5 Expensive But Worth It Wellness Retreats in Destinations

6 Expensive But Worth It Wellness Retreats in Destinations

With the epidemic upon us, “wellness” now extends beyond the superficial, promising not only to relax and recover, but also to level up your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. Although travel might still be stressful, we are enthusiastic about the future and think that your safety comes first. When it comes to ultimate luxury, there is frequently a cost to pay, particularly in the world of foreign travel. As a result, many establishments take pride in the exclusivity and privacy that come with the price tag. So, if you want to spend a week in the lap of luxury and comfort, look no further. We’ve got you covered if you’re a newfound spiritual junkie looking for a transcendental self-discovery journey, a science-driven health enthusiast looking to fine-tune your biohacking, or you’re simply looking for a digital detox on a beach to disconnect and reconnect.

COMO Shambhala Estate

COMO Shambhala Estate, located deep in the dense forestry of Bali’s Ubud region, provides personalized services at its five-star facility. The programs offered here are intended to help you progress from fit to fitter. Mindfulness sessions, personal training, and nutritious, balanced spa cuisine nurture the body, mind, and soul in equal measure. The COMO Suite at Umabona is the most opulent of the resort suites. It has two master suites, a Jacuzzi, a living and dining area, and a private infinity pool. So, with a personal assistant at your disposal for the duration of your stay, access to daily activities, and wellness consultations, it’s worthwhile to book ahead.

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Song Saa resort

The Song Saa resort is located on the Koh Rong archipelago and is accessible by private boat from Sihanoukville. All meals (including in-room dining), a spa consultation, spa treatments, a facial, and your choice of yoga or meditation sessions are included in its rejuvenating programs. Stand-up paddle boarding, a blessing bath ceremony, and a local village visit are additional options. A week of pampering in a private sanctuary paradise—does it seem too good to be true?

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Tea Huntress Ritual and Renewal Retreat

Sip your way into a flow state as Tea Huntress Sarah Scarborough guides you through healing botanical tea ceremonies: a contemplative technique that works as pillars, guiding the adventure’s arch. This retreat is placed in two Icelandic luxury boutique hotels to strike a balance between urban vitality in Reykjavik’s city center and countryside leisure in Thingvellir National Park. Exhale during your daily yoga and meditation practice before heading to the Sky Lagoon spa for a ritual ceremony, an organic local greenhouse for lunch, and marvel at some of the world’s most sublime sights, including the Golden Circle and the Blue Lagoon.

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Experience Seven Senses Retreat

Dr. Erica Matluck, holistic coach and integrative medicine expert, and her spouse, Paul Kuhn, sound practitioner, coach, and kundalini teacher, will guide you through the seven chakras (the body’s main energy centers) in Spain. This seven-day transformational adventure will take you through a variety of multi-dimensional activations, including breathwork and sound travels, as well as spiritual well-being courses and physical activity.

By the end of the week, you will have the physical, mental, emotional, and esoteric tools necessary to transcend trauma, as well as an understanding of how to catalyze your shadow into your high self-worth. Keep an eye out for another location in October, and in the meantime, experience seven senses through AWAKEN, the pair’s virtual course that offers the same wisdom. and tools from the comfort of your home.

Aman Mindful Cultural Journey

Join us on this incredible cultural journey through Asia with up to 18 other guests, staying solely at Aman resorts (known to be some of the finest in the world.) Fly by private jet to seven destinations in China, Bhutan, India, and Sri Lanka on a custom-tailored luxury itinerary. Autumn boat rides through Hangzhou, sacred blessing ceremonies in Thimphu, yoga, and Ayurveda in India, a five-star luxury safari in Ranthambore, and a scenic beach retreat finale in Amanwella are among the experiences available. This list is usually topped by one Aman destination retreat, so you can be sure that a two-week trip to seven of their hotels will be one of the most indulgent trips of your life.

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11/11 Portal Pilgrimage & Retreat by Mama Medicine

Leverage the rich 11/11 portal energy (a divine number symbolizing transformation and infinity in numerology) with “fashion’s favorite healer,” Deborah Hanekamp, and Kate Murphy, conscious entrepreneur and founder of The Feminine Code. Each step of this retreat, from Cairo to Luxor and finally to Aswan, will be steeped with spirit. This mystic pilgrimage was created to transcend any barriers that are preventing you from channeling energetic harmony — both the divine feminine and masculine — within yourself, your community, and the collective. Expect empowering temple treks and activations set in some of Egypt’s most sacred sites, as well as shamanic ceremonies with profound sound healing sprinkled throughout.

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