twenty times higher. 

Scarlet Tanager

Scarlet Tanager - eBird

It has been said that the singing of the Scarlet Tanager (Piranga olivacea) sounds like a “robin with a sore throat.”The medium-sized Scarlet Tanager is a member of the Cardinal species. It has a blue tail and a beautiful red body with dark black wings. The bird has a broad, short tail, a big, rounded bill, and a massive head. They enjoy hiding out in shrubby backyards and the canopy of deciduous trees in forests. Tanagers come in over 230 different species. Four of them routinely travel to North America, whereas the others are mostly found in the western hemisphere. The Scarlet Tanager travels further than any of its kin to spend the winter. The Scarlet Tanager is generally a rare sight, which is why many people are willing to spend on this one.

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